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Sun, Mar 2 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:25 AM               SPEAKERS' PRACTICE ROOM AVAILABLE 8 AM - 4 PM - in Elbow room 1  
4:30 PM 4.1501 Initial Results for Air-Ground Channel Measurements & Modeling for Unmanned Aircraft Systems - David Matolak 8.0101 Mars Mission Design and Maximizing Performance Utilization - Kevin Post 6.05 Keynote: New Results in Semi-Supervised Learning Using Adaptive Classifier Fusion - Robert Lynch 2.0101 Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission Feasibility Study - John Brophy 11.0101 Uncertainty in Prognostics: Computational Methods and Practical Challenges - Shankar Sankararaman   3.0201 Design of a Space-borne Antenna for Controlled Removal of Energetic Van Allen Belt Protons - Maria De Soria Santacruz
7.0101 Next Generation Space Interconnect Standard (NGSIS): Modular Open Standard for Interconnects - Charles Collier
4:55 PM 4.1502 A Study of Future Communications Concepts and Technologies for the National Airspace System - Denise Ponchak 8.0102 Crew Size Impact on the Design, Risks and Cost of a Human Mission to Mars - Jean Marc Salotti   2.0102 The IRIS Mission – Development of the Observatory and Ground Systems - Gary Kushner 11.0102 Current/Pressure Transducer Application of Model-Based Prognostics Using Steady State Conditions - Christopher Teubert 5.0201 In-orbit Image Sharpness Assessment for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Wide Angle Camera - Prasun Mahanti   7.0102 A Framework to Analyze Processor Architectures for Next-Generation On-Board Space Computing - Tyler Lovelly  
5:20 PM 4.1503 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Research and Future Analysis - Chris Wargo 8.0103 A Comparison of Future Space Launch System (SLS) Exploration Technologies: In-Space Stages - Jon Holladay   2.0103 The IRIS Mission – Science Investigation - Alan Title 11.1301 A Battery Health Monitoring Framework for Planetary Rovers - Matthew Daigle
5.0202 Optical Development System Life Cycle for the ICESat-2 ATLAS Instrument - David Robinson
9.0305 Short-Term Turning in Presence of Wind as a Trajectory Optimization Problem - Kamran Turkoglu 7.0103 SpaceCube v2.0 Space Flight Hybrid Reconfigurable Data Processing System - David Petrick  
Chris Boshuizen, Planet Labs

James Madsen, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

9:00 PM 4.1504 Considerations for Improving the Capacity and Performance of AeroMACS - Robert Kerczewski 8.0104 International Human Mission to Mars: Analyzing a Conceptual Launch and Assembly Campaign - Grant Cates 10.0303 The Study of the Virtual Machine for Space Real-Time Embedded Systems - Sooyeon Kang 2.0104 Mars Atmophere and Volatile Evolution Mission Instrument Integration and Test Challenges - Nicholas Jedrich 11.0201 Universal Auto-Calibration for a Rapid Battery Impedance Spectrum Measurement Device - William Morrison 5.0901 Geiger-mode APD Single-Photon Cameras for 3-D Laser Radar Imaging - Mark Itzler 13.07 Keynote: The Caltech tech transfer model: how Caltech built a successful program in less than 10 years - Frederic Farina    
9:25 PM 4.16 Keynote: Leader Selection for Performance and Controllability of Formation Flight - Andrew Clark
Electronic Presentation
8.0401 Concept for an ASRG Hosted Payload Mission - Erich Schulze
10.0304 Robust and Modular On-board Architecture for Future Robotic Spacecraft - Steffen Jaekel 2.0605 MAVEN Contamination Venting and Outgassing Analysis - Philip Chen 11.0202 Integrated Diagnostics and Time to Maintenance Estimation for Complex Engineering Systems - David Kleinman 5.0902 High Spectral Resolution Lidar Measurements of Atmospheric Extinction: Progress and Challenges - Edwin Eloranta
13.0701 NASA Innovation Ecosystem: Host to a Government Technology Innovation Network - Colin Graham
9:50 PM 4.1601 Development of a Health Monitoring System for Unmanned Aerial Systems - Jason Hahn 8.0402 Exploiting Hosted Payload Opportunities: Surrey’s Lessons Learned from OTB and Other Missions - Marissa Brummitt Electronic Presentation
10.0302 Abstraction of Abstraction – an Outline of General Scheduling Platform for Space Missions - Jinjiang Xing
Electronic Presentation
2.0607 An Almanac of Martian Dust Storms for InSight Project Energy System Design - Michael Lisano
7.0803 Power Solution for DDR Memory in Space Applications - Oscar Mansilla   13.0702 Consideration of Risk versus Reward in Balancing Technology Portfolios - Richard Terrile    
Mon, Mar 3 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:30 AM 4.0201 Potentials and Limitations of IEEE 802.11 for Satellite Swarms - Michael Marszalek 8.0301 NASA's Space Launch System: An Enabling Capability for Discovery - Stephen Creech 10.0101 Multi-resolution Rapid Prototyping of Vehicle Cooling Systems - Maciej Pindera 2.0201 COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7: The Enduring Program - Kendra Cook 11.0401 Automatic Systems Diagnosis without Behavioral Models - Rui Abreu   3.0101 Design and Implementation of a Deep Space Communications Complex Downlink Array - Melissa Soriano 5.0301 A New Performance Metric for Hybrid Adaptive Optics System - Michael Werth  
8:55 AM 4.0202 Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks: Case Study for a Low-cost Earth Observation Platform in LEO - Nicolas Faber
8.0302 A Dual Thrust Axis Lander for Mars Exploration - Bernard Kutter
10.0102 Feature Selective Validation - Rohit Nijhawan
