Preliminary Schedule

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Preliminary Schedule

Small changes (exact presentation time and room) will occur in this schedule until mid February. Please plan travel so that you are available anytime on your scheduled presentation day.

Sun, Mar 5 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:25 AM                    
4:30 PM 4.1304 Cyber Safety and Security for Reduced Crew Operations - Denise Ponchak 2.1301 Mapping a Chaser Satellite’s Feasibility Space for Soft Docking - David Sternberg 2.0101 Diving Deeper: Exploring the Feasibility of Lowering Cassini’s Final Orbits - Erick Sturm 6.0701 Spatially Indexed Clustering for Scalable Tracking of Remotely Sensed Drift Ice - Jonatan Olofsson 10.0201 Evolution of Macro Capabilities and the Corresponding Update Process for the MMS S/C Cluster - Martin Wasiewicz 8.0301 Impacts of Launch Vehicle Fairing Size on Human Exploration Architectures - Sharon Jefferies 7.0801 High Efficiency, Scalable Peak Power Tracker Architecture - Larry Mc Daniel 3.0101 Beamforming Sensitivity of Airborne Distributed Arrays to Flight Tracking and Vehicle Dynamics - Joseph Vincent    
4:55 PM 4.1301 Progress on the Development of the UAS C2 Link and Supporting Spectrum – from LOS to BLOS - Robert Kerczewski 2.1302 Benefits of Plenoptic Cameras for Robot Vision during On-Orbit Servicing - Martin Lingenauber 2.0102 Designing to Sample the Unknown: Lessons from OSIRIS-REx Project Systems Engineering - David Everett 6.0702 A Batch Processing Algorithm for Target Tracking Using Frequency Measurements - Mark Lo Presto 10.0202 Agile Methodology for Spacecraft Ground Software Development: A Cultural Shift - Kristin Wortman 8.0302 Studies on Micro Satellite Aerial Launch System - Fuad Pranoto 7.0802 In Situ Made Simple: The Planetary Object Geophysical Observer (POGO) Power System - Jonathan Neville 3.0102 Structural-Electromagnetic Simulation Coupling Tool for Airborne Antenna Arrays - Pedro Mendoza Strilchuk    
5:20 PM 4.1302 Operating a UAV Mesh & Internet Backhaul Network Using Temporospatial SDN - Brian Barritt 2.1303 Robust Capture and Deorbit of Rocket Body Debris Using Controllable Dry Adhesion - Andrew Bylard 2.0103 Europa Clipper Proposed Mission - an Update - Todd Bayer 6.0703 Game Optimal Sensor Management Strategies for Tracking Elusive Space Objects - Genshe Chen 10.0203 Flight Software Verification Methods in Frontier Radio for Solar Probe plus Mission - Katelyn Kufahl 8.0304 Two-Stage Launch Vehicle Trajectory Modeling for Low Earth Orbit Applications - Assem Farid 7.0805 A GaN-Based Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter for High-Density Anode Discharge Power Modules - Ansel Barchowsky 3.0103 Manufacturing and Testing of Liquid Crystal Phase Shifters for an Electronically Steerable Array - Matthias Tebbe    
5:50 PM Apocalypse in the Age of Science & Reason: The Great Lisbon Earthquake Disaster of 1755
Mark Molesky, Seton Hall University

8:05 PM Tracking Earthquake Fault Behavior using Geodetic Imaging
Andrea Donnellan, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM 4.1303 Enhancing UAS Pilot Safety by Terminal and Airport Shared Information Situational Awareness - Chris Wargo 2.1304 3D Reconstruction in Orbital Proximity Operations - Martin Dziura 2.0104 Huygens Probe : A Retrospective and Lessons for the Future - Ralph Lorenz 6.0707 Consensus-Based Distributed Sensor Management for Space Object Tracking - Genshe Chen 10.0204 Development of an OpenGL Stall Recovery System in a Restricted-Resource Boeing 737 Simulator - Alexander Troshchenko 8.0305 Space Launch System, Core Stage, Structural Test Design and Implementation - Raymond Shaughnessy 7.1103 A System on Chip Platform for Earth and Planetary Laser Spectrometers - Gregory Flesch 3.0104 Additive Manufacturing and Phased Arrays – Applications and Benefits of a New Capability - Janice Booth    
9:25 PM 4.1305 Spectrally Shaped Filter Bank Multicarrier Systems for L-Band Aeronautical Communication Systems - David Matolak   2.0105 High Power Solar Electric Propulsion and the Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission (ARRM) - Nathan Strange 6.0708 Interacting Multiple Model Unscented Filter for Tracking a Ballistic Missile during Its Boost Phase - Simone Battistini 10.0205 Opensource Project for the Computation of Super-resolution Mosaicking of Video Frames Taken by UAS - Aldo Camargo 8.0308 Energetic Composite Solid Propellants - Shridutta Banerjee 7.1104 PROMPT: Responsive Observation Methodology from Call-Up and Launch - Toshihiro Obata 3.0105 Spurious Modes and the Wideband Application of the N-Arm Spiral to Direction Estimation - Robert Penno    
9:50 PM     2.0107 International Challenges for GRACE Follow-On - Sammy Kayali 6.0709 Maneuvering Vehicle Tracking with Bayesian Changepoint Detection - Matthew Kirchner   8.0307 Space Launch System: Enabler for Scientific and Human Exploration Missions - Ben Donahue 7.1106 Radiation Hardening by Software Techniques on FPGAs: Flight Experiment Evaluation and Results - Andrew Schmidt 3.0106 Systematic Characterization of Element Coupling in High-Directivity Antenna Arrays - Abbas Omar    
Mon, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0601 Design Options for Small Satellite Communications - Craig Benson 10.0901 NSF GENI Cloud Enabled Architecture for Distributed Scientific Computing - Tae Hwang 2.0601 Brushing Your Hardware’s Teeth: Biological Reduction Processes for Planetary Protection Missions - D.E. (Betsy) Pugel 13.0101 Formal Specification and Analysis Approaches for Satellite Attitude Control Requirements - Kerianne Gross 8.0903 A Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG) for Mars 2020 - James Werner   7.0102 SpaceFibre Network and Routing Switch - Steve Parkes 9.0401 New Insights for Applications of Kreisselmeier's Structure in Robust and Fault Tolerant Control - Karl Kienitz 10.0303 Software Architecture and Design of the Kontur-2 Mission - Martin Stelzer  
