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Sun, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:25 AM                  
4:30 PM 4.0301 Monopulse Autotrack Methods Using Software-defined Radios - Matthew Bray 8.0101 The Evolvable Mars Campaign – Study Status - Douglas Craig 10.0101 Rapid Calculation of Missile Aerodynamic Coefficients Using Artificial Neural Networks - Steven Ritz 2.0101 ICON: Where Earth’s Weather Meets Space Weather - Kodi Rider
11.0101 Robust Passive Fault Tolerant Control Applied to the Fuel Metering Valve of a Jet Engine - Yani Souami
7.0101 Bringing High-Performance Microprocessors up to Space Level Reliability - Sébastien Frasse Sombet 5.0101 Mechanical Aspects of the Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8 - David Robinson 9.0301 Improving Mode Awareness of the VNAV Function with a Multiple Hypotheses Prediction Method - Pengfei Duan 6.07 Keynote "A New Method for MTT: the Hypothesised Filter for Independent Stochastic Populations" - Dann Laneuville
4:55 PM 4.0302 MESSENGER Solar Scintillation Measurements at Superior Solar Conjunction - Nelli Mosavi 8.0102 NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Development Summary - Michele Gates 10.0102 Collision Detection of Two Fast Moving Objects - Sang Yang 2.0102 Incorporation of Secondary Payloads onto the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) - William Deininger 11.0102 Towards a Physics Based Prognostic Model for Bearing – Spall Initiation and Propagation - Dmitri Gazizulin 7.0103 Achieving High-Speed Box-to-Box Interconnects in Space Systems - Ian Troxel 5.0102 Design and Testing of Lightweight and High Resolution X-ray Mirror Modules - Ryan Mc Clelland 9.0302 Sampling-based Collision Avoidance for Commercial Airliners with Intruder Aircraft and Terrain - William Van Den Aardweg 6.0701 Reconstructing Estimates from Noisy Transmissions with Serially-Connected Kalman Filters - Donald Brown
5:20 PM 4.0303 Telemetry Ranging Using Software Defined Radios - Joseph Hennawy 8.0103 Combining Solar Electric Propulsion and Chemical Propulsion for Crewed Missions to Mars - Burton Joosten 10.0103 Characteristics Boundary Conditions to Treat Adjoint Block Interfaces - Nidhi Sikarwar 2.0104 Europa Clipper Mission: The Habitability of an Icy Moon - Todd Bayer 11.0103 Aircraft Corrosion Monitoring and Data Visualization Techniques for Condition Based Maintenance - Jeff Demo 7.0102 Introducing Radiation Tolerant Heterogeneous Computers for Small Satellites - Fredrik Bruhn 5.0103 Large Volume, Ambient, Optical and Opto-mechanical Metrology Techniques for ISIM on JWST - Theodore Hadjimichael 9.0305 Dynamics and Control of the Hose Whipping Phenomenon in Aerial Refueling - Haitao Wang 6.0702 Space Object Tracking and Maneuver Detection via Interacting Multiple Model Cubature Kalman Filter - Bin Jia
Lindy Elkins Tanton, Arizona State University

Andrew Bocarsly, Princeton University

9:00 PM 4.0401 Commercialization and Standardization Progress towards an Optical Communications Earth Relay - Bernard Edwards 8.0104 Mars Conjunction Crewed Missions with a Reusable Hybrid Architecture - Raymond Merrill 10.0104 Near Real-time Characterization of Unknown Missiles in Flight Using Computational Intelligence - Steven Ritz 2.0103 NI-SAR S/C Concept Overview: Design Challenges for a Proposed Flagship Dual-frequency SAR Mission - Peter Xaypraseuth 11.0104 A Physical Model for Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loadings - Shan Jiang 7.0104 Next Generation Space Interconnect Standard (NGSIS): A Modular Open Standards Approach for Space - Patrick Collier 6.0101 Internet-To-Orbit Gateway as Online Tool for Real-Time Monitoring of Natural Disasters - Ghulam Jaffer 2.0904 The Constellation of LARES and LAGEOS Satellites for Testing General Relativity - Claudio Paris 6.0703 Modeling and Tracking Phase and Frequency Offsets in Low-Precision Clocks - Radu David
9:25 PM 4.0402 MAVEN Relay Operations - Neil Chamberlain 8.0105 Human-assisted Mars Sample Return - Robert Gershman 10.0105 Coupled Analysis of Film-Cooling and Infrared Characteristics of a Vectored Axis-symmetric Nozzle - Xuyi Chen 2.0105 The Juno Mission to Jupiter: Lessons from Cruise and Plans for Orbital Operations and Science Return - Stuart Stephens 11.0105 Impact of Uncertainty on the Diagnostics and Prognostics of a Current-Pressure Transducer - Shankar Sankararaman 7.0106 On-Board Networks with Radiation-Hardened 45nm SOI Standard Components - Dale Rickard 6.0102 Remote Sensing Signatures Database – Challenges and Opportunities - Nigel Tzeng 2.0905 Moderate Accuracy Relative Navigation in Formation Flying by Filtered Radio Measurements - Giovanni Palmerini 6.0704 Single Aircraft Passive Doppler Location of Radios - Hanna Witzgall
9:50 PM 4.0403 NASA Relay Planning for the 2016 Mars Mission Opportunity - Charles Edwards 8.0106 NASA Evolvable Mars Campaign: Mars Surface Habitability Options - A Howe   2.0106 New Horizons Hibernation Operations: It Takes a Lot of Work to Sleep - Sarah Hamilton 11.0106 Hybrid Prognostic Approach for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems - Haithem Skima 7.0105 SpaceFibre: A Multi-Gigabit/s Interconnect for Spacecraft Onboard Data Handling - Steve Parkes 6.0103 Enhancements to cSAM Spectral Comparison - Vignesh Ramachandran   6.0705 A Factor Graph Approach for Efficient JPDA Implementation in Multi-target Tracking - Rajbabu Velmurugan
