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Sun, Mar 6 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:25 AM           Speaker Practice Room 2-4        
4:30 PM 4.13 Keynote: Leveraging existing ATC and CNS Infrastructure in Support of New Entrant Integration - Jason Glaneuski 2.1302 Reconfigurable Ground and Flight Testing Facility for Robotic Servicing, Capture, and Assembly - David Sternberg 2.0102 NASA’s Earth Science Flight Program Meets the Challenges of Today and Tomorrow - Eric Ianson
10.0101 Air Curtain CFD Model for Protection Commercial Aircraft Cabin Passengers from Sarin (GB) - Ahmed Farag
13.0201 Development of the Small Satellite Cost Model 2014 (SSCM14) - Eric Mahr 12.0101 On the Maneuvers Operational Response for NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission - Joseph Tirona 8.0301 Launch Vehicle Tracking Enhancement through Global Positioning System Metric Tracking - Timothy Gray
11.0101 A Prognostics and Health Management System Approach: Application to an Aircraft Bleed Valve System - Andrew Hess
3.0101 Modular Adaptive Phased-locked Fiber Array Controller Platform - Furkan Cayci  
4:55 PM 4.1302 UAS CNPC SATELLITE LINK PERFORMANCE - SHARING SPECTRUM with TERRESTRIAL SYSTEMS - Robert Kerczewski 2.1303 Guidelines for Active Removal of Non-Functional Targets Designed to Assist Rendezvous and Capture - Giovanni Palmerini 2.0109 Aerocapture Design Study for a Titan Polar Orbiter - Conor Nixon 10.0107 Optimal Trajectory Determination for Asteroid Exploration via Gravity Assist Maneuvers - Sean Fritz 13.0202 Schedule Matters: Understanding the Relationship between Schedule Delays and Costs on Projects - Stephen Shinn
12.0103 Monitoring CloudSat Reaction Wheel Friction via Ground Test and On-Orbit Data - Ian Gravseth
8.0302 Design and Performances of the Dual-Bell Nozzle - Hamitouche Toufik 11.0102 Fault Detection and Classification for Flight Control Electromechanical Actuators - Mohamed Ismail 3.0102 Simulation of an Electronically Steerable Horn Antenna Array with Liquid Crystal Phase Shifters - Matthias Tebbe  
5:20 PM 4.1303 Aircraft Trajectory Clustering Techniques Using Circular Statistics - Aaron Mcfadyen 2.1304 Modified Sliding Control for Tumbling Satellite Capture with Robotic Arm - Stephen Kwok Choon Plenary Setup 10.0109 Flow Analysis of Combined Impingement and Film Cooled Gas Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane - Pol Reddy Kukutla 13.0203 Contribution of Schedule Delays to Cost Growth: How to Make Peace with a Marching Army - Robert Bitten 12.0104 Development of Effective and Efficient Operations for NASA’s Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission - Ramona Tung
8.0304 Studies on Micro Satellite Aerial Launch System - Fuad Pranoto
11.0103 Design and Analysis of Communication Model for Implementation of CBM Based on OSA-CBM Framework - Sureshkumar Perinpanayagam 3.0103 IQ Imbalance Decorrelation in Digital Array Radars - Jason Hodkin  
Catherine Lozupone, Univ Of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus

David Givens, Jamestown Rediscovery

9:00 PM 4.1305 Crowd-Sourcing Approach for UAS Communication Resource Demand Forecasting - Chris Wargo 2.1306 Recreating Planar Free-Floating Environment via Model-free Force-Feedback Control - Narendran Muraleedharan 2.0107 Contingency Planning for Cassini’s Final Mission Phase - Erick Sturm 10.0111 Comparison of Shape Optimization Techniques Coupled with Genetic Alg. for a Wind Turbine Airfoil - Erkan Orman 13.0204 An Independent Cost and Schedule Estimate Process for NASA Science Projects - Robert Bitten 12.0105 Automated Commanding of the SMAP Spacecraft Enables Efficient, Reliable, and Responsive Operations - Christopher Swan 8.0308 Fuel Cell Power System Development for LOX/LH2 Upper Stage - Robert Sievers 7.0102 High Performance Space VPX Payload Computing Architecture Study - Richard Alena 3.0104 Integrated Localized Cooling Using Piezoelectrically-Driven Synthetic Jets - Janice Booth  