2.0207 Design of a Low Cost Mission to the Neptunian System - Farah Alibay 11.0402 The Use of Data Signatures in Condition Based Maintenance Plus - Charles Crabb 7.0202 A Specialized Programming Language for Coordinating Software Execution Timing in Embedded Systems - Meredith Lecocke 3.0102 Electromagnetic Modeling of the Proposed DESDynI Synthetic Aperture Radar Antenna - Farzin Manshadi 5.0302 Detection of Stair Mode across an Optical Phased Array - Jack Mc Crae  
9:20 AM Electronic Presentation
4.0203 Study on the Telecommunication Technology Based on the Distributed Satellite Constellation Networks - Peng Wan
8.0303 Innovation at ULA: It Really Is Rocket Science - Gregory Schiller 10.0105 Ammonia-Water Solution Cloud Modeling of Gas Giant Planets via Phase Equilibrium Calculations - Virgil Adumitroaie 2.0208 Solar Electric Propulsion Demonstration Mission 30 kW-Class Concept Description - William Deininger 11.0601 Health Monitoring Requirements Elicitation via House of Quality - Gianluca Nicchiotti 7.0203 Onboard Science Processing on a Microsatellite with Limited Resources - Scott Miller 3.0103 Nullsteering with an Analog Array - Hugo Condori Quispe
5.0303 Adaptive Tilt Tracker Development for Starfire Optical Range 3.5-meter Telescope - Issac Thornton
9:45 AM 4.0501 MRO Relay Telecom Support of Mars Science Laboratory Surface Operations - Charles Edwards
8.0305 Lateral Autopilot Design Using H∞ for Reusable Launch Vehicles - Sheelu Jose
10.0106 Computational Modeling of Channel Length Modulation in Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors - Adam Bushmaker 2.0205 Atmospheric Entry Studies for Uranus - Parul Agrawal 11.0602 Total Ownership Cost Reduction for Complex Systems through the Design and Application of CBM - Jeffrey Banks
7.0204 Command & Data Handling for the Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission - Michael Epperly
3.0104 Antenna Array System for RT-1944/U Radio Communication - Raymond Weber 5.0304 Simulation of Deep Turbulence Compensation for a Laser Phased Array - Jack Mc Crae  
10:10 AM 4.0502 Results of the MIT Space Communication and Navigation Architecture Study - Marc Sanchez Net 8.0304 Launch Vehicle Mission Capability Enhancement through Global Positioning System Metric Tracking - Timothy Gray   2.0206 Mars Sample Return Orbiter Concepts Using Solar Electric Propulsion for the Post-Mars2020 Decade - Erik Nilsen  
7.0205 On a Spaceflight Application for System on a Chip Technologies - Semion Kizhner
3.0106 Experimental Evaluation of a Beamforming Array Calibration System - Hari Adithya Angampally 5.0305 Performance Characterization of Phase Gradient Autofocus for Inverse Synthetic Aperture LADAR - Jeremy Bos  
10:35 AM 4.0503 Replenishing the Mars Relay Network - Charles Edwards 8.0306 Adaptation of the Morris Method to Multi-Dimensional Factors for Air-Launch-to-Orbit Separation - Henri Sohier 10.0108 A Multiscale Turbulence Prediction and Alert System for Airports in Hilly Regions - Adil Rasheed 2.0204 Advancements in ESAs Future Science Missions - Astrid Heske   7.0501 OBC-NG: Towards a Reconfigurable On-board Computing Architecture for Spacecraft - Daniel Lüdtke Electronic Presentation
3.0105 A New Phased MIMO Radar Partitioning Schemes - Tarek Abdoul Shahid
5.0307 Adaptive Optics Beacon Mutual Coherence Function Modeling and Assessment with Diverse Conditions - Michael Werth
11:00 AM 4.0504 A Geosynchronous Orbit Optical Communications Relay Architecture - Bernard Edwards 2.04 Keynote: Using ISS as a Satellite Deployment Platform - Robert Alexander Electronic Presentation
10.0103 Designing a Fuzzy Logic Controller for the Reynolds Number in a Blowdown Supersonic Wind Tunnel - Amin Nazarian Shahrbabaki
2.0202 Cold Atom Laboratory Mission: A Cold Quantum Gas Experiment on the International Space Station - Anita Sengupta
11.0801 Model-Based Fault Management for Spacecraft Autonomy - Ksenia Kolcio Prather 7.0502 Adapting the Reconfigurable SpaceCube Processing System for Multiple Mission Applications - David Petrick 13.0101 Response Surface Based Performance Analysis of an Air-Defense Missile System - Kerem Gunaydin 5.0306 Piston Phase Compensation of Tiled Apertures in the Presence of Turbulence and Thermal Blooming - Jeremy Bos  
11:25 AM 12.03 Keynote: Kennedy Space Center Ground and Launch and Surface Systems Technologies - Nancy Zeitlin 2.0402 Lessons Learned Flight Validating a 3U Modular Payload in an Innovative New Dispenser - Ryan Hevner Electronic Presentation
10.0104 Bird Strike Analysis of Jet Engine Fan Blade - Narender Lakshman
Electronic Presentation
2.0203 Studying Mountain Glacier Processes Using a Staring Instrument - Andrea Donnellan
11.1001 Robust Monitoring of Turbofan Sensors - Jerome Lacaille 7.0503 A Network-on-Chip for Radiation Tolerant, Multi-core FPGA Systems - Justin Hogan Electronic Presentation
13.0102 Modeling and Simulation of Asteroid Retrieval Using a Flexible Capture Mechanism - Havard Grip
5.0501 High Contrast Demonstrations with the Vortex Coronagraph - Gene Serabyn  
11:50 AM Electronic Presentation
12.0301 A Critical Analysis of Additive Manufacturing Technologies for Aerospace Applications - Atin Angrish
2.0403 Secondary Payloads in 2014: Assessing the Numbers - Michael Swartwout     11.1002 Application of Model-based Prognostics to a Pneumatic Valves Testbed - Matthew Daigle 7.0601 Micro-Wave Data Converters for Space Applications - Andrew Glascott Jones Electronic Presentation
13.0103 Analysis of Rover Transmission Interruption - Guinian Feng