8:55 AM 4.0602 Novel Use of Photovoltaics for Backup Spacecraft Laser Communication - Xinchen Guo 10.0902 Microservices Based Software Architecture and Approaches - Kapil Bakshi 2.0602 The Evolution of Planetary Protection Implementation on Mars Missions - Gayane Kazarians 13.0103 Cleared for Launch - Lessons Learned from the OSIRIS-REx System Requirements Verification Program - Craig Stevens 8.0910 Dynamic Radioisotope Power System Development for Space Exploration - Louis Qualls   7.0103 A Prototype SpaceVPX Lite (VITA 78.1) System Using SpaceFibre for Data and Control Planes - Steve Parkes 9.0402 Verification of a Fault-Tolerant Control Concept for an Electromechanical Aileron Actuation System - David Arriola 10.0304 A Planetary Defense Architecture for Mitigating Potential NEO Impacts - Chaowei Yang  
9:20 AM 4.0603 Tracking GPS Orbits Using KAM Theory - Abdul Manarvi 2.0108 Sentinels at the Crossroad? - Guido Levrini 2.0603 Analysis of Alternative Energy Harvesting Methods to Power Atmospheric Robotic Explorers on Jupiter - Adrian Stoica 13.0104 Structural Design and Analysis of a Small Earth Remote Sensing Satellite - Ali Aborehab 8.0908 Milli-watt Radioisotope Power to Enable Small, Long-Term Robotic “Probe” Space Exploration - Poyan Bahrami 2.0504 Surface Mobility on Ocean Worlds - Hari Nayar 7.0104 Heterogeneous High Performance Computing Modules for Next Generation Onboard Processing - Joseph Marshall 9.0403 On Probability Collectives for Distributed Control Allocation - Christopher Elliott 10.0305 NanoSat MO Framework: When OBSW Turns into 'Apps' - César Coelho  
9:45 AM 4.0605 Optimizing the Parameters of Turbo Product Codes Using Genetic Algorithms - Ashraf Mahran 2.0109 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Landing Site Reconnaissance Process - Martin Brennan 2.0605 Concepts for Mars On-Orbit Robotic Sample Capture and Transfer - Rudranarayan Mukherjee 13.0107 Constructing EVT-Based Confidence Bounds Using Bootstrapping - Jordan Larson 8.0901 Update on 241Am Production for Use in Radioisotope Power Systems - Tim Tinsley 2.0510 Jumping Mechanism for Small Jumping Robots to Explore Low Gravity Planet and Satellite - Kent Yoshikawa 7.0201 An Efficient Algorithm for Lossless Image Compression in Nano-satellite Systems - Deigant Yadava 9.0405 Validation of Control Algorithm Using Formal Methods - Sushan Sheregar 10.0306 Data Processing Unit Using COTS Micro-controllers Working in Redundancy - Vanderlei Parro  
10:10 AM 4.0606 Inflatable Antenna for CubeSats: A New Spherical Design for Increased X-band Gain - Alessandra Babuscia 2.0110 The COWVR Mission: Demonstrating the Capability of Small Satellite Weather Sensors - Shannon Brown 2.0606 Technologies for Mars On-Orbit Robotic Sample Capture and Transfer Concept - Rudranarayan Mukherjee 13.0802 Extravehicular Activity Operations Concepts under Communication Latency and Bandwidth Constraints - Kara Beaton 8.0902 Steps in the Development of Nuclear Thermal Propulsion Fuels - James Werner 12.0101 Systems Engineering Challenges for GSFC Space Science Mission Operations - Julie Halverson 7.0202 Adaptive Compression Schemes for Housekeeping Data - Jan Gerd Meß 9.0408 Dynamic Stiffness Enhancement of a Flight Control Actuator Using Control Techniques - Heric Martinez Santos Ballesteros 10.0309 Exploration of TMR Fault Masking with Persistent Threads on Tegra GPU SoCs - Andrew Milluzzi  
10:35 AM 4.0607 Telecommunication System Design for Interplanetary CubeSat Missions: LunaH-Map - Alessandra Babuscia 2.0111 Psyche: Journey to a Metal World. Exploring the Solar System with Commercial SEP - Peter Lord 2.0607 Sample Preservation for Sample Return Missions Using the MMEEV Design - Stergios Papadakis 13.0803 Mars Ascent Vehicle Sizing, Habitability, and Commonality in NASA’s Evolvable Mars Campaign - Michael Gernhardt 8.0907 Validating a Model to Predict the Chemistry of the Fuel Used in Radioisotope Power Systems - Chris Whiting 12.0102 Cassini Spacecraft Strategy for Recovering from a Complete Loss-of-Signal Condition - Paula Morgan 7.0204 Implementation of an Integrated Avionics Unit for a Space Vehicle - Patrick Phelan 9.0306 Predictability, Variability and Operational Feasibility Aspect of CDA - Priyank Pradeep   14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery
11:00 AM 4.0610 The Universal Space Transponder: A Next Generation Software Defined Radio - Michael Pugh 2.0113 Data Production on past and Future NASA Missions - Lee Jasper 2.0608 An Automaton Rover Enabling Long Duration In-Situ Science in Extreme Environments - Jonathan Sauder 6.0201 3D Mapping by Active Stereo Sensor on Sampling Mission of Asteroid Surface - Junji Kikuchi 8.0906 NASA’s Kilopower Reactor Development and the Path to Higher Power Missions - Marc Gibson 12.0104 Lessons Learned from Osiris_REx Autonomous Navigation Using Natural Feature Tracking - David Lorenz 7.0502 SpaceCubeX: A Framework for Evaluating Hybrid Multi-Core CPU/FPGA/DSP Architectures - Andrew Schmidt 9.0308 LOC-S: Improved Model and Control Algorithm for a Stall Recovery On-board Avionics System - Tiziano Bernard  
11:25 AM 4.0401 Relay Support to the ESA Schiaparelli Lander - Charles Edwards 2.0114 Energy Management Operations for the InSight Solar-powered Mission at Mars - Michael Lisano 2.0609 Reflector Placement for Providing Near-Continuous Solar Power to Robots in Shackleton Crater - Adrian Stoica 6.0204 Smear Effect on High Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite Image Quality - Walid Wahballah 8.0401 Responsive Environmental Assessment Commercially Hosted (REACH) Demonstration - Doug Holker 12.0105 Adapting the MMS CFDP Implementation Post Launch - Martin Wasiewicz 7.0901 Cold Testing of Conductive Bridging Random Access Memory for Space Applications - Srinivasa Bhattaru    
11:50 AM 4.0402 Laser Communications Relay Demonstration (LCRD) Update and the Path towards Optical Relay Operations - David Israel 2.0115 Capsulation Satellite or CapSat: A Low Cost Reliable Rapid Response Spacecraft Platform - Joe Burt 2.0610 TransFormers for Lunar Extreme Environments: Large Origami Deployable Solar Reflectors - Robert Salazar 6.0205 Parametric Evaluation of PRF Availability for a Space Borne SAR in a Circular Orbit - Mohammed Elwan   12.0107 Cassini Grand Finale Mission: Planning for a New Mission Environment - Nancy Vandermey      