Mon, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 4.0101 Architecting Space Communication Networks under Mission Demand Uncertainty - Marc Sanchez Net 8.0107 Transportation-Driven Mars Surface Operations Supporting an Evolvable Mars Campaign - Bret Drake 10.0107 Aero-Thermodynamic Analysis of Space Shuttle Vehicle at Re-Entry - Swapnil Jagtap 2.0107 Ensuring Cassini’s End-of-Mission Propellant Margins - Erick Sturm 11.0301 An Integrated Framework for Distributed Diagnosis of Process and Sensor Faults - Matthew Daigle 13.0401 Leveraging Design Principles to Optimize Technology Portfolio Prioritization - Brett Depenbrock 3.0101 Thermal Analysis of Piezoelectric Actuators for Active Cooling of RF Phased Array Radars - Michael Kranz 7.0301 Quad-Core Radiation-Hardened System-on-Chip Power Architecture Processor - Richard Berger 6.0706 Fusion of Range-Only Measurements from Multistatic Configurations for Air Collision Warning - Yaakov Bar Shalom
8:55 AM 4.0102 The Role of Margin in Link Design and Optimization - Kar Ming Cheung 8.0108 Logistics Needs for Potential Deep Space Mission Scenarios Post Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission - Pedro Lopez 10.0108 Simulation for Risk Assessment of Diode Single Event Burnout - Jesse Theiss 2.0108 The First Earth Venture Mission: How CYGNSS Is Using Engineering Models to Validate the Design - James Wells
11.0302 Methodology for Quantifying the Effect of Mission Profiles on Aircraft Engine’s Life - Manzar Abbas
13.0402 Lessons from the GEO Communicastions Satellite Commercial Sector on Acquisition Practices - Susan Hastings 3.0102 Beam Former Development for the NASA Hurricane Imaging Radiometer - Glenn Hopkins 7.0302 Implementing a Software Defined Radio Using the Maestro 49-tile Processor - Herschel Loomis 6.0707 Gaussian Mixture Approach to Long Range Radar Tracking with High Range Resolution - Benjamin Davis
9:20 AM 4.0601 Full-Duplex (Simultaneous Transmit and Receive) for LEO Satellites - Eugene Grayver 8.0109 Preparing for Mars: The Evolvable Mars Campaign Emerging "Proving Ground" Approach - Marianne Bobskill 10.0110 Reynolds Stress on SWBLI in Isolator Using Different Turbulent Models - Jinfeng Dang 2.0109 The OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission - Edward Beshore 11.0303 An Efficient Way to Embed Analytics for Prognostics in an on Board System - Sreerupa Das 13.0403 New Ways to Learn from the Challenger Disaster: Almost 30 Years Later - Robin Dillon Merrill 3.0103 Analysis of a Polarization Agile Communication System - Michael Lockard 7.0303 A Method for Efficient Radiation Hardening of Multicore Processors - Jonathan Ballast 6.0708 RF Localization Solution Using Heterogeneous TDOA - Alan Lovell
9:45 AM 4.0602 Multi-Target Tracking via Multiple Cost-Reference Particle Filtering - Jordi Vilà Valls 8.0110 Developing a Crew Time Model for Human Exploration Missions to Mars Surface - Bryan Mattfeld 10.0111 Reducing Runtime for Monte Carlo Estimates to Partial Differential Equations - Matthew Ward 2.0110 The CYGNSS Flight Segment; Mainstream Science on a Micro-Budget - John Scherrer 11.0304 Subspace-based Fault Detection – Multiplicative and Additive Fault - Young Man Kim 13.0404 Managing Technical Risk - Paul Collopy
3.0301 Transmission of Wireless Power in Two-coil and Four-coil System Using Coupled Mode Theory - Aditi Parthasarathy
7.03 PANEL: Why Is It Hard To Get More Processing Capability Onto Space Missions - Stephen Crago , Martha Bancroft 6.0709 Evaluation of Algorithms for Urban Vehicle Tracking - Ross Hansen
10:10 AM 4.0603 Inflatable Antennas and Arrays for Interplanetary Communication Using CubeSats and SmallSats - Alessandra Babuscia 8.0111 Human Outer Solar System Exploration via Q-thruster Technology - Burton Joosten 10.0301 Security Testing of an Aerospace Launch System - Seana Hagerman 2.0204 COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7: The Future of Global Weather Monitoring and Prediction - Kendra Cook 11.0305 Random Forests for Industrial Device Functioning Diagnostics Using Wireless Sensor Networks - Wiem Elghazel 13.0405 Risk Aversion and Optimal Satellite Systems - Matthew Daniels
3.0302 Improved Design for Microstrip Hairpinline Bandpass Filter Using via Ground Holes and Capacitive Gap - Azhar Hasan
12.0601 The Weak Point: A Framework to Enhance Operational Ground Systems Security - Tom Leclerc
10:35 AM 4.0604 SOARX-8 Suborbital Experiments 2014 a New Paradigm for Small Spacecraft Communication - Marcus Murbach 8.0112 Human Lunar Exploration Opportunities Enabled by the Space Launch System - Ben Donahue 10.0303 Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Achieving a Robust Architecture for Future Robotic Spacecraft - Steffen Jaekel 2.0201 Detection and Geo-Location of Sferics Onboard Lightning Nano-Satellite (LiNSAT) - Ghulam Jaffer 11.0501 State-of-Health Analysis Applied to Spacecraft Telemetry Based on a New PLS-DA Algorithm - Bassem Nassar 13.0406 Optimizing Design for Reuse Decisions in Aerospace Systems - Richard Milford 3.0303 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Ranging for Coherent Distributed RF Systems - Jason Hodkin 7.0401 γ Ray Radiation Effects on TiN/HfOx/Pt RRAM Devices - Fang Yuan 12.0602 Information Security Considerations for Protecting NASA Mission Operations Centers (MOCs) - Eduardo Takamura
11:00 AM 4.0802 Robust Low-Density-Parity-Check Decoder Design to Mitigate Pulsed Radio Frequency Interference - Jianjun (David) Ni 8.0113 Human Exploration of Phobos - Michael Gernhardt 10.0701 Comparative Analysis of Current Security Algorithms and the “MIST” Algorithm in Cloud Computing - Ihssan Alkadi 2.0202 Monitoring Earth's Shortwave Reflectance: LEO and GEO System Architectures - Michael Mercury 11.0502 LADEE Preparations for Contingency Operations for the Lunar Orbit Insertion Maneuver - Howard Cannon 13.0407 The PRACA System as an “Incubator” for Lessons Learned - David Oberhettinger 3.0305 Digital Calibration System for the NI-SAR (NASA/ISRO) Mission - James Hoffman 7.0402 Reliability Considerations and Radiation Testing of Memristor Devices - Erica Deionno 12.0603 Mission-level Space Situational Awareness - David La Vallee
11:25 AM   8.0114 Conceptual Mission Design of a Minimalistic Human Mars Flyby in the Year 2018 - Dan Fries 10.0702 Networking Considerations for Open Source Based Clouds - Kapil Bakshi 2.0203 The Earth Photosynthesis Imaging Constellation: Measuring Photosynthesis with a CubeSat Platform - Adam Greenbaum