9:25 PM 4.1307 A Summary of Recent UAS Command and Control (C2) Communications Feasibility Studies - Denise Ponchak 2.1308 Real-Time Robust Motion Tracking Using 3D Point Cloud for Space Debris Removal - Daichi Hirano 2.0106 The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission: 10 Years of Mars Exploration from Orbit - Martin Johnston 10.0112 Towards a Fast Background Radiation Subtraction Technique for the Juno Mission - Virgil Adumitroaie 13.0205 The Business Change Initiative: A Novel Approach to Improved Cost and Schedule Management - Stephen Shinn 12.0108 Human Dependability and Knowledge Management in S/C Ops - Lessons Learned from MEx and Rosetta - Martin Shaw 8.0309 Non-Linear Receding Horizon Control Based Real-Time Launch Vehicle Guidance Methodologies - Eric Wahl 7.0103 SpaceWire and SpaceFibre on the Microsemi RTG4 FPGA - Steve Parkes    
9:50 PM   2.1318 Attitude Regulation of a Free-Flying Space Robot during Contact Operations - Nathan Kinkaid 2.0105 Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) Space Vehicle Integration Status - William Deininger 10.0117 Methods for the Interactive Analysis and Playback of Large Body Simulations - Markus Broecker       7.0104 MicroTCA for Space Applications - Robert Merl    
Mon, Mar 7 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.0303 In-Flight Pointing Calibration Model of Large Aperture Antennas for Deep Space Missions - Colin Sheldon 3.0205 Kepler Ka-Band Mission Operations and Performance - Rebecca Walter 8.01 Keynote: NASA's Next Steps in Human Space Exploration - Greg Williams 2.1309 Real-Time, Propellant-Optimized Spacecraft Motion Planning under Clohessy-Wiltshire-Hill Dynamics - Joseph Starek 8.0801 Commercialization of Deployable Space Systems’ ROSA Technology for SSL Flexible Solar Array - B Hoang
12.0204 Data-Driven Traversability Analysis for Mars 2020 Landing Site Selection - Richard Volpe
2.0602 Passive vs. Parachute System Architecture for Robotic Sample Return Vehicles - Cole Kazemba 9.0301 Countermeasures for Loss of Situation Awareness: Spatial Orientation Modeling to Reduce Mishaps - Angus Rupert    
8:55 AM 4.0304 A Theoretical Analysis of the Ka-Band Turnaround Noise in Radios Used for Deep Space Comm/Nav - David Copeland  
8.0101 Proving Ground Potential Mission and Flight Test Objectives and near Term Architectures - Pedro Lopez
2.1310 Acoustic Telepresence for Spacecraft Proximity Operations - Martin Dziura 8.0802 Micro-Cathode Arc Thruster for Small Satellite Propulsion - Michael Keidar 12.0205 Commissioning MMS: Challenges and Lessons Learned - Paul Wood   9.0302 Countermeasures for Loss of Situation Awareness: Error Filtering Strategies for 3-Dimensional Audio - Christopher Brill    
9:20 AM
4.0305 Architecture Analysis of the Simplified Libration Point Satellite Navigation System - Lei Zhang
7.0301 Design Considerations for Three Dimensional Integrated Circuits for Aerospace Applications - Robert Geer 8.0102 An Affordable and Flexible Architecture for Deep Space Exploration - Travis Moseman 2.1312 ORION: A Simulation Environment for Spacecraft Formation Flight, Capture, and Orbital Robotics - Markus Wilde 8.0803 Modular Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) Tug Concept - William Deininger 12.0206 CYGNSS MOC; Meeting the Challenge of Constellation Operations in a Cost-Constrained World - Zachary Dischner 2.0604 Ring Resonator for Detection of Melting Brine under Shallow Subsurface of Mars - George Ponchak 9.0304 Countermeasures for Loss of Situation Awareness: Transitioning from the Laboratory to Aviation - Angus Rupert    
9:45 AM 4.0306 Enabling Coherent Ka-band Downlink with a Software-defined Radio - Matthew Angert 7.0303 The Maestro Flight Experiment: A 49-Core Radiation Hardened Processor in Space - Craig Rogers
8.0103 Potential Cislunar and Interplanetary Proving Ground Excursion Trajectory Concepts - Pedro Lopez
2.1313 Teleoperation for On-Orbit Servicing Missions through the ASTRA Geostationary Satellite - Jordi Artigas