1:00 PM 14.08 PANEL: From Earth Reliant To The Proving Ground - Greg Williams       11.14 PANEL: PHM / CBM+ from a User-Perspective - Michael Houck , Andrew Hess , Richard Friend          
2:40 PM 14.09 PANEL: NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program - Alvin Yew       Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno      
4:30 PM 4.0201 Maximizing Data Return for the Europa Lander: A Trade Study in the Application of CCSDS Protocols - Randy Ransier 8.14 Keynote: From the Pre-Astronauts to Stratollites 8.01 Keynote - Greg Williams 10.0603 Classification of Multi-failure Mechanisms in Space Operations Using Novel PLS-DA Approach - Bassem Nassar 3.0401 A Decade of Astrometric Observations of Cassini: Past Results and Future Prospects - Dayton Jones 6.0710 Video Extraction and Tracking of Mobile Targets with a Camera - Dann Laneuville 2.0701 Molecular Analyzer for Complex Refractory Organic-rich Surfaces - Xiang Li 13.0401 Parametric Design and MDO of 2-DOF Electromagnetic Actuator for a Space Nested Flying Vehicle - Bin Zhang 3.0301 High Efficiency 25 Watt GaN X-Band SSPA for Deep Space Missions - Avinash Sharma  
4:55 PM 4.0202 Outer Planets Proximity Link Protocol - Erika Sanchez 8.1405 Modeling and Simulation of a Stratospheric Airship Based on Triple-Gasbag Principle - Wei Zheng 8.0106 An Extensible and Affordable Exploration Architecture - Travis Moseman 10.0604 SOFIA Observatory Automated Scheduling after 5 Years of Operations - Thomas Civeit 3.0402 The Search for Exoplanets Using Ultra-long Wavelength Radio Astronomy - Mark Bentum 6.0711 Tracking of Streaking Targets in Video Frames - Andrew Finelli 2.0702 Small Body In-Situ Multi-Probe Mass Estimation Experiment (SIMMEE) - Ryan Mitch 13.0403 The Epic Chronicle of Designing Cassini's Titan Flyby Altitudes - David Seal 3.0305 Ground System Design for Receiver-End RF Communication in Amateur Band - Bhagath Singh Cheela  
5:20 PM 4.0204 DTN Leads the International Space Station Payload Operation in Advanced Exploration - Suzanne Davidson 8.1402 A Sub-Arcsecond Pointing Stability Fine Stage for a High Altitude Balloon Platform - Laura Jones Wilson 8.0101 Accomplishing NASA’s Proving Ground Objectives - Marshall Smith 10.0605 Multilateral Quality Mission Planning for Solar-Powered Long-Endurance UAV - Jane Jean Kiam 3.0403 Ultra-Wideband Receiver Package for the North American Array - Jose Velazco 6.0712 Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filter for Turn Rate Estimation - Andreas Flåten 2.0703 Towards In-situ Sequencing for Life Detection - Christopher Carr 13.0407 Integrated Flight System Analysis Model for Solar Sailing SmallSats - Travis Imken 3.0308 Novel Structures for RF MEMS Switch - Ahmed Khairy  
5:50 PM A Path for Engineering Brain Circuits for Complex Traits, Spoken-language
Erich Jarvis, Rockefeller Universty/Howard Hughes Medical Institute

8:05 PM Human Evolution: A View from the East
Laura Shackelford, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

9:00 PM 4.05 SPACE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS ROUNDTABLE: Networking the Solar System - Charles Edwards 8.1403 A Coordinated Balloon Observation System for Sustained In-Situ Measurements of Tropical Cyclones - Gianluca Meneghello 8.0102 NASA’s Deep-Space Habitation Strategy - Jason Crusan 10.0606 Autonomously Controlling Flexible Timelines: From Domain-independent Planning to Robust Execution - Tiago Nogueira 3.0404 Juno Gravity Science: Preparing for Data Collection at Jupiter - Dustin Buccino 6.0713 Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Bistatic Measurements - Benjamin Davis 2.0707 In Situ Gas Sensing with a 100 GHz CMOS Spectrometer - Alexander Raymond 13.0701 Cultivating a Grassroots Aerospace Innovation Culture at NASA Ames Research Center - Sarah D'souza 6.0302 Temperature Emissivity Separation Using Optimized Atmospheric Water Band Regions - Shelli Cone  
9:25 PM 8.1401 ¬¬World View Stratospheric Ballooning: Research and Commercial Applications - Alan Stern 8.0103 Low-Latency Teleoperations and Telepresence for the Evolvable Mars Campaign - Mark Lupisella 10.0608 Satellite Stem Cells: The Benefits and Overheads of Reliable, Multicellular Architectures - Christopher Bridges 3.0406 Calibrating the OLFAR Space-Based Radio Telescope Using a Weighted Alternating LS Approach - Pieter Van Vugt 6.0714 Design of IMM Estimators with Nearly Constant Velocity Modes for Tracking Maneuvering Targets - Terry Ogle   13.0703 Strengthening Innovation at NASA Ames Research Center by Encouraging Prototyping and Collaboration - Arash Alex Mazhari 6.0304 Characterization of the Teledyne CHROMA HgCdTe Detector for Imaging Spectrometers - Peter Sullivan  
9:50 PM 8.1404 First High Altitude Balloon Flight of SSIPP - Jedediah Diller   10.0610 FPGA Architecture for Deep Learning and Its Application to Planetary Robotics - Pranay Reddy Gankidi 3.0407 Frequency Smearing in Full 3D Interferometry - Pieter Van Vugt          
Tue, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0302 UHF Telecommunications Design for an Asteroid Lander Mission Concept - Avinash Sharma 10.0101 Design of Thermal Model and Implementation of Thermal Solutions for Nano Satellite - Hemant Ganti 8.0104 Human Cargo Resupply Logistics Using 150 kW SEP Tug Cyclers - Ryan Woolley 2.0502 Spherical Planetary Robot for Rugged Terrain Traversal - Jekan Thangavelautham 2.1101 Experimental Investigation of Lunar Dust Impact Wear for Different Grain Sizes and Impact Angles - Christian Bühler 8.1204 Radioisotope Power System-based Enceladus SmallSat Mission Concept: Enceladus Express - Brian Bairstow 7.1302 Geometry Characterization of Electroadhesion Samples for Spacecraft Docking Application - Mikela Ritter 3.0201 Design and Analysis of Antennas for a Nano-Satellite - Kshitij Sadasivan    
8:55 AM 4.0304 Relative Navigation for Small Satellite Formation Based on Antenna Array Using Channel Response - Jiao Wang 10.0104 3-D Joukowski to Elliptic Wing Mapping - Maria Ramos Gonzalez 8.0105 The Third Mars Affordability and Sustainability Workshop Results - Harley Thronson 2.0503 Rocket-propelled Exploration Robot : Shooting Scouter, Concept and Evaluation of Flight Dynamics - Nobutaka Tanishima 2.1102 Preliminary Design of a Small Tracking RADAR for LEO Space Objects - Giovanni Pecoraro 8.1207 Deployable Propulsion and Power Systems for Solar System Exploration - Les Johnson 7.1305 Hierarchical Assembly of a Self-Replicating Spacecraft - Will Langford 3.0202 A Novel Fuzzy B-Spline Neural Network and Applied into Mobile Satcom Antenna - Xiaolei Zhang    
