Registration Basics

In order to provide an engaged and immersive conference experience, attendees are encouraged to book lodging close to the conference events. 

Here are the services offered through a combination of this website and the Big Sky Resort website:

  1. Conference registration (including guest registration and student registration)
  2. Lodging/Hotel reservations, see 2024 Lodging Info
  3. Lift ticket purchase 

To register, login to the website and click on the orange "Register" button in the top right corner.

Lodging and lift tickets are handled through Big Sky Resort.  After you register, links will be provided for lodging and lift tickets that will include discount codes.  No additional discount codes are needed.

Can I register myself, and then return later to add a guest?

Yes, you can! Once you complete your registration, you may edit it at any time. Guests are added via the "Add Guests" tab when editing your registration.

Guest registration rates can be found here.

How do I get the IEEE/AIAA registration discount?

IEEE members:

  • You must provide your current IEEE membership number during registration so that we can confirm your eligibility for the discount.
  • During the registration process, you will enter this information under the "User Details" tab (the first tab in the registration process). Click the pencil icon next to "AIAA/IEEE Membership" to add/edit details. Your IEEE membership will be verified in real-time and if it is current, your discount will be provided automatically.

AIAA members:

  • You must provide your current AIAA membership number during registration so that we can confirm your eligibility for the discount.
  • During the registration process, you will enter this information under the "User Details" tab (the first tab in the registration process). Click the pencil icon next to "AIAA/IEEE Membership" to add/edit details. Your AIAA membership will be verified offline and if your membership is not current, you will need to pay the difference between the member and non-member registration fee.

Do I have to book my lodging immediately when I register for the conference?

No, you don't, you may return later to complete your lodging reservations if you wish! The registration system will send you a reminder to book your lodging if you do not do so after registering.

Can I book my lift tickets, and other options later?

Yes, you may! You can add options at any time by clicking on the Big Sky Resorts link (which will appear under your registration order once you have registered).

When is the last chance to register, add a guest, book my hotel, etc?

Registration through the website:

  • Register yourself: It is best to register before , so your badge is printed and ready when you arrive, and you avoid the registration line. We strongly recommend advance registration for the conference. If you register at the conference there may be a delay in publishing your paper.
  • Register a guest: Same as above. (Registrants and their guests must register for the same days)
  • Register as a student: Processing student approvals takes a lot of time, so we recommend that students register before to avoid a long wait at the conference.
  • Register a student for junior conference:

Lodging through the Big Sky Resort group portal:

  • Book your NEW hotel reservations: We recommend booking as early as possible, but no later than 2 weeks prior to the conference to ensure availability.  Our room blocks often fill up fast.
  • CHANGES to current reservations: The day the conference begins
  • Hotel Cancellations for full refund must be completed by 30 days prior to the start of the reservation.  Cancellations after this date do not get a refund.

If someone else books my travel for me, can I have them receive my receipts?

You may add additional correspondence emails in your profile. However, any email address that you add will receive all emails related to your paper (if you are an author) and other conference business. It may be more practical to forward the receipts you receive from the registration system to the person booking your travel.

I would like to customize the name printed on my badge (at the conference). How can I do this?

You may provide the name you wish us to print on your badge during the registration process. The field ("Badge Name") is found in the "User Details" tab (the first tab in the registration process). 

What is the closest airport?

Bozeman (BZN) is closest to Big Sky.

How do I get to Big Sky from Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN)?

The Aerospace Conference has arranged discounts with Big Sky Shuttle and Karst Stage for travel between Big Sky Resort and BZN. The shuttles offer services to and from Wilson, Huntley Lodge, and the Summit Hotel. These discounts are available after you register for the conference. The links to Big Sky Shuttle and Karst Stage website for discount reservation will be visible at the bottom of the registration screen after your registration is completed. Note that these links are to the companies’ own websites and that reservations would require you to provide the companies with your payment information again. There are also rental cars available at BZN. Please contact the rent-a-car companies directly for rates and availability. Note that there are no conference discounts for rent-a-cars.

Are registration transfers allowed?

No. Authors should not book travel unless they are sure they will be able to attend the conference. Conference cancellations requested by February 4, 2024, will be subject to a $75 service charge. After that date, no refunds will be given.

Payment FAQ

Can I use multiple credit cards?

Yes. You may complete the conference registration portion using your preferred credit card, and then:

  • Add and pay for guests or other modifications to your conference registration with another card by clicking the "Edit Registration" button below your registration information (accessed by clicking "Register" at the top right of the screen).
  • Book or modify your hotel or lift tickets with your preferred credit card by clicking on the 
    Big Sky Resorts links:

How do I obtain a student discount?

Current full-time students may be eligible for a student registration discount. To apply for the student discount, click "Menu" (in the top left) --> "Register" --> "Student Discount Application." Fill out the required information, including an image of your student ID and separately, proof of your current enrollment.

In order to qualify for the 40% student discount, each student must (not should) provide proof of current full-time matriculation.  Usually your student ID does not give a date.  Transcripts, dated payment receipt, or official letter from the University projecting graduation date will qualify. 

Once you provide this information in the website, the Registration Chair will review your information and, if approved, you will receive an email with the discount code.

Who is eligible to register as a junior?

Any student, 1st grade through 12th grade, attending the conference as an official guest of a registrant is eligible to register for and present at the IEEE Junior Engineering & Science Conference. 

Is there a military discount for registration?

Yes.  All active duty and reserve members of the military, as well as government civilian employees of the military are eligible for the military discount. The military discount rates are equal to the IEEE/AIAA member rates, and will be automatically applied at checkout. Members of non-U.S. militaries may reach out to for more information on how to receive the discount. This discount does not apply to contractors.

What if I'm having trouble finding lodging?

There are still rooms available in our room block at Big Sky Resort, however no single room is available for the entire conference duration. If you aren't seeing availability, please try adjusting your arrival / departure date. Rooms are still available for the entire conference duration in our room block at at The Wilson Hotel. In order to book in our room block at The Wilson, please call 1-800-393-2504 or 406-995-7858 and tell them you're with the IEEE Aerospace Conference.

What if I still have a registration or lodging question?

You may contact our Registration team ( if you have any further registration questions we have not answered above.

Please contact Big Sky Resort if you have any further questions about lodging, lift tickets, or rentals.