1:00 PM 14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery     12.06 PANEL - TRANFERRRING FROM I&T TO COMISSIONING AND TO NORMAL OPS: Lets share stories and learn - William Reid , Carlos Gomez Rosa , John Hughes       Speakers' Practice Room Available 1-4 PM  
2:40 PM 14.07 PANEL: Public Pilicy Implications in Aerospace - CANCELLED   Junior Conference Practice          
4:30 PM 4.0402 Optimization of Deep-Space Ka-band Link Schedules - Norman Adams 8.02 Keynote:NASA Space Technology's Game Changing Development Program - Dana Gould 2.0106 Review of the Recent Technical Accomplishments of Aquarius – NASA’s First Salinity Mission - James Graf 7.0401 Software Controlled Memory Scrubbing for the Van Allen Probes Solid State Recorder (SSR) Memory - William Reid 6.0101 Signature Modeling for LWIR Spectrometer - Vignesh Ramachandran 10.0601 Exploration with Live Stereoscopic 3D Video in Mixed Reality Environments - Tom Wypych 2.0302 Mars Sample Return Using Commercial Capabilities: Propulsive Entry, Descent, and Landing - Andrew Gonzales    
4:55 PM Electronic Presentation
4.0401 The Spacecraft Signal Correlation Approach in China’s Delta-DOR Correlator for Chang’E-3 Mission - Wan Hong Hao
8.0201 Biomedical Sensing and Wireless Technologies for Long Duration EVAs and Precursor Scout Missions - William Kuhn 2.0109 The Stratospheric Aerosol & Gas Experiment (SAGE III) on International Space Station (ISS) Mission - Gloria Hernandez 7.0402 Universal-Ion Irradiation Dose Threshold and Error Recovery in HfO2 Resistance Random Access Memory - Robert Geer
6.0102 Application of Global Sensitivity Analysis to Quantify Terrain Effects in Geolocation Systems - Evan Ward
10.0602 Limitations of Crowdsourcing Using the EMS-1998 Scale in Remote Disaster Sensing - Andrew Huynh 2.0305 Mortar Deployment Extensibility for the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Parachute - Douglas Adams    
5:20 PM Electronic Presentation
4.0801 Code Division Multiple Access Communications Systems for CubeSats at Lunar Lagrangian L1 - Dariush Divsalar
8.0202 Finding the Gaps in Space GNC Hardware - Adam Greenbaum   7.0404 Total-Ionizing-Dose Effects on the Impedance of Silver-doped Chalcogenide PMCs - Yago Gonzalez Velo 6.0103 Spectral Comparison Using K-Means Clustering - Vignesh Ramachandran 10.0603 An EMG Enhanced Impedance and Force Control Framework for Telerobot Operation in Space - Ning Wang 2.0304 Aerodynamics of Axisymmetric Blunt Bodies Flying at Angle of Attack - Mark Schoenenberger    
Mark Boslough, Sandia National Laboratories

Richard Ellis, Caltech

9:00 PM 4.0802 Heterogenous Space Networks: Wireless Network Technology Assessment - Richard Alena
8.0203 Technology for a Robotic Asteroid Redirect Mission and Its Extensibility to Future Human Missions - John Brophy
2.0107 Multi-instrument Modeling across the Rosetta Project: Preparations for Prime Mission, 2014 - Claudia Alexander
7.0405 Sensitivity of Metal-Oxide Memristor to Radiation-Induced Displacement Damage - Erica Deionno 13.0201 Low-Cost, Risk-Reduction Testing of Class D Spacecraft Photovoltaic Systems - Joshua Forgione 10.0701 Secure Hybrid Cloud Computing: Approach and Use Cases - Kapil Bakshi
2.0301 Clustered Performance of Conical Ribbon Drogue Parachutes in Support of Earth Re-Entry Missions - Anita Sengupta
9:25 PM 4.0803 Performance Analysis of Digital Tracking Loops for Telemetry-Based Ranging Applications - Shervin Shambayati 8.0501 Real Time VR Environment for MAJIC Attitude Control System Development and Implementation - Jared Rize
2.0108 U.S. Rosetta Project: Preparations for Prime Mission, 2014 - Peter Kahn
7.0403 Radiation-Induced Resistance Changes in TaOx and TiO2 Memristors - David Hughart 13.0202 A Practical Application of a Systems Engineering Process in Space Avionics Design and Development - Patrick Phelan 10.0703 A Survivability-Centered Research Agenda for Cloud Computing Supported ERM Systems - Andrew Hess Electronic Presentation
2.0303 ADAPT Demonstrations of Onboard Large-Divert Guidance with a VTVL Rocket - Daniel Scharf
9:50 PM 4.0804 Inflatable Antenna for CubeSats: Fabrication, Deployment and Results of Experimental Tests - Charles Lee     7.0406 Effects of Ionizing Radiation on TaOx-based Memristive Devices - Michael Mc Lain   Electronic Presentation
10.0702 Cloud Computing for Geodetic Imaging Data Processing, Analysis, and Modeling - Andrea Donnellan
10:15 PM: Encore Presentation of 2014 Best Paper Award Winning Paper-Matthew Daigle    
Tue, Mar 4 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:30 AM 4.1001 Link Analysis for Space Communication Links Using ARQ Protocol - Yogi Krikorian 8.0502 Musculoskeletal Human-Spacesuit Interaction Model - Ana Diaz 10.0201 Autonomous Real Time Requirements Tracing - George Plattsmier 2.0501 A Comparative Study of Teleoperated and Autonomous Task Completion for Sample Return Rover Missions - Velin Dimitrov 7.1101 Fault-Tolerant Distributed Approach to Satellite On-Board Computer Design - Tanya Vladimirova 13.0401 The Legacy of Faster-Better-Cheaper: Too Much Risk or Over-reaction to Failure? - Robin Dillon Merrill 11.15 PANEL: PHM from a User-Perspective - A Potpourri - Andrew Hess , Richard Friend 6.0401 High Performance SAR Focusing Algorithm and Implementation - Claudio Passerone  