10.0106 Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Different Ventilation Systems for Commercial Aircraft Cabins - Walid Attia
  7.0501 Memory-Aware Optimization of FPGA-Based Space Systems - Nicholas Wulf 7.0403 Overview of the Radiation Response of TaOx-based Memristive Devices - Michael Mc Lain 12.0501 Development of Science Data System for the International Space Station Cold Atom Lab - Melissa Soriano
11:50 AM     10.0703 Scalable Human in the Loop Decision Support - Ramona Georgescu        
7.0201 Application of an Image Processing Architecture for the Solar Orbiter SPICE Instrument - Patrick Phelan
12.0401 Information Flow Model of Human Extravehicular Activity Operations - Matthew Miller
1:00 PM 14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery , Velin Dimitrov , David Sternberg   Junior Conference Practice 12.07 PANEL -OSIRIS-REx Asteroid sample retrieval 2:00pm - 4:00pm - Jonathan Gal Edd          
2:40 PM 14.09 PANEL: NASA Pioneering Space - Michele Gates , Marshall Smith , Jason Crusan , Greg Williams , Phil Mcalister              
4:30 PM 4.0201 A Self-Stabilizing Hybrid-Fault Tolerant Synchronization Protocol - Mahyar Malekpour 8.02 Keynote NASA Space Technology's Game Changing Development Program - Dana Gould 10.0201 Contrasting Factors for Reuse Success and Failure in Aerospace: Semistructured Interviews - Julia Varnell Sarjeant 2.0301 Nano-ADEPT: ADEPT for Secondary Payloads and Nanosat Re-Entry - Brandon Smith 5.0501 Exo-C: A Space Mission for Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planetary Systems - Karl Stapelfeldt 13.0301 Managing Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance through a Sustained Change Framework - Val Lunz 6.0401 Monopulse Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Adjacent Matched Filter Samples - John Glass 12.0101 Verification of Mars Odyssey All Stellar Attitude Determination Ten Years after Launch - Dave Gingerich 4.1301 Functional Decomposition of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for CNS Capabilities in NAS Integration - Laurence Mutuel
4:55 PM 4.0202 NCSR:Multicast Transport of BGP for Satellite Network Based on Network Coding - Jinzhen Bao 8.0201 Understanding International GNC Hardware Trends - Adam Greenbaum 10.0202 Visualization of a Spacecraft Mission Software System - Kristin Wortman 2.0302 Shadow-Based Matching for Precise and Robust Absolute Self-Localization during Lunar Landings - Hannah Kaufmann 5.0502 Liquid Crystal Polymer Based Vector Vortex Waveplates with Sub-micrometer Singularity - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0302 Implementing Quantitative Schedule Performance Metrics at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Stephen Shinn 6.05 Keynote: Bayesian Search for Missing Aircraft - Lawrence Stone 12.0102 Operating LADEE: Mission Architecture, Challenges, Anomalies, and Successes - Matthew D'ortenzio 4.1302 A Study of Future Communications Concepts and Technologies for the National Airspace System–Part IV - Denise Ponchak
5:20 PM   8.0202 Pressure Characterization between the Upper Body and Space Suit during Mission-Realistic Movements - Allison Anderson Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0303 Resource Prospector Lander: Architecture and Trade Studies - Kristina Rojdev 5.0505 GM-APD Imaging Arrays for Direct Imaging of Exoplanets - Kimberly Kolb 13.0303 Beyond Cost Tools: Spacecraft Net Present Value and the Hosted Payload Paradigm - Fan Geng 12.0103 Cassini Spacecraft’s Command & Data Subsystem: Preparations for the End-of-Mission Proximal Orbits - Paula Morgan 4.1303 Impact of Co-Site Interference on L/C-Band Spectrum for UAS Control and Non-payload Communications - Robert Kerczewski
Laurence Gonzales, Northwestern University

Tim Spahr, Cambridge, Massachusetts

9:00 PM 9.0306 Different Approaches of Actuator Placement for Active Vibration Control in the Aircraft Engine - Xiaonan Zhao 8.0203 Technology for a Robotic Asteroid Redirect Mission and Its Extensibility to Future Space Activities - John Brophy 10.0203 Model-based Product Line Engineering - Enabling Product Families with Variants - James Hummell 2.0304 OSIRIS-REx, Returning the Asteroid Sample - Tom Ajluni 5.0401 Silicon Photonics Platform for National Security Applications - Anthony Lentine 13.0304 Calculating Reserves on Schedule-to-Go (STG) Based on Historical Data - Marc Hayhurst 6.0501 Advances in Multi-Target Filtering of Evasive Targets - Stefano Coraluppi 12.0104 Successes and Challenges of Operating the Van Allen Probes Mission in the Radiation Belts. - Karen Kirby 4.1304 A Cognitive Radio System for Improving the Reliability and Security of UAS/UAV Networks - Nickolas Gellerman
9:25 PM 9.0307 An Adaptive Middleware Approach for Fault-tolerant Avionic Systems - Oliver Marquardt 8.0204 Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission Space Suit and EVA System Maturation - Cody Kelly 10.0204 Testing Proper Mitigation in Safet-Critical Systems: An Aerospace Launch Application - Anneliese Andrews 2.0305 Numerical Study of Heat Flux Developed on an Aero-spike Structure in Hypersonic Flow - Navaneeth Soori FBI will be discussing protection of trade secrets/intellectual property. 13.0305 Calibrating the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Scale Using NASA Mission Data - Richard Terrile 6.0502 Extracting Speed, Heading and Turn-Rate Measurements from Extended Objects Using the EM Algorithm - Steven Bordonaro 12.0105 Essentials for Team Based Rehearsals and the Differences between Low Earth and Deep Space Missions - Juan Cifuentes 4.1305 A Terrain Avoidance Algorithm Based on the Requirements of Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems - Nickolas Gellerman