9:20 AM 4.0305 Towards Star Tracker Geolocation for Planetary Navigation - Ilija Jovanovic 10.0105 An Advanced High Performance Replacement for SINDA - Joseph Vander Veer 8.0107 Mars Base Camp: An Architecture for Sending Humans to Mars by 2028 - Timothy Cichan 2.0501 Robot Tendrils: Long, Thin Continuum Robots for Inspection in Space Operations - Paul Yanik 2.1105 Development of a Family of Scalable Drag Augmentation Systems - Chiara Palla 8.1208 Autonomous Navigation -Accomodating Pulsar Based Navigation System in Small-Micro Class Satellites - Tushar Sharma 7.1306 Performance Characterization of Optical Module Designed for Space Applications - Miles Darnell 3.0503 Two Antenna Arrays for Remote Sensing Applications - Ramila Shrestha    
9:45 AM 4.0307 Production of a Flight Qualified Ka-band Multi-chip Module for the Solar Probe plus Mission - Daniel Matlin 10.0106 Fuzzy Optimal Control Approach in Low-Thrust Orbit Transfer Problem - Amirreza Kosari 8.0108 Human Mars EDL Pathfinder Study: Assessment of Technology Development Gaps and Mitigations - Randolph Lillard 2.0505 Long Reach Sampling System for Ocean Worlds - Hari Nayar 2.1107 PocketQube Deorbit Times: Susceptibility to the Solar Cycle - Patrick Harkness 8.0804 Performance Enhancement of a Long-Life, Low-Power Hall Thruster for Deep-Space Smallsats - Ryan Conversano 7.1307 Manufacturing Methodology Enhancements for Space Systems Hardware Fabrication - Christine Miranda 3.0504 High Density Packaging Technologies for RF Electronics in Small Satellites - Fernando Aguirre    
10:10 AM 4.0308 A Radial Line Slot Array Antenna for Deep Space Missions - Matthew Bray 10.0107 The Generalized Onsager Model and Dsmc Simulations of High-Speed Rotating Flow with Swirling Feed - Dr. Sahadev Pradhan 8.0109 Mission & Design Sensitivities for Human Mars Landers Using HIAD - Tara Polsgrove 2.0506 BiBlade Sampling Tool Validation for Comet Surface Environments - Paul Backes 2.1111 The New Horizons Pluto Fly-by Dust Hazard Assessment Process - Douglas Mehoke 6.0401 Race to Alaska Vessel Imaging Test - Benjamin Michels 7.1308 Geosynchronous Space Video Systems - Rick Voreck      
10:35 AM 4.0101 A Trilateration Scheme for Relative Positioning - Kar Ming Cheung 10.0108 Gust Response Analysis Based on Nonlinear Model of High Aspect Ratio Aircraft - Javad Masrour 8.0110 Human Mars Mission Design Study Utilizing the Adaptive Deployable Entry and Placement Technology - Alan Cassell 2.0507 Penetration Mechanics Modeling & Validation of Blade Implements into Porous, Brittle Comet Simulant - Scott Moreland 2.1112 Interplanetary Dust Particle Shielding Capability of Blanketed Spacecraft Honeycomb Structure - Kaushik Iyer 6.0402 Doppler Approach to Radar Pulse Train Deinterleaving - Hanna Witzgall 7.1309 Internal Radio-Frequency Instrumentation System: RFID-Enabled Wireless Vehicle Instrumentation - Raymond Wagner      
11:00 AM 4.0701 Collaborative Indoor Navigation for Emergency Services Personnel - Aiden Morrison   8.0111 A Water Rich Mars Surface Mission Scenario - Stephen Hoffman 2.0508 A Microspine Tool: Grabbing and Anchoring to Boulders on the Asteroid Redirect Mission - Aaron Parness 2.1113 MMOD Impact of Pressurized Vessels: Review of Design Criteria and Response Prediction Equations - William Schonberg 6.0406 Design Connected Component Analysis Based Clustering of CFAR Image in Pulse Doppler Radars - Narasimhan R S        
11:25 AM     8.0112 An Architecture for Sustainable Human Exploration of Mars Enabled by Water from the Lunar Poles - Brian Wilcox 2.0509 Development of Venus Drill - Kris Zacny            
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM 12:00 - 1:30
1:00 PM     Jr Engineering & Science Conference 1-4 PM

Wed, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards 2.0611 An Investigation of Potential Solutions for Jupiter-Based Aerostatic Robotic Explorers. - Kyle Petersen 13.0301 Cross-Cutting Risk Framework: Mining Data for Common Risks across the Portfolio - Gerald Klein 8.1101 An Update on the OpenOrbiter I Mission - Jeremy Straub 9.0201 Autonomous Dynamic Soaring UAV for Distributed Mobile Sensors - Mark Boslough 2.0301 Comet Surface Sample Return: Sample Chain System Overview - Douglas Adams 13.0507 Five Pillars of Enterprise Portfolio Planning - Dean Bucher 10.0501 Developing a CubeSat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model – Interim Status #3 - David Kaslow    
8:55 AM 2.0613 Organic and Inorganic Contamination Control Approaches for Return Sample Investigation on Mars 2020 - Lauren White 13.0302 How the Identification of the Crew Activity Can Improve the Flight Safety Analysis? - Nicolas Maille 8.1102 Design of a Solar Panel Deployment and Tracking System for PocketQube Pico-Satellite - Patrick Harkness 9.0203 Preliminary Design of UAV Recovery System Utilizing GSM Network - Fuad Pranoto 2.0303 The Use of Steerable Single-Actuator Cruciform Parachute for Targeted Payload Return - Travis Fields 4.0902 An SDR-based Reconfigurable Multicarrier Transceiver for Terrestrial and Satellite Communications - Claudio Sacchi 10.0502 Model-Transformation-Based Computational Design Synthesis for Mission Architecture Optimization - Sebastian Herzig    
9:20 AM 2.0614 Science Objectives and Rover Design for a Limbed Comet Rover Mission Concept - Aaron Parness 13.0303 How to Reduce Russia and China Concerns with Missile Defense - Larry Chasteen 8.1103 Software Defined Radio Baseband Processing for ESA ESEO Mission - Christopher Bridges 9.0204 Visual Servoing of a Quadrotor with Suspended Slung Load for Object Detection and Tracking - Marwen Jabeur 2.0305 ADEPT Sounding Rocket One (SR-1) Flight Experiment Overview - Paul Wercinski 4.0903 CDMA Communication System for Mars Areostationary Relay Satellite - Alessandra Babuscia 10.0507 Generating Real-Time Robotics Control Software from SysML - Peter Godart    