8:55 AM 4.1002 Heterogeneous Spacecraft Networks: Performance Analysis for Low-cost Earth Observation Missions - Yosuke Nakamura 8.0503 Level of Automation and Failure Frequency Effects on Simulated Lunar Lander Performance - Jessica Marquez 10.0202 TSEpoch: An Object Oriented Design for Representing Time - Lawrence Brown 2.0502 Modeling and Analysis of Tether-Based Mobile Robot Based on Flight Experiments - Daichi Hirano 7.1102 Wireless Space Plug-and-Play Architecture Using Zigbee (SPA-Z) - Richard Alena 13.0402 NASA’s New Space Flight Project Requirements: Earlier Definition for Later Cost Stability - Jeffery Webster 6.0402 Range Estimation Using Adjacent Matched Filter Samples - John Glass  
9:20 AM
4.1003 An Analogue to the RF Scaling Law for an Optical Link - Bruce Moision
8.0504 Spacecraft Human-Rating: Historical Overview and Implementation Considerations - David Klaus 10.0203 Open Source RTOS Implementation for on Board Computer (OBC) in STUDSAT-2 - Bheema Rajulu 2.0503 Sample Tube Sealing Approaches for Mars Sample Return Sample Integrity - Richard Mattingly 7.1103 Towards Self-Reconfiguration of Space Systems on Architectural Level Based on Qualitative Ratings - Anja Nicolai 13.0403 Collaborative Engineering in Competitive Environments: The PTSS Integrated Systems Engineering Team - Patrick Stadter 6.0403 A Comparison of Semi-Greedy Multiple Hythpothesis Methods in the Radar Data Association Problem - Hunter Hughes  
9:45 AM 4.1004 Tradeoffs in Coordination and Performance in Medium Access Scheduling - Benjamin Hamilton 8.0505 Pilot Control and Stabilization of a Rate-Controlled Vehicle in Hyper-Gravity - Torin Clark
10.0204 On Development of Hilbert-Huang Transform Data Processing Real Time System with 2-D Capabilities - Semion Kizhner
2.0504 Next Generation Rope-like Robot for In-Space Inspection - Ian Walker 7.1107 A Robust Fault Protection Architecture for Low-Cost Nanosatellites - William Jackson 13.0404 Using Organizational Messages to Improve the Recognition of Near-Miss Events on Projects - Robin Dillon Merrill 6.0404 Parameter Identifiability in a Phased-subarray MIMO Radar - Thomas Backes  
10:10 AM 4.1101 Survivable TT&&C Using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum and Interplex Modulation - Jack Kreng 8.0506 Dynamic Task Allocation in Operational Systems: Issues, Gaps, and Recommendations - Aaron Johnson 10.0205 A Test Scripting Framework for Automated Flight SW V&V Testing: Van Allen Probes Lessons Learned - Jeremiah Finnigan 2.0506 Tube Transfer Using the Sampling Arm for Mars Sample Caching - Richard Volpe   13.0405 Model Linking to Improve Visibility and Reusability of Models during Space System Development - Meenakshi Deshmukh 6.0601 On How the Distributed Kalman Filter Is Related to the Federated Kalman Filter - Felix Govaers  
10:35 AM 4.1102 A Cooperative Radio Resource Management Strategy for Mobile Multimedia LTE Uplink - Talha Rahman 8.0507 The V2Suit “Down” Tracking Algorithm - Rebecca Vasquez 10.0206 Confidence in Spacecraft Software: Continuous Process Improvement in Requirements Verification - Kristin Wortman 2.0507 Experimental Results of a Controllable Electrostatic / Gecko-like Adhesive on Space Materials - Donald Ruffatto   13.0406 Boeing’s 702 Product Line : System Engineering a Cost Effective Product Portfolio Strategy - Richard Milford
6.0602 Use of Radar Cross Section in Track-to-Truth Assignment for Assessment of Tracking Algorithms - Jason Kramer
11:00 AM 4.1103 Designing and Implementing Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Decoders Using FPGAs - John Porcello 8.0508 Human Performance with Procedure Automation to Manage Spacecraft Systems - Debra Schreckenghost 10.0207 Testing of Safety-Critical Systems: An Aerospace Launch Application - Anneliese Andrews Electronic Presentation
2.0505 Keeping the MSL Rover Safe against Slip and Settling While Sampling - Christopher White
  13.0407 Using Monte Carlo Simulation as Support for Decision Making While Negotiating a PBL Contract - Jan Block 6.0603 Multisensor Track Association in the Presence of Bias - William Blair  
11:25 AM 4.1104 Radio Science Measurements in Presence of Data on Optical and RF Links - Vahraz Jamnejad 8.0509 A Mission Guided Investigation of Operational Functions and User Interface for MAJIC - Celena Dopart
10.0107 Flow Regimes in an Air Conditioned Measuring Equipment Laboratory - Ahmed Mohamed El Hefnawy
    Electronic Presentation
13.0408 Risk-Based Space System Design: A Novel Probabilistic Approach to Design Risk for Small Satellites - Alessandra Babuscia
1:00 PM     Junior Engineering and Science Conference: 1 - 3:30 PM in the Madison

        Speakers' Practice Room Available 1-4 PM  
Wed, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:30 AM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Needs for the Next Generation of NASA Science Missions - David Anderson 8.0601 Reusable, Modular, and Scalable Flight Software - L. Jane Hansen 10.0401 TES’ Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) for FACE™ Applications - Stephen Simi 2.0601 Mars2020 Sample Acquisition and Caching Technologies and Architectures - Kris Zacny Electronic Presentation
9.0203 Aerodynamic Analysis of BlimPlane- a Conceptual Hybrid UAV for Venus Exploration - Mofeez Alam
7.0702 DropCube - a Platform for Testing Spacecraft Attitude Control Systems - Jan Roger Olsen 13.0301 Historical Mass, Power, Schedule & Cost Growth for NASA Science Instruments - Stephen Shinn 12.0101 Redesign of CloudSat's Maneuvers for Robust Delta-V Operations - Ian Gravseth 5.0701 Highly Parallel Image Co-registration Techniques Using GPUs - Claudio Passerone