8.0807 Initial Commissioning Activities for the Space Technology 7 Colloid Thrusters - Steve Snyder
12.0207 Juggling Spacecraft: Similarities and Differences of Eight Microsatellites for the CYGNSS Mission - Scott Miller 2.0605 To Search for Life, Do It Right! - John Rummel 9.0305 Certification Strategies Using Run-time Safety Assurance for Part 23 Autopilot Systems - Loyd Hook    
10:10 AM 4.0307 High PrecisionRanging and Range Rate Measurements over Free Space Laser Communication Link - Guangning Yang 7.0305 RC64: High Performance Rad-Hard Manycore - Ran Ginosar 8.0104 The Exploration of Mars Launch & Assembly Simulation - Grant Cates 2.1316 Communications Considerations for Conducting Satellite Servicing in or near GEO - Thomas Kawecki 8.0809 Additional Mission Applications for NASA’s 13.3-kW Ion Propulsion System - Steve Snyder 12.0209 System Overview of the Virginia Tech Ground Station - Seth Hitefield 2.0606 Tiny Houses: Planetary Protection-Centric Materials Selection for Spaceflight Hardware Surfaces - D.E. (Betsy) Pugel 9.0306 Passenger Comfort for Commercial Aircraft during Formation Flight Using Conventional Flight Control - Evert Trollip    
10:35 AM 4.0309 Design and Demonstration of the Visual Feedback Tracking System for the Close Asteroid Flyby - Kaito Ariu 7.0307 Benchmarking Image Processing for Space: Introducing the SPACER Architecture Laboratory - Andrew Pineda 8.0105 Options for Staging Orbits in Cislunar Space - Ryan Whitley 2.1317 System Rigidization and Control for Post-capture Maneuvering of Large Space Debris - Inna Sharf 8.0810 Photovoltaic Electrolysis Propulsion System for Interplanetary CubeSats - Jekan Thangavelautham 12.0211 TDRSS Narrow-band Simulator and Test System - Keith Hogie 2.0607 IPPW: A Yearly Forum for Presentation of Planetary Entry Missions - Bernard Bienstock 13.06 Keynote: Starburst Accelerator: Reinventing the Los Angeles aerospace startup ecosystem. - Chelsea Graf   14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery , Taskin Padir , David Sternberg
11:00 AM 4.0310 The Frontier Software Defined Radio for Solar Probe Plus - Christopher Haskins 7.03 PANEL: How Might I Future-Proof My Space Applications Given The Diversity of Emerging Space Processors - Martha Bancroft 8.0106 Exploration Opportunities Enabled by the Space Launch System - Ben Donahue 4.0202 A Multi-Center Space Data System Prototype Based on CCSDS Standards - Thomas Rich
8.0811 Near Earth Asteroid Scout: Using Solar Sail Propulsion to Enable Affordable NEA Reconnaissance - Les Johnson
12.0213 Autonomous Remote Ground Station for LEO Satellite - Ghulam Jaffer
2.0609 Particulate Removal Using CO2 Composite Spray Cleaning System - Nicole Chen
13.0601 The Impact of NASA's Small Business Innovation Research Program on Invention and Innovation - Richard Terrile  
11:25 AM 4.0311 Solar Scintillation Study during Planetary Conjunction - David Copeland 8.0107 Commercializing Low-Earth Orbit and the Role of the International Space Station - Robyn Gatens
4.0204 The Successful Space to Ground WiFi Experiment on SOAREX-8 Flight - Richard Alena
8.0814 Trade-Off Analysis of Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft Power Supply System by Genetic Algorithm - Ahmed Refaee
12.0215 New Horizons and the Pluto Flyby: A Flight Control Team’s Story - Sarah Bucior 2.0610 Unanswered Questions in Planetary Protection Policy in Preparation for Human Exploration of Mars - James Spry 13.0602 JPL Technology Readiness Level Assessment Guidelines - Margaret Frerking  
11:50 AM   8.0109 Human Mars Landing Site and Impacts on Mars Surface Operations - Stephen Hoffman 4.0205 Deep Space Optical Link ARQ Performance Analysis - Loren Clare 10.0501 Statistical Learning Approach for Spacecraft Systems Health Monitoring - Bassem Nassar     13.06 PANEL: The new world of aerospace startups - Chelsea Graf , Viktor Brandtneris , Kevin Parsons  
1:00 PM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Kris Zacny , Patricia Beauchamp , Kim Reh , Ethiraj Venkatapathy , Margaret Frerking     10.08 PANEL: Software Architecture - Ronnie Killough , Paul Wood , Kristin Wortman , Steffen Jaekel , Jeremy Straub , Jonathan Wilmot            
