2014 IEEE Aerospace Conference Author Presentation Guidelines

NOTE: If you are not the presenting author, please forward these guidelines to the appropriate person.

Preparing for Your Presentation

  • You will have 18 minutes for your talk, followed by 5 minutes for Q&A. Please design your charts to fit the time frame and practice to make sure you will not run out of time.
  • Most authors find that 10-12 charts is about right, as long as the charts are not overly complex or crowded. A structure that works for most talks is: Problem Introduction, Your Solution, Advantages and Disadvantages, Suggested Applications, Recommendations, Summary.
  • To see when your session is scheduled, Click “Conference Schedule” in the left hand panel of the website home page or under the "Resources" dropdown elsewhere. Use the browser search to find session (2.01) or paper (1234). The final schedule will be available in printed form at the conference, and any last minute changes will be shown on the screen at dinner time. EPH presenters should contact Debbi Minnichelli, the EPH Chair, for detailed submission instructions.
  • If you have special points you would like your Session Organizer to include in your introduction, please send them beforehand. You can find SO email addresses on the Call for Papers Technical Program on the conference website.
  • You can find the exact time and room for your presentation by logging in and viewing the Conference Schedule. Check frequently for late changes in exact time, but be assured you will not be moved from the stated day without us checking directly with you.

What to Bring to Big Sky

  • Your presentation on your own laptop computer and on a memory stick. iPads and smart phones may not display high resolution, and we don't have adapters for them. Please use a regular laptop. All laptops should be set to a screen resolution of 1024 x768 and with slides in a 16:9 ratio.
  • If your Session Organizer has asked for a copy of your presentation to place on his/her laptop and confirmed successful receipt, you might travel light. However, as backup, please at least do bring a copy of your presentation on your own memory stick.
  • Casual clothing. Dress is informal at all conference events, even for presenters.
  • Although the 2014 Conference Proceedings CD-ROM containing all papers will be available at the conference, you may want to bring preprints of your paper for interested members of your audience.

At Big Sky

  • Meet your session organizer ahead of the session so that he/she knows you and that you are there. Make sure he/she has enough information to properly introduce you.
  • Practice rooms will be available. Check the printed schedule for room number and time.

Giving Your Talk

  • Please arrive well before your scheduled presentation time.
  • Each meeting room is equipped with an LCD projector and cable (But cables walk away, so be safe and bring your own.). Also MAC users will need a DVI male to VGA female adapter.
  • Please boot your laptop before your start time.
  • Since there are no amplification systems in individual meeting rooms, you must speak loudly enough to be heard in the back of the room. This is especially critical for the larger rooms--Jefferson, Madison, and Gallatin. Feel free to invite attendees to move to the front of the room.
  • Also, remember to use a pointer, define all acronyms on first use, and take care not to block the screen.
  • Enjoy giving your talk, answering questions, and meeting colleagues in your field!