8:55 AM 8.0602 Development of Attitude Control Systems for Modular Spacecraft - John Hanson 10.0402 SOS for SoS: A New Paradigm for System of Systems Modeling - Matthew Hause 2.0603 Manned Sample Return Mission to Phobos: A Technology Demonstration for Human Exploration of Mars - Ana Diaz 9.0204 Aggressive Navigation Using High-Speed Natural Feature Point Tracking - Christopher Raabe 7.0705 Magnetometer Calibration in the Presence of Hard Magnetic Torquers - Jesse Frey
13.0302 Life-cycle Cost Simulation of a New Implementation Process of Government Space Systems - Paul Speth
12.0102 ARTEMIS Operations – Experiences and Lessons Learned - Manfred Bester 5.0801 Bootstrap Beacon Creation Technique for Lower Altitude and Ground Based Targets - Aleksandr Sergeyev
9:20 AM 8.0603 The TET Satellite Bus – Future Mission Capabilities - Anja Nicolai 10.0403 MBSE without a Process-Based Data Architecture Is Just a Set of Random Characters - Robert Crain 2.0608 PlanetVac: Pneumatic Regolith Sampling System - Kris Zacny 9.0205 Development of a Multipurpose Tactical Surveillance System Using UAV’s - Rodrigo Rangel 7.0706 Frequency and Waveform Agile Receiver Covering the Ultra High Frequency Band - Jennifer Alvarez 13.0303 Exploring Classification Algorithms for Early Mission Formulation Cost Estimation - Alessandro Aliakbargolkar 12.0103 Juno Spacecraft Operations Lessons Learned for Early Cruise Mission Phases - Jeff Lewis 5.0802 Multi-Aperture Imaging Based on Complex-Field Sensing: Numerical Analysis of Key Requirements - Mathieu Aubailly
9:45 AM  
8.0604 SMC's Standard Network Adapter for Payloads - Paul Graven
10.0407 New HiL Evaluation of an H-Inf Controller on the Stabilization of a MAV in Flight Simulation - Rafael Sampaio
2.0609 Surface GN&C Technology Assessment for Future Planetary Science Missions - Patricia Beauchamp
  7.0712 Development of a Modular Command and Data Handling Architecture for the KySat-2 CubeSat - James Lumpp 13.0305 Enterprise Modeling for Cubesats - David Kaslow 12.0104 Changing the Paradigm GSFC’s Role in the MAVEN Mission. Lessons Learned from the MOS/GDS Effort - John Hughes
5.0803 Wavefront Sensorless MCAO for Imaging of Extended Scenes in Deep Turbulence - Mathieu Aubailly
10:10 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 8.0701 Spin Stabilization Design and Testing for the Van Allen Probes - Simmie Berman 10.0405 A Model-Driven Visualization Tool for Use with Model-Based Systems Engineering Projects - Kathryn Trase 2.0610 The Mobile MAV Concept for Mars Sample Return - Erik Nilsen 9.0207 SquidCop: Design and Evaluation of a Novel Quadrotor MAV for In-flight Launching Air-Ground Missions - Rafael Sampaio Electronic Presentation
7.0703 Smart Honeycomb Tile for Small Satellites - Muhammad Mughal
13.0306 Cost and Risk Analysis of Small Satellite Constellations for Earth Observation - Sreeja Nag 12.0105 Design of a Spacecraft I&T Facility at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory - William Liggett 5.0804 Experimental Propagation of Optical Laguerre-Gauss Beams in Turbulence - Jaime Anguita
10:35 AM 8.0702 Evaluation and Test of Different Gear Concepts for Ka-band Antenna Pointing Mechanisms - Ralf Purschke 10.0406 Integrated Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Applied to Simulation of the RAX CubeSat Mission - J. Simmons 2.0611 MASER: A Mars Meteorology and Seismology Mini-Network Mission Concept Enabled by Milliwatt-RPS - Ralph Lorenz 9.0208 Development of a Circulation Control Wing for UAVs - Konstantinos Kanistras Electronic Presentation
7.0707 Descent Modeling and Attitude Control of a Tethered Nano-Satellite - Smit Kamal
13.0307 FTE Tool, a Practical Tool for Analyzing Staffing Levels and Cost across Missions - Justin Mc Neill 12.0401 Space Shuttle Launch Probability Analysis: Understanding History So We Can Predict the Future - Grant Cates 5.0805 Pseudo-Guided Wave Propagation in Stratified, Inverted Atmospheric Temperature Distributions - Michael Smith
11:00 AM 8.0703 Europa Clipper Spacecraft Configuration Evolution - Alexander Eremenko 10.0404 Model-Based GN&C Simulation and Flight Software Development for Orion Missions beyond LEO - Ryan Odegard 2.0612 Mars Sample Return Using Commercial Capabilities: Mission Architecture Overview - Andrew Gonzales 9.0209 Comparing the Economic and Regulatory State of UAS & Commercial Space Flight - Harrison Wolf Electronic Presentation
7.0710 Thermal Vacuum Test Results for Virtex-5 FPGA Based Multi-core On-Board Computer - Mohamed Ibrahim
13.0304 NASA Instrument Cost Model for Explorer-like Mission Instruments (NICM-E) - Stephen Shinn
12.0501 Cold Atom Laboratory Mission System Design - Melissa Soriano  
11:25 AM 8.1201 Satellite-to-Satellite Optimization Approach for Opportunistic Inter-Satellite Links - Ignasi Lluch Cruz 10.0408 Model-Based Requirements Generation - Brian London
2.0606 Developing Tools and Technologies to Meet MSR Planetary Protection Requirements - Lisa May
Electronic Presentation
9.0202 Modeling, Analysis and Fabrication of a Thrust Vectoring Spherical VTOL Aerial Vehicle - Sagar Bose
Electronic Presentation
7.0704 A Visual Approach for MEMS Gyroscope Drift Compensation - Samir Rawashdeh
  12.0502 Extreme Environment SImulation - a New Capability to Simulate Venus and Other Planetary Bodies - Tibor Kremic  
11:50 AM   10.0409 Automatic Code Generation for Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control - Bryce Carpenter Electronic Presentation
2.0604 Flight Analysis of a Venus Atmospheric Mobile Platform - Kumar Ashish
9.0206 A New Hybrid Motor Glider-Quadrotor MAV for In-Flight/V-STOL Launching - Rafael Sampaio