9:45 AM 14.10 PANEL: Astronaut - Robot Cooperation - Roberto Lampariello 2.0622 Active Electrostatic Flight for Airless Bodies - Masahiro Ono 13.0304 Seeking Advice from Experts: A Cautionary Tale - Robin Dillon Merrill 8.1104 Utilizing Small Launch Vehicles for Multiple Small Payload Missions - Marissa Stender 9.0206 Imaging of Earthquake Faults Using Small UAVs as a Pathfinder for Air and Space Observations - Andrea Donnellan 2.0306 Agile Prototype Development for a Small Lunar Lander - Michael Paul 4.0905 Improving Deep Space Telecommunications during Solar Superior Conjunctions - Stefano Finocchiaro 10.0508 A Probabilistic Time Variant Sensor Accuracy Model and GUI for Aerospace Applications - Amir Liaghati    
10:10 AM 2.0617 A Deep Subsurface Ice Probe for Europa - Brian Wilcox 13.0305 System Risk Identification Methodology for Cost-effective Sustainment of Products and Services - Ingrid Guch 8.1105 Signal of Opportunity Ranging for CubeSats - Joel Runnels 9.0207 Use Case Driven Approach for Ontology-based Modeling of Reconnaissance Resources On-board UAVs - Denis Smirnov 2.0310 Development of Models for DGB Parachutes Deployed Supersonically in the Wake of a Slender Body - Clara O'farrell 4.0906 Multi-Rate Modulation for Cognitive Radio over Land Mobile Satellite Channel - Maurizio Murroni 10.0509 Robust Software Development for University-Built Satellites - Anton Ivanov    
10:35 AM 2.0618 Martian Fetch: Finding and Retrieving Sample-Tubes on the Surface of Mars - Jeremie Papon 13.0308 Opportunities and Challenges for Formal Methods Tools in the Certification of Avionics Software - Anitha Murugesan 8.1106 A Reliability Estimation Tool for Reducing Infant Mortality in CubeSat Missions - Martin Langer 9.0209 Autonomous Detection and Classification of Change Using Aerial Robots - Christos Papachristos 2.0311 A Historical Summary of the Design, Development, and Analysis of the Disk-Gap-Band Parachute - Ian Clark 4.0907 Modeling Satellite Vehicle Passive Intermodulation (PIM) - Srinivasa Raghavan 10.0510 A Model-Based Systems Engineering Approach to Design Automation of SUAS - Zachary Fisher    
11:00 AM 14.04 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Robert Ambrose , Lyndon Bridgwater 2.0619 Analysis of CO2 Composite Cleaning System Results - Nicole Chen 13.0310 Intelligent Scheduling at NASA: Application to Ground Operations at Kennedy Space Center - Robert Richards 8.1109 CubeSat Flight System Development for Enabling Deep Space Science - Travis Imken 9.0212 A Passive Cloud Detection System for UAV: Weather Situation Mapping with Imaging Sensors - Franziska Funk 2.0312 Passive Earth Entry Vehicle Landing Test - Sotiris Kellas 4.0909 Modified Adaptive Viterbi Algorithm for Convolutional Codes Decoding - Ashraf Mahran 10.0520 Extension of MBSE for Project Programmatics Management on the Asteroid Redirect Robotic Mission - Oleg Sindiy    
11:25 AM 2.0620 Energetics of Rotary-wing Exploration of Titan - Ralph Lorenz 13.0311 Modeling Risk Perception for Mars Rover Supervisory Control before and after Wheel Damage - Masahiro Ono 8.1111 Limitations of Scaling Momentum Control Strategies to Small Spacecraft - Brett Streetman 9.0214 Multi-Mission Ultra-Long Duration Stratosphere Platform: Potential, Capacity and Limitation Study - Abou Bakr Elhady 2.0314 Experimental Verification of Pulsed Electrostatic Manipulation for Reentry Blackout Alleviation - Siddharth Krishnamoorthy 4.0910 Group Property of P4, K4, and NR16 Error Correction Codes - Gregory Mayhew 10.0515 A Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) Approach for Defining the Behaviors of CubeSats - David Kaslow    
11:50 AM 2.0621 The Evolution of the Orbiting Sample Container for a Future Mars Sample Return - Scott Perino 13.0312 Spacecraft Power Distribution Unit Test System Re-Use: Advantages, Pitfalls and Challenges - Sarah Bucior   9.0215 UAV Tracking and following a Ground Target under Motion and Localisation Uncertainty - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 2.0316 Raising TRL of IPSIS Hazard Avoidance Piloting Algorithm through Hardware Implementation - João Malés        
1:00 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp             10.04 PANEL: Software Architecture. - Kristin Wortman    
2:40 PM           Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM 12.0 PANEL: Heroic Moments in Mission Operations: The role of people, systems, and processes. - Carlos Gomez Rosa      
4:30 PM 4.1001 A Multi-User System with Power-Layered Data Streams and Iterative Interference Cancelation - Lukas Grinewitschus 2.02 Keynote: The Discovery Mission concept “Veritas” - Suzanne Smrekar 12.0401 Affordable Manufacturing and Test Operations at KSC to Support the Orion Flight Test Program - Richard Harris 5.0101 On-orbit Measurement of ISS Vibrations during OPALS Extended Mission Operations - Bogdan Oaida 2.0313 Powered Descent Guidance Strategy and Algorithms for Mars Landing Using Supersonic Retropropulsion - Joel Benito 6.0802 State Estimation Using Gaussian Process Regression for Colored Noise Systems - Kyuman Lee 10.0518 Toward Requirements Engineering Tool Design of Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling CubeSat - Hassan Reza 11.11 Keynote    
4:55 PM 4.1002 Stochastic Power Controls for Distributed Pulse-Coupled Synchronization - Khanh Pham 2.0203 DAVINCI: Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry, and Imaging - Lori Glaze 12.0402 The Seed Colony Model: An Approach for Colonizing Space - Timothy Disher 5.0103 FTIR Instrument Design for the Outer Solar System Atmospheric Studies - Peter Sullivan 8.1001 Autonomous UAV with Vision Based Onboard Decision Making for Remote Sensing and Agriculture - Bilal Alsalam 6.0805 Memory Fading Unscented Kalman Filter and Its Application in Navigation by Stellar Refraction - Fan Si 10.0519 Transitioning Model Based Systems Engineering to Onboard Spacecraft Electronics - Joseph Marshall 11.1101 Machine Learning for Improved Diagnosis and Prognosis in Healthcare - Sreerupa Das    