9:50 PM     10.0205 Collaborative Pentesting and Analysis Toolkit (CPAT) - Darrien Rushing 2.0306 LDSD Supersonic Flight Dynamics Test 1: Post-flight Reconstruction - Eric Blood 13.0306 Software Cost Estimation for the LADEE Mission - Howard Cannon   12.0106 Getting Back on the Road: Reformatting Flash Memory On-board the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity - Rebekah Sosland 4.1401 A HMAC-based Approach to Secure ADS-B Networks - Thabet Kacem
Tue, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM
13.0501 Operation of a Concurrent Design Facility for University Projects - Anton Ivanov
8.0301 Cellular Load Responsive MLI Development - Gary Mills 7.0702 FPGA Hardware Nonlinear Control Design for Modular CubeSat Attitude Control System - Junquan Li 2.0401 Launch Systems to Support Booming Nanosatellite Industry - Kaitlyn Kelley 2.0601 Convex Programming Approach to Real-time Trajectory Optimization for Mars Aerocapture - Behcet Acikmese 9.0201 Automatic Aerial Retrieval of a Mobile Robot Using Optical Target Tracking and Localization - Maximilian Laiacker 11.14 PANEL: PHM from the Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Requirements, Experiences, and Lessons Learned - Michael Houck , Andrew Hess , Richard Friend 6.0201 Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounder (HyMAS) - New Capability in the CoSMIR/CoSSIR Scanhead - Lawrence Hilliard 12.0201 The OSIRIS-REX ASTEROID SAMPLE RETURN –Mision Operations Trades and Design - Jonathan Gal Edd
8:55 AM 13.0502 Concurrent Engineering Methods and Models for Satellite Concept Design - Rob Stevens 8.0303 Low-Cost, Low Mass Avionics System for a Dedicated Nano-Satellite Launch Vehicle - Austin Williams 7.0703 Design and Development of 3-axis Reaction Wheel for STUDSAT-2 - Divyanshu Sahay 2.0402 Implementation of the First Orbital/Sub-orbital Program-3 Mission - Matthew Kanter 2.0602 Integrated System Modelling of Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization - Samuel Schreiner 9.0203 Dynamic Analysis of a Variable-Sweep, Variable-Span Morphing UAV - Richard Prazenica 6.0202 Monitoring Earth’s Shortwave Reflectance: GEO Instrument Concept - Emily Brageot 12.0202 Laying down Tracks: DSN Planning for Cassini’s Final Mission Phase - Erick Sturm
9:20 AM
13.0503 Team Xc: JPL's Concurrent Design Team for CubeSat, NonSats, and SmallSats - Travis Imken
8.0305 Additive Manufacturing in the Launch Vehicle Business - Gregory Schiller 7.0704 Update on DM CubeSat Technology Development: ISS Flight Experiments - John Samson   2.0603 Defining the Requirements for the Micro Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Spacecraft Missions - Sara Spangelo 9.0204 Sensitivity Study for Feature-Based Monocular 3D SLAM - Niklas Bergström 6.0203 Space Launch System Data Acquisition and Sensor System for Human Space Flight - Mary Highsmith
12.0204 LARES Mission Operations - Claudio Paris
9:45 AM 13.0504 A Cubesat Catalog Design Tool for a Multi-Agent Architecture Development Framework - Monica Jacobs 8.0307 Launch Vehicle Tracking Enhancement through Global Positioning System Metric Tracking - Timothy Gray 4.1001 Transmission of Big Data over MANETS - Aditi Parthasarathy 2.0404 Secondary Spacecraft in 2015: Analyzing Success and Failure - Michael Swartwout 2.0604 A Simple Analytic Model for Estimating Mars Ascent Vehicle Mass and Performance - Ryan Woolley 9.0205 Conservative Algorithms for Automated Collision Awareness for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems - Kevin Ueunten 6.0204 Solar Science from Manned Suborbital Vehicles - the SwRI Solar Instrument Pointing Platform - Jedediah Diller 12.0205 SPACE OUTREACH INITIATIVES through ONLINE & REAL-TIME SPACE OPERATIONS USING VIRTUAL GROUND STATION - Nazish Rubab
10:10 AM 13.0505 Concept Selection Method in Reverse to Describe Mission That Best Use a New Technology: Ornithopter - Daigo Terutsuki 8.0308 Similarity Study on Infrared Radiation of Solid Rocket Plume of Different Reduced-scaled Size - Xuyi Chen 4.1002 Radio Science Measurements Using Phase Modulated Optical Links - Kar Ming Cheung 2.0405 Mission Case Studies Using the Rideshare Enabling Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle - Marissa Stender 2.0605 Thumper and Shotgun: Impactors to Estimate Asteroid Strength for NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission - Kris Zacny 9.0206 Proving Your Safety Case - Commonalities in FAA CoA Decisions - Harrison Wolf 6.0301 A Multispectral Thermal Imaging System for Measuring Volcanic Ash Mass Loading - Russell Carroll 12.0207 Rover Traverse-Optimizing Planner for Multi-Objective Deployment Scenarios - Wolfgang Fink
10:35 AM 13.0506 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization of On-Orbit Satellite Assembly Architectures - David Sternberg 5.0301 Simulation of Atmospheric Compensation for a Laser Phased Array in the Presence of Target Speckle - Jack Mc Crae 4.1003 Wind Farm Performance Validation through Machine Learning - Scott Evans 2.0406 Disaggregated Space System Optimization Stochastic Analysis Techniques - Robert Thompson 2.0606 High Frequency Vibration and High Gravity Force Shock Testing for Potential Mars Sample Return - Katherine Acord 9.0208 Carbon Nanotube Based Airfoil Heating System for In-Flight Anti-Icing and De-Icing of UAVs - Kim Sørensen   12.0206 TDRSS Demand Access System Augmentation - Keith Hogie
11:00 AM 13.0507 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for a High-Resolution Earth-Imaging Constellation - Michael Curry 5.0302 Wave Optics Simulation of Anisotropic Turbulence - Xifeng Xiao
5.0703 Enhanced Quality LANDSAT Image Processing Based on 4-Level Sub-Band Replacement DWT - Divyanshu Sahay
2.0407 Analysis of a ‘Turn-Key’ No Hardware Space Mission Using the Orbital Services Model - Jeremy Straub 2.0607 Autonomous Exploration of Planetary Lava Tubes Using a Multi-rover Framework - Wolfgang Fink      