7.0901 Heavy Ion Test Results of RHBD Standard Cells and Memory in a 110nm Bulk CMOS Process - Matthew Shreve      
1:00 PM 14.06 PANEL: Access to Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims , Kenneth Reese   Tutorial (free): Bayesian Reliability Analysis: What’s All the Fuss? : Mark Powell - Mark Powell         Speakers' Practice Room Available 1-4 PM  
2:40 PM 14.05 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Robert Ambrose   4.18 PANEL: Civil and National Security Space Panel: Joint NASA/DOD Technology Initiatives - Steven Arnold IEEE Aerospace Systems Integration Engineering Panel Meeting - Samudra Haque      
4:30 PM 4.1201 Adaptive Filter Design for Generation of Correlated Random Sequences - Sammuel Jalali 8.1101 A Reusable Command and Data Handling System for University CubeSat Missions - Shaina Johl 2.0701 A Compact Tandem Two-Step Laser Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer for in Situ Organics Analysis - Xiang Li 10.0501 Integrating Artificial Intelligence Techniques to Generate Ground Station Schedules - Costas Tsatsoulis 11.1207 Keynote: Using Physics of Failure to Predict System Level Reliability for Avionic Electronics - Greg Caswell 7.0708 CYGNSS: Avionics Subsystem Results from Phase A - John Dickinson 6.0701 Ground Vehicle Doppler Geolocation - Hanna Witzgall 3.0301 Digitally Calibrated TR Modules Enabling Real-time Beamforming Radar - James Hoffman  
4:55 PM 4.1202 Towards Wind Farm Performance Optimization through Empirical Models - Scott Evans 8.1102 Design and Scientific Return of a Miniaturized Particle Telescope Onboard the CSSWE CubeSat - Quintin Schiller
2.0702 Liquid Chromatography-mass Spectrometry Interface for Detection of Extraterrestrial Organics - Adrian Southard
10.0502 Missile Trajectory Optimization Using a Modified Ant Colony Algorithm - Timothy Ledlow 11.1201 Application of Multi-Parametric Boltzmann-Arrhrnius-Zhurkov Model in Aerospace Optoelectronics - Ephraim Suhir 7.0709 Smart Attitude Control Components for Small Satellites - Anja Nicolai 6.0702 Image Fusion for Moving Objects Tracking Using Factor Graphs - Francesco Palmieri 3.0302 A Compact Two-stage 120 W GaN High Power Amplifier for SweepSAR Radar Systems - James Hoffman  
5:20 PM 4.1204 Parameter Estimation Algorithms for Tropospheric Compensation in Uplink Arrays - David Taggart 8.0901 Onboard and Self-Contained Landing Site Selection for Planetary Landers/Hoppers - Tye Brady   10.0503 Missile System Design Using a Hybrid Evolving Swarm Algorithm - Timothy Ledlow 11.1202 Aerospace Electronic Packaging: Thermal Stress in Bi- and Tri-Material Assemblies - Ephraim Suhir 7.0711 Small, Light-Weight, Low-Power, Low-Cost, High Performance Computing for CubeSats - John Samson 6.0703 Cooperative Space Object Tracking via Multiple Space-based Visible Sensors with Communication Loss - Genshe Chen 3.0303 High Efficiency Switch Mode GaN-based Power Amplifiers for P-band Aerospace Applications - James Custer  
Jacob Bourjaily, Harvard University

7:05 PM DINNER in the MAIN BALLROOM. IEEE FELLOW AWARD to Marina Ruggieri presented by David Woerner
William Borucki, NASA Ames Research Center

9:00 PM 4.1205 System Maximum Power Tracking for Distributed Power Sources - Kasemsan Siri 8.0902 Vision-Based Terrain-Relative Navigation and Hazard Detection Onboard a Terrestrial Rocket - Ted Steiner 2.0703 A Comparative Study of in Situ Biosignature Detection Spectroscopy Techniques on Planetary Surfaces - Kyle Uckert 10.0504 Distributed Multi-Agent Systems – a Literature Survey and Inquisitive Discussion - Christopher Elliott 11.1206 HALT, FOAT, and Their Role in Making a Viable Device into a Reliable Product - Ephraim Suhir 7.1203 Ground Tests of a Rendezvous Maneuver Based on Visual Servoing - Giovanni Palmerini 6.0704 CRLB for Likelihood Functions with Parameter-Dependent Support and a New Bound - Yaakov Bar Shalom 3.0304 Resonance-based Wireless Power Transfer for Smart Grid Systems - Asawari Kukde  
9:25 PM Electronic Presentation
4.1203 A Particle Filter for Mutistatic Radar Tracking - Tarek Abdoul Shahid
8.0903 Morpheus Vertical Test Bed Flight Testing - Jennifer Devolites
2.0704 Implementing Natural Systems-Inspired Design in Systems Engineering for Mars Surface Operations - Russell Kerschmann 10.0505 Star Tracker Orientation Optimization Using Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm (NSGA) - Fabricio Carvalho
Electronic Presentation
11.1205 Reliability Testing for Efficient Validation and Qualification - Joseph Bernstein
7.1201 Measurement Weighting Strategies for Satellite Attitude Estimation - John Enright 6.0705 New Models for 3D Maneuvering Target Tracking - Dann Laneuville
3.0202 Design of Cavity Backed Reconfigurable Spiral Antenna - Ramakrishna Dasari
9:50 PM
4.0601 Generic SDR Architecture: Vendor Independent Implementations - Seyed (Reza) Zekavat
8.0904 Rocket Validation of the ALHAT Autonomous GNC Flight System - Steve Paschall 2.0705 Space Environments Monitoring Suite (SEMS) for Near-Earth Environment Characterization via SEP - William Deininger 10.05 PANEL: Artificial Intelligence for Control for Aerospace Applications - Jeremy Straub Electronic Presentation
11.1204 Utilizing Confidence Bounds in Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Hazard Risk Assessment - Marc Banghart
7.1202 Miniature Control Moment Gyroscopes - Erik Mumm      