5:20 PM 4.1003 Performance Characterization of a Multiplexed Space-to-Ground Optical Network - Marc Sanchez Net 2.0201 Lunarport: A Proposed Lunar-Resource Station to Expand Deep-Space Travel Horizons - Ilana Gat 12.0403 Minerva: User-Centered Science Operations Software Capability for Future Human Exploration - Matthew Deans 5.0104 Design Implementation for a Position Sensitive Device Based Sun Sensor for Small Spacecrafts - Peeyush Tekriwal 8.1003 Fast, Lightweight Autonomy through an Unknown Cluttered Environment - Steve Paschall 6.0807 On-board Parameter Learning Using a Model Reference Adaptive Position and Attitude Controller - Antonio Teran Espinoza 10.0514 Model-Based Approach to Rover Health Assessment for Increased Productivity - Ksenia Kolcio Prather 11.1104 Mutual Information-based Heartbeat Similarity Measurement for Crew Health Monitoring in Space - Kemeng Chen    
5:50 PM Exploring the warped Universe: the 100 year quest to detect gravitational waves
Nergis Mavalvala, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8:05 PM Exploring our Solar System with James Webb Space Telescope
Heidi Hammel, Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy

9:00 PM 4.1004 Experimental Results for a Narrowband Full Duplex Communications System - Eugene Grayver 2.0204 Sun Radio Interferometer Space Experiment (SunRISE) - Farah Alibay 12.0404 Integration of an Earth-Based Science Team during Human Exploration of Mars - Steven Chappell 5.0106 The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) Payload - Paul Muri 8.1004 A Vision-aided Inertial Navigation System for Agile, High-speed Flight in Unmapped Environments - Ted Steiner 6.0808 Initial Relative-Orbit Determination Using Heterogeneous TDOA - Andrew Sinclair 9.0101 Wing Bug: A Portable, Low-Cost Flight Test Instrumentation System - Brian Kish 11.1103 System Based Monitoring of a Neuromusculoskeletal System Using Divide and Conquer Type Models - Dragan Djurdjanovic    
9:25 PM 4.1005 Designing and Implementing Machine Learning Algorithms for Advanced Communications Using FPGAs - John Porcello 2.0210 Inequality between Gravitational and Inertial Masses: Suggested Experiment on the Earth’s Orbit - Andrei Lebed   5.0107 Enabling Technologies for High Slew Rate Star Trackers - Laila Kazemi 8.1005 Smoothing-Based Estimation of an Inspector Satellite Trajectory Relative to a Passive Object - Timothy Setterfield   9.0102 A New Temperature Correction Algorithm for FAA Engine Cooling Tests - Brian Kish 10.0702 User Studies of a Head Mounted Display for SAR-Teleoperation of UAVs via Satellite Link - Maximilian Prexl    
9:50 PM 4.1006 Very Low Rate Coded Laser Communications for Noise-Limited Space Optical Channels - Kar Ming Cheung 5.0301 High Efficiency Broadband Liquid Crystal Polymer Vector Vortex Waveplates - Nelson Tabiryan   5.0108 Meta-shell Approach for Constructing Lightweight and High Resolution X-Ray Optics - Ryan Mc Clelland     9.0103 Lateral Aircraft Parameter Estimation Using Neuro-Fuzzy and Genetic Algorithm Based Method - Abhishek Ghosh Roy 10.0704 Using Supervised Learning to Compensate for High Latency in Planetary Exploration - Andrew Jones    
Thu, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.07 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu 2.1202 Optimizing Search Strategies for near Earth Objects - Lessons Learned from Pan-STARRS1 - Richard Wainscoat 13.0313 A Virtual Laboratory Approach for Aerospace Electronics Trust Assurance - Doug Palmer 8.0501 Selecting for Long-Duration Exploration Missions: Implications of Personality - Emily Anania 9.0216 A UAV System for Autonomous Target Detection and Gas Sensing - Tyler Kersnovski 7.1212 Landmark-based Optical Navigation Using Nanosatellite Star Trackers - Harry Zhang 8.0705 Mars 2020 Sampling and Caching Subsystem Environmental Development Testing and Preliminary Results - Lauren Chu 12.0201 Operations and Reconfiguration of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) for Comet Observations - Christine Stewart    
8:55 AM 2.1203 Measurement Strategy of the Momentum Enhancement Factor for Very Small Near-Earth-Objects - Simon Delchambre 13.02 Keynote 8.0502 Spacecraft Optimization Layout and Volume (SOLV): Development of a Model to Assess Habitable Volume - Sherry Thaxton 9.0219 Rapid Design and Manufacturing of Task-Specific Autonomous Paragliders Using 3D Printing - Dominique Meyer 7.1202 A Novel Compact High Sensitive GNSS Receiver for High-Altitude Satellite Navigation - Xiaoliang Wang 8.0706 Precision Cleaning Samples for Science Analysis Using a Gas-Based Dust Removal Tool - Elizabeth Jens 12.0203 IT Preparations for the Pluto Encounter from Mission Operations to Science Retrieval - Gabrielle Griffith    
9:20 AM 2.1205 Directed Energy Stand-Off Molecular Composition Analysis - Gary Hughes 13.0201 Mission Operations Cost Estimation Tool (MOCET) - Marc Hayhurst 8.0503 Developing Skills: A Training Method for Long-Duration Exploration Missions - Timothy Disher 9.0220 Low Cost, High Endurance, Altitude-Controlled Latex Balloon for Near-Space Research (ValBal) - Andrey Sushko 7.1215 Star Recognition Based on Mixed Star Pattern and Multilayer SOM Neural Network - Ye Wang 8.0709 Full Scale Thermal Simulator Development for the Solar Probe plus Thermal Protection System - Elizabeth Heisler 12.0204 NASA's Initiative to Improve Operations Planning - David Seal    
9:45 AM 4.1101 ARIADNE: Accurate Visual Marker Based Rapid Initialization of PPP - Keisuke Watanabe 2.1206 Multi-Organization – Multi-Discipline Effort Developing a Mitigation Concept for Planetary Defense - Ronald Leung 13.0202 Enhancing Weapon System Initial Cost Estimate Credibility with Advanced Tools - Patrick Malone 8.0504 Analysis of a Wearable, Multi-modal Information Presentation Device for Obstacle Avoidance - Alison Gibson 9.0221 Performance Prediction and Selection of Aerial Perception Functions during UAV Missions - Christian Hellert 7.1204 Spacecraft Reorientation Control with Attitude and Velocity Constrains - Chengfei Yue 8.0710 Ground Based Test Verification of a Nonlinear Vibration Isolation System for Cryocoolers - Christian Smith 12.0205 STEREO Superior Solar Conjunction Mission Phase - Daniel Ossing    