11:25 AM 13.0508 Subsystem Support Feasibility for Formation Flight Measuring Bi-Directional Reflectance - Sreeja Nag 5.0303 Low Cost Digital Photography Approach to Monitoring Optical Bending and Guiding in the Atmosphere - Jose Barraza
5.0704 High-Speed Cluster Scanning Scheme for 3-Dimensional Constellated Image Processing - Divyanshu Sahay
2.0403 ULA Rideshare Capabilities for Providing Low-Cost Access to Space - Keith Karuntzos        
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM 12:00 - 1:30 PM
1:00 PM     Junior Engineering and Science Conference 1-4 PM in the Madison            
Wed, Mar 11 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp , Sara Spangelo 3.0201 Radiation Pattern of a ULF Space-based Antenna for Controlled Removal of Energetic Trapped Protons - Maria De Soria Santacruz 8.0701 Mass Properties Analysis and Measurements of a High Altitude Supersonic Decelerator Test Vehicle - Mark Yerdon 2.0701 Mass Analyzer for Real-time Investigation of Neutrals at Europa (MARINE) - Luther Beegle 11.0801 Aerospace Electronics Reliability: Could It Be Predicted in a Cost-Effective Fashion? - Joseph Bernstein 2.0801 The Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Experiment: Fade Mitigation Techniques in Q/V-Band Satellite Channels - Johannes Ebert 4.0901 Three Dimensional Diversity for Close Proximity MIMO Systems - Aditi Parthasarathy 9.0209 Net Recovery of UAV with Single-Frequency RTK GPS - Nadezda Sokolova  
8:55 AM 3.0202 Phased Array-Fed Reflector (PAFR) Antenna Architectures for Space-Based Sensors - Michael Cooley   2.0702 The Atmospheric Characterization for Exploration and Science (ACES) Instrument Suite for Mars - Scot Rafkin 11.0802 Advantagers of Using Aluminum Substrates for Aerospace Electronics - Joseph Fjelstad
2.0802 Q/V-band Satellite Communication Experiments on Channel Estimation with Alphasat Aldo Paraboni P/L - Giorgia Parca
4.0902 Effects of Turn-around-command on SGLS Carrier, Ranging, and Telemetry Services - Jack Kreng 9.0210 Unmanned Aircraft Sense and Avoid - Leveraging ATC Infrastructure - Robert Stamm  
9:20 AM 3.0203 Design of a New Smaller Lighter Faraday Rotator for ACERAD - Vahraz Jamnejad 8.0703 Europa Clipper Instrument Implementation in the Proposal Phase - Matthew Horner 2.0703 Design and Demonstration of the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) on the ExoMars 2018 Rover - Ricardo Arevalo 11.0803 Assessment of a Product’s Degradation Rate from the Measured Bathtub Curve Data - Ephraim Suhir
2.0803 Performance of the NASA Beacon Receiver for the Alphasat Aldo Paraboni TDP5 Propagation Experiment - Thomas Kacpura
4.0903 Implementing High Data Rate, Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Decoders for Large Codes Using FPGAs - John Porcello 9.0211 Design and Flight Testing of an Integrated Solar Powered UAV and WSN for Remote Gas Sensing - Luis Gonzalez  
9:45 AM 14.07 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dave Lavery , Harrison Wolf , Jeff Norris 3.0204 Design of a Quasi Optical Transmission Line for Cloud and Precipitation Radar System of ACE Mission - Vahraz Jamnejad 8.0704 Europa Clipper Vault Shielding Optimization Approach - Matthew Spaulding 2.0704 Hyperdust : An Advanced In-situ Detection and Chemical Analysis of Microparticles in Space - Zoltan Sternovsky 11.0805 Modified Dynamic Reliability Model for Damage Accumulation - Yair Shai
2.0804 Optimization of ACM Algorithms over Q/V-band Satellite Channels with the Alphasat Aldo Paraboni P/L - Elisa Ricci
4.0904 Coded Sub Band Replacement DWT Based Space Image Compression - Aditi Parthasarathy
9.0213 Automatic Detection and Tracking of Objects at the Ocean Surface from UAVs Using a Thermal Camera - Frederik Leira  
10:10 AM 8.0601 Solar Electric Propulsion on ESPA-Class Satellite - William Deininger 8.0706 System Design and Development of VELOX-I Nanosatellite - Vu Bui 2.0705 Analysis of Aqueous Environments by Laser Desorption/ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry - Xiang Li 11.0806 Reliability Issues in Optical Emitters - Giovanna Mura   4.0905 De Bruijn Sequences for DS/CDMA: Efficient Generation, Statistical Analysis, Performance Evaluation - Claudio Sacchi 9.0215 An Intuitive, Aggressive Control Architecture for an Unmanned Helicopter in Near-Hover Flight - Christopher Fourie  
10:35 AM 8.0501 Integrating Human Performance Measures into Space Operations: Beyond Our Scheduling Capabilities? - Jessica Marquez 13.0601 SMART: A Quantitative Trade Analysis and Risk Assessment Tool for a Complex Mission - Masahiro Ono 2.0706 The Lunar Dust Experiment (LDEX) - Mihaly Horanyi 11.0807 Monte-Carlo Computations for Predicted Degradation of Photonic Devices in Space Environment - Laurent Bechou 2.1001 EDAC Events during the LADEE Mission - Nathaniel Benz 4.0906 Link Performance Analysis of Cooperative Transmission Techniques for LTE-A Uplink - Claudio Sacchi 13.0701 Translating Technology Taxonomies to Facilitate Cross-Industry Innovation - Jill Hardash  
11:00 AM 14.06 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims , David Callen 8.0502 Development of an Integrated Simulation Platform for Real-Time Task Performance Assessment - Kevin Duda 8.0901 Bio-inspired Engineering for the Exploration of Remote Worlds - Andrew Ketsdever 2.0707 High Resolution, Texture-specific Rock Chemistry Measurement with PIXL micro-XRF - Abigail Allwood 11.0808 Effect of Power Cycling Parameters on Predicted IGBT Lifetime - Zoltan Sarkany 2.1002 Neutron Production from 100 and 230 AMeV He Interactions in Water, PMMA and Iron - Pi En Tsai 4.0907 Green BIC-OFDM-based Cooperative Communications Using Bargaining Game Algorithm - Claudio Sacchi 13.07 Keynote: New federal funding and programs to accelerate technology infusion and entrepreneurship in the ae... - Andrea Belz , Steven Taulbee  