Thu, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:30 AM 4.1301 On Ionosphere-induced Error Detection for GNSS Integrity Monitoring - Gabriele Giorgi 8.0801 Status of Propulsion and Entry Vehicle Technology Development under the NASA ISPT Program - David Anderson 11.11: Keynote: Monitoring General Health for Long-duration Space Missions with NGS of Immune Repertoire - Jian Han 2.0902 Formation Establishment and Reconfiguration Using Differential Elements in J2-Perturbed Orbits - Christopher Roscoe 13.0501 Multi-stakeholder Interactive Simulation for Federated Satellite Systems - Paul Grogan 3.0401 Antenna Architecture of a Nano-Satellite for Radio Astronomy - Alexandru Budianu 12.0201 Careful and Accurate Placement of Avionics Boxes during Maintenance of Flight Hardware - Damon Stambolian 9.0211 Quantification of High Level Safety Criteria for Civil Unmanned Aircraft Systems - Xun Lin  
8:55 AM 4.1302 Cloud-aided SDR Solution for Lane-Specific Vehicle Positioning via Local Interference Compensation - Christian Wietfeld 8.0802 Green Propellant Infusion Mission Program Overview - Christopher Mclean 11.1101 Performance Assessment & Motion Planning Optimization in a Surgical Trainer for Potential Space Use - Wolfgang Fink 2.0903 Relative Trajectories for Multi-Angular Earth Observation Using Science Performance Optimization - Sreeja Nag 13.0502 Remote Sensing Satellite System Overall Effectiveness Analysis and Modeling - Abou Bakr Elhady 3.0402 Basic Radio Interferometry for Future Lunar Missions - Amin Aminaei 12.0202 Design and Development of a Free-Floating Hexrotor UAV for 6-DOF Maneuvers - Evan Kaufman 9.0214 Artificial Homeostasis for Vehicle Control Architecture of Unmanned Spacecraft - Emil Vassev  
9:20 AM
4.1303 Investigation of Ionospheric Time Delay Effects on Future Navigation Systems Using GAGAN Data - Perumalla Naveen Kumar
8.0803 Description of the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) Mission System - William Deininger 11.1103 Real-time Online Health Analytics for Interplanetary Space Missions - J. Mikael Eklund 2.0904 Evaluation of Control Strategies for Spacecraft Electrostatic Formation Keeping - Giovanni Palmerini 13.0503 Deep Space Navigation Mission Design and Analysis Tool - Ksenia Kolcio Prather 3.0403 Technologies for Low Frequency Radio Observations of the Cosmic Dark Ages - Dayton Jones 12.0205 Using Vicon Bodybuilder and Plug-In-Gait to Generate L5/S1 Angles, Forces and Moments - Damon Stambolian
Electronic Presentation
9.0215 Multi Disciplinary Optimization Design of Modern Airship Based on Genetic Algorithm - Masood Mayanbari
9:45 AM
4.1401 Evolution of a Reconfigurable Processing Platform for a Next Generation Space SDR - Jeffery Anderson
8.0804 Applications of Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster as In-space Propulsion Subsystem for PhoneSat - Samudra Haque 11.1102 Planning a Pilot Project on the ISS for Crew Health Management & Maintenance beyond LEO - Wolfgang Fink 2.1101 Considerations and Designs for a Space-Compatible, DPA SSPM Based Space Radiation Monitor - Chad Whitney 13.0601 Optimization of a Small Satellite Tridyne Propulsion System - Brian Cohen
Electronic Presentation
3.0404 An Innovative Direct Measurement of the GRAIL Absolute Timing of Science Data - Kamal Oudrhiri
12.0206 MAVEN Information Security Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC): Lessons Learned - Eduardo Takamura 9.0213 Airborne Imaging for Cultural Heritage - Tom Wypych  
10:10 AM 4.1403 On Conditions of Signal Reception in Short Wave Channels - Yefim Poberezhskiy 8.0805 Pulse Phase Modulation for On-Off Thruster Pair - Runle Du 8.10 Keynote: Opening a New Era in Scientific Ballooning - William Jones 2.1102 Neutron Fluences and Effective Doses behind Shielded Environments in Space - Lawrence Heilbronn 13.0602 Experiments in Knowledge-intensive System Architecting: Interactive Architecture Optimization - Daniel Selva 3.0504 Integrated Downlink Antennas in the Deployable Solar Panels of a Cubesat - Alexandru Budianu 12.0207 Aerospace Aircraft Information Display System for Flight Operations in ND - Ronald Marsh Electronic Presentation
9.0212 Three-dimensional Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Based on Fluid Flow - Xiao Liang
10:35 AM  
11.0701 J69-T-25A Engine Component Failure Analysis - Irfan Manarvi
8.1001 The Use of 3D Printing to Enable High Altitude Balloon Missions - Jeremy Straub 2.1103 Summary of the First Year of Medipix-Based Space Radiation Monitors on the ISS - Nicholas Stoffle 13.0603 Computer-aided Design & Assessment of Disaggregate Space System Architectures - Robert Thompson 3.0503 Improving CubeSat Downlink Capacity with Active Phased Array Antennas - Jonathan Klein   Electronic Presentation
9.0210 Modeling of Real-Time Flight Control System for Small Coaxial Helicopter - Seong Jin Lee
11:00 AM   11.1105 Portable System to Monitor Astronaut Ocular Health and the Development of the VIIP Syndrome - Wolfgang Fink 8.1010 Design and Performance of the BRRISON UV-VIS Fine Pointing System - Jedediah Diller
2.0801 Multidimensional Resource Management Algorithm for a Multibeam EHF Satellite System - Marina Ruggieri
13.0604 In-Space Transportation Infrastructure Architecture Decisions Using a Weighted Graph Approach - Peter Davison    
9.0401 Optimal Position Transfer Analysis of Stratospheric Airship in Wind Field - Zhou Jianghua