10:10 AM 4.1102 Phase Scintillation Decorrelation Impact on Multi-Frequency Users - Nadezda Sokolova 2.1208 HEAT: Image and Database Browser for the Thermal Imager on Hayabusa2 - Ken Endo 13.0203 Navigating an Earned Value Management Validation Led by NASA - Howard Hunter 8.0505 Functional Integration of Humans and Spacecraft through Physics, Physiology, Safety and Operability - David Klaus 9.0222 Towards Bio-Inspired Structural Design of 3D Printable, Ballistically Deployable, Multi-Rotor UAVs - Luke Henderson 7.1206 Optimal Control Allocation for a Multi-Engine Overactuated Spacecraft - Carlo Alberto Pascucci 8.0711 Europa Mission Configuration Update to Accommodate Maturing Instrument Designs - Matthew Horner 12.0206 Horizon Detection for Mars Surface Operations - Stephanie Oij    
10:35 AM 4.1103 Multicorrelator Signal Tracking and Signal Quality Monitoring for GNSS with Extended Kalman Filter - Andreas Iliopoulos 2.1210 The Effects of Constrained Electric Propulsion on Gravity Tractors for Planetary Defense - Shawn Johnson 13.0206 Implementing Activity-Based Metrics to Manage Ground System Sustainment Cost and Schedule - Andrew Royle 8.0506 Increasing Crew Autonomy for Long Duration Exploration Missions: Self-Scheduling - Jessica Marquez 9.0225 Multi-target Tracking and Data Association on Road Networks Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Brett Barkley 7.1214 Radiometric Actuators for Precise Pointing of CubeSat Telescopes - Jekan Thangavelautham 8.0712 Robotically Assembled Aerospace Structures: Digital Material Assembly Using a Gantry-Type Assembler - Greenfield Trinh 12.0503 From Simple to Complex: NASA Juno's Changing Science Planning Process - Amy Hale    
11:00 AM 4.0804 Optimal Location of Optical Ground Stations to Serve LEO Spacecraft - Inigo Del Portillo 2.1212 Small Spacecraft in Small Solar System Body Applications - Jan Thimo Grundmann 13.0208 Early Warning Look Ahead Metrics: The Percent Milestone Backlog Metric - Stephen Shinn 8.0507 Ground-Based Evaluation of a Vision+Inertial Navigation System for ISS Habitable Volume Estimation - Kevin Duda 9.0227 Waypoint-to-waypoint Energy-efficient Path Planning for Multi-copters - Nirmal Kumbhare 7.1217 Singularity Analysis and Configuration Optimization of Two SGCMGs - Chengfei Yue 8.0714 Release System for Deployable Micro Satellites - Calvin Kee 12.0502 Science Planning and Commanding for Jupiter - David La Vallee    
11:25 AM 4.0805 Characterizing Deficiencies of Path-Based Routing for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks - Gregory Kuperman 2.1213 AIDA DART Electric Propulsion Trade - Brian Kantsiper 13.0209 Progression of the NASA Flight Software Estimation Model: A Web-Based Cost Analysis Tool - Jairus Hihn 8.0602 Characterization of Variability Sources Associated with Measuring Inspired CO2 in Spacesuits - Omar Bekdash 9.0228 Modelling and Control of a Hybrid Electric Propulsion System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Al Savvaris     12.0501 Future of ISS Payload Autonomous Operations - James Cornelius    
11:50 AM 4.0807 Simulation and Modeling of a New Medium Access Control Scheme for Multi-Beam Directional Networking - Gregory Kuperman   13.0210 Datamining Turbofan Engine Performance to Improve Fuel Efficiency - Jerome Lacaille 8.0603 Practical Applications of Cables and Ropes in the ISS Countermeasures System - Randall Svetlik 9.0217 Augmented Path-planning Technique for UAS Applied to Precision Agriculture - Patrick Nolan     12.0601 Application of a Robust Control Algorithm for Satellite Cyber-Security and System Resilience - Michael Fennell    
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims                  
2:40 PM 14.06 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dave Lavery , Jeff Norris         Speaker Practice Room 2-4PM        
4:30 PM 4.1201 Advancements in Hardware Design for the Frontier Radio Used for the Solar Probe Plus Mission - Matthew Angert 8.02 Keynote: NASA’s Game Changing Technology Program - Stephen Gaddis 13.0211 Leveraging Heritage on the Mars 2020 Project - Matthew Wallace 2.04 Keynote: Dream Chaser: A New Space Utility Vehicle (SUV) 8.0604 Designing for Reliability and Robustness in ISS Exercise Countermeasures Systems - Randall Svetlik 6.0809 Rapid Prototyping of GNC Algorithms for Gliding Reentry Vehicles - Ryan Beall 2.0901 Formation Flying and Position Determination for a Space Based Interferometer in GEO Graveyard Orbit - Jeffrey Stuart 11.0102 Novel Approach of Satellite Health Monitoring, Diagnosis and Prediction via PLS Batch Modelling - Ahmad Alzaidy    
4:55 PM 4.1202 Radios, RF Payloads, and Onboard Processing Made Easy - Alan Mast 8.0201 NASA’s Advanced Exploration Systems Mars Transit Habitat Refinement Point of Departure Design - Matthew Simon 13.0212 Generalized Cost Functions of Avionics Breakdown Maintenance Strategy - Volodymyr Ulanskyi 2.0401 Development of Miniature Robotic Manipulators to Enable SmallSat Clusters - Ryan Mc Cormick 8.0605 Exoskeleton Energetics: Implications for Planetary Extravehicular Activity - Christopher Carr 6.0811 Estimation of Target Velocity under Scarce Range Information for IR Guided Missiles - Buğra Can Babaoğlu 2.0902 Trajectory Design of Formation Flying Constellation for Space-Based Solar Power - Ashish Goel 11.0105 Aircraft On-Condition Reliability Assessment Based on Data-Intensive Analytics - Marcia Baptista    
5:20 PM 4.1204 Distributed Coherent MIMO System with Advanced CDMA Channel Estimation - Genshe Chen 8.0203 RHISE: Reconfigurable Human Interplanetary Space Exploration - Daniel Cellucci   2.0403 Design, Construction and Testing of a Data Transmission System for a Mid-power Rocket Model. - Andres Yarce Botero 13.0902 Least Cost Testing 2016 - Robert Parry   2.0903 Observability and Autonomous Navigation for Two Satellites Using Relative Position Measurements - Yong Li 11.0107 Estimation of Wing Flexure Deformation in Transfer Alignment Based on Inertial Sensors Network - Fan Si    
5:50 PM The Keys to the White House: How Presidential Elections Really Work
Allan Lichtman, American University

8:05 PM Planet Nine from Outer Space
Konstantin Batygin, California Institute of Technology