2:40 PM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Dave Lavery , Charles Edwards , Bret Drake , Richard Volpe , Ian Clark         Speaker Practice Room 2-4 Tutorial: A Presentation on Presentation Skills - Monica Panno      
4:30 PM 4.0801 Assessing the Impact of Real-time Communication Services on the Space Network Ground Segment - Marc Sanchez Net 6.0201 Design of a CCD Camera for Space Surveillance - Andrew Cunningham 8.0110 Planetary Protection for Human Missions: Options and Implications - John Rummel 2.0501 Development of the Lunar Drill for the Resource Prospector Mission - Kris Zacny 7.0601 Computer Assisted Design and Integration of FPGA Accelerators in Aerospace Systems - Marco Lattuada 13.0207 Development of “Off-Ramp” Methodology for Maintaining Satellite Ground System Schedule - Andrew Royle 8.0705 Discussion of the Driving Aspects for the Design and Layout of the Europa Mission Radiation Vault - Matthew Spaulding 9.0401 MPC Controlled Multirotor with Suspended Slung Load: System Architecture and Visual Load Detection - Kye Morton    
4:55 PM 4.0806 Architecting the Ground Segment of an Optical Space Communication Network - Inigo Del Portillo 6.0202 The Mars Science Laboratory Remote Sensing Mast - Keith Rosette 8.0111 Human Mars Lander Design for an Evolvable Mars Campaign - Tara Polsgrove 2.0503 Dynamical Reduction and Output-tracking Control of the Lunar Exploration Light Rover (LELR) - Robin Chhabra 7.0602 Advanced Node-Splitting Techniques for Radiation-Hardened Analog/Mixed-Signal Circuits - William Holman 13.0208 Historical Mass, Power, Schedule, and Cost Growth for NASA Spacecraft - Marc Hayhurst 8.0707 Europa Spacecraft Configuration Optimization for the Solar Powered Vehicle - Matthew Horner 9.0409 Predictive Missile Guidance for Agile Maneuvering Targets with Stochastic Hybrid Dynamics - Nazim Kemal Ure    
5:20 PM   6.0205 Use of Model Payload for Development of Europa Mission Concept - Kari Lewis Plenary Setup 2.0506 Highly Compliant Active Clinging Mechanism - Bogdan Udrea 7.0503 New FPGA Blind Scrubbing Technique - Ayman Ahmed 13.0209 Spacecraft Obsolescence: Modeling, Value Analysis, and Implications for Design and Acquisition - Fan Geng 8.0708 Launch Vehicle Selection and the Implementation of the Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission - Sarah Sherman 9.0414 Development of a Framework for a Circulation Control-Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Pranith Chander Saka    
Jack Horner, Montana State University

Alan Stern, Southwest Research Institute

9:00 PM 4.05 ROUNDTABLE: Space Communication Systems: Networking the Solar System - David Copeland , Charles Edwards , Shervin Shambayati , David Israel 6.0209 On Spaceflight Instrument Adaptive Electrical and Electronics Subsystem Functional Framework - Jeffrey Smith 5.0301 4G Optics Technology for Astronomy - Nelson Tabiryan 2.0507 Active Localization for Planetary Rovers - Hiroka Inoue
7.0903 High Temperature Boost (HTB) Anode Power Supply for a Modular and Scalable Power Processing Unit - Christopher Iannello
13.0210 Engineering Change Activity Analysis of Space Mission Projects - Eric Ward 8.0711 Design Concept of the Structural Bus of Microsatellites for Lunar Missions - Subham Gupta
10.0701 Enhancing Cloud Security with a Newer and More Enhanced Version of the Old MIST - Kapil Bakshi
9:25 PM 10.0901 Demographic Specific Musculoskeletal Models of Factory Worker Performance, Fatigue, and Injury - Vincent De Sapio 5.0311 The James Webb Space Telescope; Mission Overview and Status - Jason Kalirai 2.0509 LunaRoo: Designing a Hopping Lunar Science Payload - Jürgen Leitner
7.0904 High Temperature Anode Power Supply Parts and Packaging Reliability and Survivability - Christopher Iannello