11:25 AM   11.1401 Fusing an Ensemble of Diverse Prognostic Life Predictions - Andrew Mills 8.1002 Rapid Development of Balloon-Borne CDH System with a Focus on COTS and Open Source Software - Zachary Dischner 2.0802 System Analysis of Smart Gateways Techniques Applied to Q/V-band High Throughput Satellites - Marina Ruggieri 13.0605 Trade Space Evaluation of Ascent and Return Architectures for a Mars Sample Return Mission - Farah Alibay     Electronic Presentation
9.0402 Analyses and Comparisons for Several Flight Control Configuration of Stratospheric Airship - Jing Gang Miao
11:50 AM  
11.0702 Analyzing T-53 Series Engines Defect Trends through Maintenance History - Irfan Manarvi
8.1003 Inexpensive Balloon-Borne Observatories Using Modified COTS Telescopes - Eliot Young            
1:00 PM 14:04 PANEL: Technology Management in Science-Driven Organizations-Leveraging - Tibor Kremic     10.08 PANEL: Software Architecture - William Reid , Vignesh Ramachandran , Tom Wypych , Kristin Wortman , Jeremy Straub Tutorial:Impact of the Sampling Theorem Interpretations on Software Defined Radios- Yefim Poberezhskiy     Speakers' Practice Rooms Available 1-4 PM  
2:40 PM 14.08 PANEL:MARS SAMPLE RETURN: Updates and Alternatives - Lisa May     10.09 PANEL: Cloud Computing - CANCELLED        
4:30 PM 4.0101 Orbital Analysis and Hardware Configuration for Inter-Satellite Link in STUDSAT-2 - Shruthi Nagabhushana 8.1004 Development of Meter-scale O-shaped and U-shaped Oscillating Heat Pipes for GAPS - Shun Okazaki 2.1201 Interplanetary Dust Particle Shielding Capability of Spacecraft Multi-Layer Insulation - Kaushik Iyer
Electronic Presentation
2.1001 Optimization of Sandwich Conversion Modules for Space Solar Power - Paul Jaffe
11.1203 Prediction of Remaining Useful Life of Ball-Grid-Array Interconnections from Testing on Board Level - Laurent Bechou 9.0301 Stochastic 4D Trajectory Optimization for Aircraft Conflict Resolution - Yoshinori Matsuno 6.0706 Image-Based Target Tracking Using Least-Squares Trajectory Estimation without a Priori Knowledge - Timothy Matchen    
4:55 PM
4.0102 Next Gen Space Comm Architecture–Leveraging the NASA SCaN Testbed GD S-Band SDR - Thomas Kacpura
8.1005 Development of a Meteorology and Remote Sensing Experimental Platform: The LAICAnSat-1 - Pedro Nehme 2.1202 Design of an Attitude Stabilization Electromagnetic Module for Detumbling Uncooperative Targets - Albert Caubet   11.1208 Injection-Coupled Devices (ICDs): Operation Principle, Applications, Design-for-Reliability - Dmitry Elnikov
9.0303 Estimating the Internal Volume Requirement in a Multivariate Design Synthesis of a BWB Aircraft - Paulinus Okonkwo
6.0707 Counting Targets with MHT and CPHD - Stefano Coraluppi    
5:20 PM 4.0103 Extending the Orbital Services Model beyond Computing, Communications and Sensing - Jeremy Straub 8.1006 High Energy Replicated Optics to Explore the Sun: Flight Overview and Astrophysical Pointing - Jessica Gaskin  
Electronic Presentation
2.1005 Interagency and International Collaboration for SSP Implementation - Christopher Dessert
11.1209 Improved Methods for Development of High Reliability Electronics - Mervi Paulasto Kröckel
9.0304 A Novel Pump Design for an Efficient and Compact Electro-Hydraulic Actuator - Gabriele Altare
6.0708 Effects of Polarization Rotation in the Detection and Tracking of Orbiting Objects Using LabVIEW - Jose Agraz    
Alexander Jones, New York University

Marco Annunziata, GE

9:00 PM 4.07 ROUNDTABLE: Space Communication Systems Roundtable : Networking the Solar System - Robert Cesarone 8.1007 A Solar Aspect System for the HEROES Mission - Steven Christe
13.0801 The Politics of Space Launch: All Launch Systems Are Not Nominal - Mark Bitterman
Electronic Presentation
2.1004 Toward Space Solar Power- Examining Atmospheric Interactions of Power Beams with the HAARP Facility - Martin Leitgab
11.1210 Long Term In-vacuum Reliability Testing of 980nm Laser Diode Pump Modules for Space Applications - Laurent Bechou   6.0709 A Novel Formulation of the Bayes Recursion for Single-Cluster Filtering - Edmund Brekke    
9:25 PM 8.1008 10 Meter Sub-Orbital Large Balloon Reflector (LBR) - Ira Smith
13.0802 Students Touch Space in Zero Robotics Programming Competition with Free Downloadable Curriculum - Melissa Hunt
  11.1211 Some Major Guiding Principles to Make Future Manned Missions to Mars Safe and Reliable - Jean Marc Salotti  
6.1002 Energy Efficient Ranging in Wireless Sensor Network via a New Time Slot Based Round-Trip Algorithm - Seyed (Reza) Zekavat
9:50 PM 8.1009 First Results from the Hard X-ray Polarimeter X-Calibur - Matthias Beilicke 13.0803 From STEM to STEAM: Towards Aerospace Partnerships with Cultural Heritage Diagnostics - Ashley Richter   11.1212 Designing with Consideration of the Human Factor: Changing the Paradigm for Higher Safety - Sylvain Hourlier        
Fri, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
Electronic Presentation Hall in the Firehole Lounge click for eph list
8:30 AM           Ad HOC &  Track/Session Organizers Planning Session for 2015 Conference 4:00-5:30      
8:55 AM                
9:20 AM                
9:45 AM                
10:10 AM                
10:35 AM                
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11:25 AM                
6:30 PM FAREWELL DINNER PARTY Upstairs in the Mountain Mall 6:30 - 11:00 PM (Buffet open from 6:30 to 8:30)

Throughout the week we’ve shared brilliant engineering insights in the technical program. On this final night, continue the techno-socio environment in a final convivial feast, and plan collaborations
leading to great new papers for the 2015 Conference in Big Sky!

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