11:25 AM 8.0503 Survey and Assessment of Human Performance Evaluation Methods Applicable to Human Spacecraft Design - Christine Fanchiang 8.0902 Graph-based Terrain Relative Navigation with Optimal Landmark Database Selection - Ted Steiner 2.0708 SHERLOC: Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals - Luther Beegle 11.0809 Predicted Stresses in an Optoelectronics Tri-component Bow-free Assembly - Ephraim Suhir 2.1003 Improvements and Developments of Physics Models in PHITS for Space Applications - Lembit Sihver 4.0908 A High Speed Transmission System Using QAM and Direct Conversion with High Bandwidth Converters - Marc Stackler  
11:50 AM   8.0903 Software Testbed for Developing and Evaluating Integrated Autonomous Subsystems - James Ong 2.0709 Demonstration of a Portable AOTF IR Spectrometer for in Situ Exploration of Planetary Surfaces - Kyle Uckert   2.1004 Neutron Fluences in Lunar Habitats - Lawrence Heilbronn      
1:00 PM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards , Richard Volpe , Stephen Gaddis , Ian Clark , Douglas Craig                
2:40 PM 14.04 PANEL: Mars Sample Return: Updates and Alternatives - Lisa May , Erik Nilsen , Caroline Smith       Tutorial: Model-based Systems Engineering - Sanda Mandutianu        
4:30 PM   8.0505 Operator Evaluation of a Mobility-Augmenting Jetpack with Integrated Control-Moment Gyroscopes - Michele Carpenter 2.0502 Layer-Jamming Scales with Hardening Capability - Ian Walker 2.12 Keynote: Asteroid Impact Hazard Assessment and Planetary Defense - Paul Chodas 7.0801 High Temperature Die-attach Materials for Aerospace Power Electronics: Lifetime Tests and Modeling - Aaron Hutzler 10.0601 Virtual Hand-Button Interaction in a Generic Virtual Reality Flight Simulator - Turgay Aslandere 5.0201 ICESat-2 ATLAS Telescope Testing - Tyler Evans 6.0601 Track Registration Assignment Using Image Correlation - Stephen Stubberud  
4:55 PM 4.0910 CDMA Communications Systems with Constant Envelope Modulation for CubeSats - Alessandra Babuscia 8.0506 Wearable CMG Design for the Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit - Rebecca Vasquez 2.0503 Development of Simulation System for Multi-pair Crawlered and Transforming Explorer - Akihiko Honda 2.1201 Initial Asteroid Detection Results Using the Space Surveillance Telescope - Herbert Viggh 7.0802 Improving the Efficiency of 3U CubeSat EPS by Selecting Operating Conditions for Power Converters - Sergio Sánchez Sanjuán 10.0602 FORROST: Advances in On-Orbit Robotic Technologies - Roberto Lampariello 5.0202 Tests of LARES and CHAMP Cube Corner Reflectors on Simulated Space Environment - Claudio Paris 6.0603 Multi-Spectral Detection and Tracking in Cluttered Urban Environments - Peter Zulch  
5:20 PM
4.0911 MM-Wave LTE-A Small-Cell Wireless Backhauling Based onTH-IR Techniques - Giorgia Parca
8.0507 SimSup’s Loop: A Control Theory Approach to Spacecraft Operator Training - Brandon Owens Hold for Plenary Setup 2.1202 Orbit Estimation for Late Warning Impacts: The Case of 2014 AA - Steven Chesley 7.0803 Evaluation of Gallium Nitride Transistors in Electronic Power Conditioners for TWTA - Jose Blanes 10.0603 The Neural Basis of Decision-Making during Sensemaking: Implications for Human-System Interactions - Michael Howard 5.0203 Projection and Acquisition Optical Assembly for DEEP Remote Microscopy - Keith Nowicki 6.0604 Improved Error Estimation in Cases of Occasional Full Covariance - Mark Briski  
Jeff Iliff, Oregon Health & Science University

Ned Sauthoff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

9:00 PM 4.1101 Estimation of Code Ionospheric Biases Using Kriging Method - Zhibo Wen
8.0508 Planning for Crew Exercise for Future Deep Space Mission Scenarios - Cherice Moore
2.0504 Risk-aware Planetary Rover Operation Tool with Autonomous Terrain Classifier and Path Planner - Masahiro Ono 2.12 Panel:Near Earth Asteroid Surveys - Paul Chodas , Steven Chesley , Grant Stokes , Tim Spahr 7.0804 On the Power System of the AMALIA Moon Rover - Giovanni Palmerini 10.0604 A Collaborative Workspace Architecture for Strengthening Collaboration among Space Scientists - Robin Wolff 5.0204 Progress towards Non-Intrusive Optical Measurement of Gas Turbine Exhaust Species Distributions - Paul Wright 6.0606 Air Autonomous Vehicle Benchmark - Darin Dunham  
9:25 PM 4.1102 Advanced KF-based Methods for GNSS Carrier Tracking and Ionospheric Scintillation Mitigation - Jordi Vilà Valls 8.0509 Cardiovascular Responses to Artificial Gravity Combined with Exercise - Ana Diaz 2.0505 Realization of Vision-Based Navigation and Object Recognition Algorithms for the SRR Challenge - Velin Dimitrov 7.1101 Adaptive Controller for a Fourier Transform Spectrometer with Space Applications - Patrick Yiu 10.0605 VR-OOS: The DLR’s Virtual Reality Simulator for Telerobotic On-Orbit Servicing with Haptic Feedback - Mikel Sagardia 5.0205 The NIRSPEC ASSEMBLY INTEGRATION and TEST STATUS - Maurice Te Plate    
9:50 PM 4.1103 On the Identifiability of Noise Statistics and Adaptive KF Design for Robust GNSS Carrier Tracking - Jordi Vilà Valls 8.0510 Comparing Human Skin Strain of the Elbow for Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suit Development - Edward Obropta   7.1102 Use of Formal Modeling to Automatically Generate Correct Fault Detection and Response Methods - Meredith Lecocke        
Thu, Mar 12 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 8.1101 A Ground-Based Facility for Nanosatellite Systems Testing in Relevant Environments - Andrew Ketsdever 8.1001 The First Balloon Flight of the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Technology Demonstration Mission - Thomas Randolph 2.1203 Updated Population and Risk Assessment for Airbursts from Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) - Mark Boslough 2.1101 Computational Evaluation of Metal Foam Orbital Debris Shielding - Eric Fahrenthold 10.0501 Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Aircraft Condition Monitoring System - Mohamed Cherif Dani