13.0211 Assessing the Impact of Intermittent Failures on the Cost of Digital Avionics’ Maintenance - Volodymyr Ulanskyi 8.0714 Computationally Engineered Advanced Manufacturing of Parts - Jared Ahern 10.0702 Big Data Analytics Architecture for Network Core and Edge Applications - Kapil Bakshi    
9:50 PM   8.0403 Architectures for Pointing a Payload Hosted on a GEO Spacecraft - Robert Kinsey    
13.0206 Improving and Expanding NASA Software Cost Estimation Methods - Jairus Hihn
  10.0704 Big Impacts and Big Data: Addressing the Challenges of Managing DebriSat’s Characterization Data - Joseph Kleespies    
Tue, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 10.0303 Pystation: An Actor Model Framework for a Satellite Ground Station - Seth Hitefield 10.0401 Initial Progress toward Synthesis of Flight Software from Formal Specifications - Sumanth Dathathri 3.04 Keynote:Plans and Progress for NASA/JPL Collaboration in the next generation VLA - Mark Gatti 8.0112 Mars Surface Systems Common Capabilities and Challenges for Human Missions - Stephen Hoffman 8.09 Keynote: Radioisotope Power in Space: Heritage and Vision - Alice Caponiti 11.14 PANEL: PHM from a User-Perspective - A Potpourri - Michael Houck , John Canton , Torbjorn Fransson , Richard Friend , Derek De Vries , Joseph Thorp 2.0511 FiSI: Fiberscope Sample Imaging System for Robotic Comet Surface Sample Return Missions - Risaku Toda 4.0903 Effect of Different Uplink and Downlink Range Mod Indices on PRN Range Accuracy - Srinivasa Raghavan    
8:55 AM 10.0304 Quality Attributes for Mission Flight Software: A Reference for Architects - Jonathan Wilmot 10.0402 Model Based Testing of Satellite On-Board Software - an Industrial Use Case - Hans Herpel 3.0401 Radio Astrometry of the Cassini Spacecraft with the Very Long Baseline Array - Dayton Jones
8.0113 Outpost Assembly Using the ATHLETE Mobility System - A Howe
2.0512 Simulation of Soft Regolith Dynamic Anchors for Celestial Exploration - Tom Ebert 4.0904 CDMA Communication System Performance for a Constellation of CubeSats around the Moon - Alessandra Babuscia    
9:20 AM 10.0305 Post Liftoff Security Testing of an Aerospace Launch System - Seana Hagerman 10.0403 Modeling of the Flight System Design in the Early Formulation of the Europa Project - Gregory Dubos 3.0404 Calibration of the OLFAR Space-Based Radio Telescope Using an Alternating Least Squares Approach - Pieter Van Vugt 8.0114 Evaluation of Human and Automation/Robotics Integration Needs for Future Human Exploration Missions - Jessica Marquez 8.0902 NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems Program Overview – a Focus on RPS Users - Thomas Sutliff 2.0514 Extreme Science: Exploring the Use of Extreme-terrain Rovers in Mars Sample Return - Issa Nesnas 4.0906 Wideband Digital Beamforming for High Bandwidth Communications Using FPGAs - John Porcello    
9:45 AM 4.0101 ARQ Link Analysis and Planning for Dynamic Links - Kar Ming Cheung 10.0404 Exposing Hidden Parts of the SE Process: MBSE Patterns and Tools for Tracking and Traceability - Maddalena Jackson 3.0406 Vector Antenna and Maximum Likelihood Imaging for Radio Astronomy - Mary Knapp 8.0116 A Robust Method to Integrate End-to-End Mission Architecture Optimization Tools - Rafael Lugo 8.0903 NASA’s Radioisotope Power Systems Planning and Potential Future Systems Overview - June Zakrajsek 2.0515 TAGSAM Gas-driven System for Collecting Samples from Regolith - Benton Clark 4.0907 Cooperative Communication Relaying in Hybrid Heterogeneous Networks - Ahan Kak    
10:10 AM 4.0401 Operational Impacts of the U.S. FAA and Laser Clearinghouse on an Optical Communications Relay - Bernard Edwards 10.0405 MBSE-Driven Visualization of Requirements Allocation and Traceability - Maddalena Jackson 3.0407 DSL: Discovering the Sky at the Longest Wavelenghts - Albert Boonstra
8.0117 Beyond-LEO Architecture Sizing Tool (BLAST) - Keithe Eaton
8.0904 Plutonium-238 Supply Project - Enabling Power for Future NASA Missions - Robert Wham 2.0516 Space Rendezvous and Capture Testbed - Russell Smith 4.0908 Dynamic Power Allocation Using Stackelberg Game in Wireless Sensor Networks - Kaustubh Shivdikar    