9:00 PM 4.1206 A High Order Composite Automatic Frequency Control Costas Loop for Synchronization - Genshe Chen 8.0204 Design of Multifunctional Hierarchical Space Structures - Benjamin Jenett 5.0402 Finding Anisotropic Ellipse of Turbulence Fluctuations from Beam Intensity Correlations - Italo Toselli 7.0702 An FPGA-based Radiation Tolerant SmallSat Computer System - Connor Julien 4.15 Keynote: Challenges in Practical Cybersecurity - Marcio Juliato 6.0501 Suboptimal Kalman Filters for Target Tracking with Navigation Uncertainty in One Dimension - Erik Wilthil 2.0905 Spacecraft Formation for Debris Surveillance - Leonard Felicetti 11.1301 Aircraft Contaminant and Leak Detection Sensor System for Condition Based Maintenance - Mark Kim    
9:25 PM 4.1207 SATCOM Link Adaptive Configuration Design in Radio Frequency Interference Environment - Genshe Chen   5.0403 Simulating Time-Evolving Non-Cross-Spectrally Pure Schell-Model Sources - Noah Van Zandt 7.0707 Implementation of COTS Components for CubeSat Applications - Alakh Sethi 4.1502 Information-theoretic Physical Layer Security for Satellite Channels - Angeles Vazquez Castro 6.0507 Quanta Tracking Algorithm for Multiple Targets with Velocity - Darin Dunham 2.0906 Preliminary Analysis of Visual Navigation Performance in Close Formation Flying - Giovanni Palmerini 11.0201 Decreasing the Effects of Fault Estimation Error and Delay in Angular Velocity Stabilization - Alireza Alikhani    
9:50 PM     5.0404 Measurements of Anisotropy in Optical Turbulence - Jack Mc Crae 7.0401 Data Access Architectures for High Throughput, High Capacity Flash Memory Storage Systems - Michael Koets   6.05 Keynote: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about a Thousand and One Filters and Love Analytic Combinatorics - Roy Streit 2.0801 Analysis of Satellite Q/V Band Channel Errors Based on Italian Experimental Campaign - Tommaso Rossi 11.0202 PHM Enabled Autonomous Propellant Loading Operations - Mark Walker    
Fri, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM     8.1301 Design of an Electrically Driven Bi-Propellant Engine for the Mars Ascent Vehicle - David Vaughan 13.0502 A Framework for Writing Measurement Requirements: Application to the Planned Europa Mission - Sara Susca 2.1001 Thick-Target Yields of Secondary Ions and Neutrons for Validation of Radiation Transport Codes - Luis Castellanos 5.0501 GPU Accelerated Multispectral EO Imagery Optimised CCSDS-123 Lossless Compression Implementation - Rebecca Davidson 7.1401 Compiler Extensions for Reliable Multicore Processors - Yasser Nezzari 9.0501 Trajectory Control System for the LAICAnSat-3 Mission - Simone Battistini    
8:55 AM     8.1302 A Hybrid Mars Ascent Vehicle Design and FY 2016 Technology Development - Ashley Karp 13.0503 A Framework for Extending the Science Traceability Matrix:Application to the Planned Europa Mission - Laura Jones Wilson 2.1003 Periodical Plasma Structures Controlled by Oblique Magnetic Field - Irina Schweigert 5.0503 On the Development of Image-Matching Navigation Algorithm for Aerial Vehicles - Ryan Decker 7.1402 Hybrid Adaptive Reconfigurable Fault Tolerance (HARFT) - Christopher Wilson      
9:20 AM     8.1303 Trajectory Design for a Mars Ascent Vehicle Concept Terrestrial Demonstration - Joel Benito 13.0505 Optimizing Commonality and Performance in Platform-Based Earth Observing SmallSat Architectures - Zvonimir Stojanovski 2.1004 Thermal Neutron Flux Characterization at Aircraft Altitudes with the Tinman Detector - Suzanne Nowicki 5.0504 Spectral Library Material Separability Using Worldview-3 and Landsat-8 Spectral Bands - Andrew Niklas 7.1403 Components Selection Criteria for Low Cost Satellite Telemetry Subsystem - Haitham Akah      
9:45 AM     8.1304 Hybrid Propulsion Mars Ascent Vehicle Concept Flight Performance Analysis - Joel Benito 13.0511 Model Based Systems Engineering to Support Failure Mode Avoidance for Driver-Assistance Systems - Ahsan Qamar 2.1005 The DOSIS and DOSIS 3D Project On-board the ISS – Current Status and Scientific Overview - Lembit Sihver 5.0505 Super-resolution Mosaics from Airborne Video Using Robust Gradient Regularization - Aldo Camargo 5.0202 Dynamic Position Accuracy Analysis of Fiber Positioner - Yonggang Gu      
10:10 AM     8.1306 Sensitivity Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification of a Mars Ascent Vehicle Concept - Connor Noyes 13.0513 An Architecture Framework for Model-based System Design of On-demand Small SAR Satellite System - Shusaku Yamaura 2.1006 Fragmentation and Neutron Production from Heavy Ion Beams in HIMAC BIO Room Calculated with PHITS - Lembit Sihver 5.0506 Comparative Analysis of Parallel OPIR Compression on Space Processors - Eric Shea 5.0203 Minimizing Motor Cogging and Vibration for the Thirty Meter Telescope - Hugh Thompson      
10:35 AM     8.1307 A Mars Ascent Vehicle for Potential Mars Sample Return - Robert Shotwell 13.0514 A Review of NASA's Protoflight Policies and Practices - Mary Coan 6.0601 Visual Navigation for Autonomous Landing on Celestial Bodies Using Unscented Kalman Filtering - Nikolaus Ammann 5.0602 Satellite Propulsion Spectral Signature Detection and Analysis - Pamela Wheeler 5.0204 EXEP: Mountaintop Starshade Concept Study - Stefan Martin      
11:00 AM     8.1308 Human Mars Ascent Vehicle Configuration and Design Sensitivities - Tara Polsgrove   6.0602 Effects of Unknown Covariances in the State Estimation Fusion Equation - Jimmy Simmons 5.0702 Using Laser Velocimetry to Observe Rapid and Dynamic Mechanics for Aerospace Applications - Daniel Wentzel        
11:25 AM         6.0605 Hierarchical Track Correlation and Fusion for Multitarget Tracking with Biased Sensors - John Glass 5.0703 Next-Generation Infrared Focal Plane Arrays for High-Efficiency Low-Noise Applications - Michael Goldflam        
11:50 AM                    

UPSTAIRS IN THE MOUNTAIN MALL 6:30 - 11:00 (Buffet open 6:30 - 8:30) Throughout the week we've shared brilliant engineering insights in the technical program. On this final night, continue the techno-socio environment in a final convivial feast and plan collaborations leading to great new papers for the 2018 Conference in Big Sky!

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