Electronic Presentation
5.0701 Vision-Based Pose Estimation for Space Objects by Gaussian Process Regression - Haopeng Zhang
3.0501 High Efficiency LINC Transmitters for Nano-Satellite Missions. - Visweswaran Karunanithi    
8:55 AM
8.1102 An Autonomous Remote Ground Station for Reducing the Cost of LEO Satellites’ Operation - Ghulam Jaffer
8.1002 Stratospheric Balloon Missions for Planetary Science - Tibor Kremic 2.1204 Apophis: Complex Rotation and Hazard Assessment - Davide Farnocchia 2.1102 Glass Surface Spall Modeling for Interplanetary Dust Impacts - Kaushik Iyer 10.0502 A Risk-Aware Architecture for Resilient Spacecraft Operations - Catharine Mc Ghan 5.0702 Recent Improvements in Advanced Automated Post-Processing at the AMOS Observatories - Michael Werth 3.0502 X-Band Deep Space Cubesat Radio Microwave and Power Electronics - Fernando Aguirre    
9:20 AM 8.1103 Lessons Learned - Deploying a 50 Kg Small Satellite from the International Space Station - Adam Wuerl 8.1003 Design and Performance of the BOPPS UVVis Fine Pointing System - Zachary Dischner 2.1205 Determining Position around an Asteroid Using Communication Relays and Trilateration - Evan Nelson 2.1103 Cooperative Multi-Satellite Mission for Active Debris Removal from Low Earth Orbit - Bogdan Udrea 10.0503 Swarm Intelligence, a Blackboard Architecture and Local Decision Making for Spacecraft Command - Jeremy Straub 5.0708 Improving Star Tracker Centroiding Performance in Dynamic Imaging Conditions - Laila Kazemi 3.0503 K-Band 26GHz Tone Generator for ISARA Cubesat - Fernando Aguirre    
9:45 AM
8.1104 Optimal Power Operation of Low-cost MEMS-Based Attitude Determination System for Nano-Satellites - Mohammed Rashed
8.1004 A Multi-Channel Tunable Laser Spectrometer for in Situ Measurement of Planetary Atmospheres - Scot Rafkin 2.1206 Sample-Return Mission Planning for an Asteroid on an Earth Fly-By Trajectory - Kamran Turkoglu 2.1104 Electrical Threat from Hypervelocity Impacts in Space - Ashish Goel 10.0504 Planning Views to Model Planetary Pits under Transient Illumination - Heather Jones
Electronic Presentation
5.0705 Space Object Image Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition - Yuan Yao
3.0504 Adaptive Flexible Antenna Array System for Deformable Wing Surfaces - Dimitris Anagnostou    
10:10 AM 8.1105 CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) Mission Update - John Bowen 8.1005 A Balloon-Borne Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Imaging Camera for Planetary Science Investigations - Nancy Chanover 2.1207 Studies of Short Time Response Options for Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHOs) - Bernard Seery 2.1105 Detumbling Large Space Debris via Laser Ablation - Nicolas Thiry 10.0505 Robust Fixed Interval Satellite Range Scheduling - Antonio Jose Vazquez Alvarez 5.0601 Simultaneous Processing of Visible and Long-Wave Infrared Satellite Imagery - Daniel Thompson      
10:35 AM 4.0702 X-ray Pulsar Navigation Algorithms and Testbed for SEXTANT - Munther Hassouneh 8.1006 Title: Passive Thermal Control of Balloon-Borne Telescopes - Eliot Young 2.1208 Comparative Analysis of Asteroid-Deflection Approaches - Paul Chodas 2.1106 ADReS-A: Mission Architecture for the Removal of SL-8 Rocket Bodies - Susanne Peters 10.0506 Noncooperative Satellite Range Scheduling with Perfect Information - Antonio Jose Vazquez Alvarez 5.0602 Using a Constellation of CubeSats for In-Space Optical 3D Scanning - Jeremy Straub 7.0901 Towards Standard Component Parts in Silicon Carbide CMOS - A. Francis    
11:00 AM
4.0703 Laboratory Testing of a Relative Navigation System for Spacecraft Docking - Zoran Milenkovic
8.1007 A High-Resolution Pointing System for Continuously Scanning Platforms: The EBEX Example - Joy Didier 2.1209 Variation of Delivered Impulse as a Function of Asteroid Shape - Daniel Scheeres   10.0507 An Overview of the OpenOrbiter Autonomous Operating Software - Scott Kerlin 5.0901 Space Lidar Technologies Supporting Upcoming NASA Earth Science & Laser Communications Missions - Mark Storm 7.0902 A Family of CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits in SiC for High Temperature Electronics - Alan Mantooth    
11:25 AM 4.0704 Improve EKF and UKF Algorithm with RTS Smoother on Ground Base Orbit Determination - Hamed Heydarifar 8.1008 Star Camera System and New Software for Autonomous and Robust Operation in Long Duration Flights - Daniel Chapman   3.04 Keynote: Radio Science and Small Satellites - Mark Bentum 10.0508 Nanosatellite Scheduling Using a Dictionary Module and a Useful Trick with Integers - Monilito Castro 5.0801 Path Dependency and Angular Anisoplanatism in non-Kolmogorov Turbulence - Jeremy Bos 7.0903 SiGe BiCMOS Comparator for Extreme Environment Applications - Benjamin Sissons    
11:50 AM   8.1009 The High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) as a Model Multi-Payload Balloon Platform - Michael Stewart   3.0401 The Dark Ages Radio Explorer Mission: Probing the Cosmic Dawn - Dayton Jones 10.5 PANEL : Getting to Aerospace Intelligence - Christopher Bridges , Steffen Jaekel , Antonio Jose Vazquez Alvarez , Jeremy Straub 5.0802 A Comparison of Spectral Models Used in Developing Non-Kolmogorov Wave Structure Functions - Jeremy Bos 7.0904 An Asynchronous Cell Library for Operation in Wide-Temperature & Ionizing-Radiation Environments - A. Francis    
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Robert Ambrose , Cherice Moore         10.08 PANEL: Software Architecture - Kristin Wortman Tutorial - Probabilistic Design for Reliability of AerospaceElectronics and Photonics: Role, Attributes, Challenges - Ephraim Suhir    
2:40 PM 14.08 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - David Kaslow , Todd Bayer , Sanda Mandutianu , Benjamin Weps , James Hummell     7.14 PANEL/FORUM: Using COTS in Space - - Harald Schone          
4:30 PM
4.1201 Software Defined Radio Architecture Contributions to Next Generation Space Communications - Thomas Kacpura
8.1010 First Flight Results of the X-ray Polarimeter X-Calibur - Matthias Beilicke 6.0801 Linear Analysis of Zero-Lift Pitching Moment Coefficient and Gravity Effects on Missile Autopilots - Naz Ovec 2.0901 Trajectory Design for Rendezvous in Lunar Distant Retrograde Orbit - Naomi Murakami 11.0901 Stochastic Prediction of Remaining Driving Time and Distance for a Planetary Rover - Matthew Daigle 10.0401 The Use of UML for Software Requirements Expression and Management - Alexander Murray 7.1202 Conical Scanning Approach for Sun Pointing on the CYGNSS Microsatellite - Joseph Shoer    
4:55 PM 4.1202 Software Defined Radio for Picosats and CubeSats - Eugene Grayver 8.1011 Vision Algorithm for the Solar Aspect System of the HEROES Mission - Alexander Cramer 6.0804 A Novel Missile Autopilot with Remarkable Robustness - Ray Sells 2.0902 Attitude Coordination Strategies in Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying - Giovanni Palmerini 11.11 Panel PHM for Astronauts - Andy Hess - Wolfgang Fink , Alexandre Popov 10.0402 Developing a CubeSat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model – Interim Status - David Kaslow 7.1203 Attitude Determination and Control System Design for the CYGNSS MicroSatellite - Joseph Shoer    
5:20 PM 4.1203 A Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision-making Methodology for Satellite Communications - Genshe Chen 8.1012 SuperHERO: Design of a New Hard X-Ray Focusing Telescope - Jessica Gaskin Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0903 A Framework for Orbital Performance Evaluation in Distributed Space Missions for Earth Observation - Sreeja Nag
11.1102 Personal Health Care and Corresponding Technology with Prognostic Capability. Issues and Challenges. - Alexandre Popov
10.0403 Multipurpose Spacecraft Simulator for LADEE - Nathaniel Benz
7.1204 Optimal Guidance Trajectories for a Nanosat Docking with a Non-Cooperative Resident Space Object - Bogdan Udrea
Sara Seager, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8:25 PM 4.1205 Software Defined Radio (SDR) Architecture to Support Multi-Satellite Communications - Mamatha Maheshwarappa 8.1013 System Identification of a Square Parachute and Payload for the LAICAnSat - Simone Battistini 4.05 PANEL: Space Communication Systems Roundtable: Networking the Solar System - Kar Ming Cheung , Charles Edwards , Shervin Shambayati , Michael Swartwout   9.0402 Utilization of Differential Thrust for Directional Stability with a Damaged Vertical Stabilizer - Kamran Turkoglu 10.0404 Model Driven Language Framework to Automate Command and Data Handling Code Generation - Benjamin Weps 7.1205 Methods for Estimating Spacecraft Inertia Tensor - Yeongwei Wu    
8:50 PM 4.1501 Small Satellite Communications Security and a Student Ground Station - Scott Kerlin
8.1014 The Integrated Panoramic Surveillance System Based on Tethered Balloon - Jessica Gaskin
  9.0404 Design and Development of an Air Supply Unit for Circulation Control Wing-Based UAVs - Konstantinos Kanistras 10.0405 A Model-Driven Approach for the Development of an IDE for Spacecraft On-Board Software - Luigi Pomante 7.1206 On-Orbit Star Tracker Recalibration: A Case Study - Ilija Jovanovic    
9:15 PM   8.1015 Modifying a Scientific Flight Control System for Balloon Launched UAV Missions - Marc Schwarzbach   9.0405 Multi-rotor with Suspended Load: System Dynamics and Control Toolbox - Luis Gonzalez 10.0406 Model-based Spacecraft Fault Management Design & Formal Validation - Corrina Gibson      
Fri, Mar 13 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM   8.1201 On Scalability of Fractionated Satellite Network Architectures - Inigo Del Portillo 7.1207 Simulation, State Determination, and Control Design for a Small Imaging Spacecraft - David Friedman 13.0801 The Rebirth of the US Space Program: In through the Out Door - Michael Mc Grath 9.0501 Virtual Structure UAV Formations Using Wind-Compensation and Generalized Velocity Obstacles - Cammy Peterson        
8:55 AM   8.1202 Interactive Simulation Games to Assess Federated Satellite System Concepts - Paul Grogan 7.1209 The Attitude Control System of a Rendezvous and Docking Technology Demonstrator Mission Target - Anja Nicolai 13.0802 On the Need for Significant Reform to Aerospace Engineering Education - Lyle Long 9.0503 Flow Sensing, Estimation and Feedback Control for Rotorcraft Landing in Ground Effect - Chin Gian Hooi        
9:20 AM   8.1203 Value-Based Analysis of a Low-Earth Orbit Communications and Data Relay Infrastructure - Benjamin Putbrese 7.1301 Increasing Solar Cell Power Production on Micro and Nano Satellites Using sub-Wavelength Gratings - Hugh Podmore 13.0803 Germinating the 2050 Cis-Lunar Econosphere - Jessica Gaskin          
9:45 AM   8.1204 On Autonomous Software Architectures for Distributed Spacecraft: A Local-Global Policy - Inigo Del Portillo 7.1302 Towards a Practical Cognitive Communication Network for Satellite Systems - John Dickinson 13.0804 Creating Robust Human –Intensive Systems: A Systems Engineering Approach - Robert Wright          
10:10 AM  
8.1205 DES-based F6 Cluster Analysis Tool: Optimizing the User Experience - Steven Cornford
7.1303 Validation of Electroadhesion as a Docking Method for Spacecraft and Satellite Servicing - Braven Leung   TRACK & SESSION ORGANIZERS PLANNING SESSION FOR THE 2016 CONFERENCE IN THE LAMAR GIBBON ROOM 4:00-5:30        
10:35 AM   8.1206 Simulating a Proactive Ad-Hoc Network Protocol for Federated Satellite Systems - Ignasi Lluch Cruz  
4.0909 Adaptive Physical Layer Security Using Code Bank of Sequences for CDMA - Richard Mattingly
11:00 AM  
8.0702 Application of Synthetic Gear-Wheels to Space Mechanisms - Ralf Purschke
11:25 AM                  
11:50 AM                  
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