10:35 AM 4.0402 Space Mobile Network: A near Earth Communications and Navigation Architecture - David Israel 10.0406 Developing a CubeSat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model – Interim Status #2 - David Kaslow 7.1301 AMODS: Autonomous Mobile On-orbit Diagnostic System Design Status and Flight Results - Edward Hanlon 8.0108 Human Exploration Missions to Phobos Prior to Crewed Mars Surface Missions - Michael Gernhardt 8.0905 A Systems Integrated Approach to Thermal Modeling of an Enhanced MMRTG - Joseph Vander Veer 2.0517 Experimental Results with the BiBlade Sampling Chain for Comet Surface Sampling - Paul Backes 11.0601 Embedded Wireless Corrosion Detection Sensor to Enable Structural Health Monitoring for Aircraft - Jeffrey Banks    
11:00 AM 4.0403 Proximity Link Design and Performance Options for a Mars Areostationary Relay Satellite - Charles Edwards 10.0407 Toward Requirements Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems: Modeling CubeSat - Hassan Reza 7.1401 DrSEUs: A Dynamic Robust Single-Event Upset Simulator - Edward Carlisle 8.0118 Lighting Condition Analysis for Mars’ Moon Phobos - Zu Qun Li 8.0907 Evolutionary Upgrade for the Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (MMRTG) - Russell Bennett 2.0518 An Untethered Mobile Limb for Modular In-Space Assembly - Paul Backes 11.0602 Optimal Sensor Architecture Selection for Health Management of Complex Systems - Ivan Chamov    
11:25 AM
4.0404 Small Aerostationary Telecommunications Orbiter Concepts for Mars in the 2020s - Robert Lock
10.0409 Cloud-Based Orchestration of a Model-Based Power and Data Analysis Toolchain - Ethan Post 7.1402 Open Modular Computing Platforms in Space - Learning from Other Industrial Domains - Hans Herpel 5.0509 Improving Compression Ratios for High Bit-Depth Grayscale Video Formats - An Ho 8.0908 Stirling to Flight Initiative - Kenneth Hibbard 2.0520 Human-in-the-Loop Control through Kinematic Redundancy Resolution for Exploration Rovers - Velin Dimitrov
11.0603 RFID-Inspired Wireless Microsensors for Structural Health Monitoring - Michael Kranz
12:00 PM LUNCH in the HUNTLEY DINING ROOM 12:00 - 1:30 PM
1:00 PM     Junior Engineering & Science Conference K-12th Grade

Wed, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 14.08 PANEL: From Earth Reliant to the Proving Ground - Greg Williams 8.05 Keynote: Human Factors in Spaceflight - Stephen Robinson 8.1204 Low-cost and Ultimately-downsized X-band Deep-space Telecommunication System for PROCYON Mission - Yuta Kobayashi 2.0201 IRASSI: InfraRed Astronomy Satellite Swarm Interferometry – Mission Concept and Description - Luisa Buinhas 11.08 Keynote: A Novel Approach for the Evaluation of Material Interfaces in Electronics - Golta Khatibi 9.0204 Thermodynamics of a Carbon Nano-Materials Based Ice Protection System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Kim Sørensen 2.0301 Nano-ADEPT Aeroloads Wind Tunnel Test - Brandon Smith   2.0801 Experimental Assessment of Optimal ACM Parameters for Q/V-band Satellite Communication - Giorgia Parca  
8:55 AM 8.0501 Serious Games for Team Training and Knowledge Retention for Long-Duration Space Missions - Robert Richards 8.1213 SPARC-1: A Joint US/Sweden Multi-Mission Modular Nanosatellite Platform - James Lyke 2.0204 Science Instrument Sensitivities to Radioisotope Power System Environment - Brian Bairstow
11.0801 Risk Analysis for Advanced Electronics Packaging - Ephraim Suhir
9.0210 Development of a Robust Framework for an Outdoor Mobile Manipulation UAV - Kye Morton 2.0302 Supersonic Vehicle Configuration Transitons to Enable Supersonic Retropropulsion during Mars EDL - David Blette 7.1204 Observability Analysis of Autonomous Navigation with Angle/Velocity/Distance Measurements - Xin Ma
2.0802 Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Payload IOT Campaign and Status after the First Year of Operation - Giuseppe Codispoti
9:20 AM 8.0502 Development of Real-Time Performance Metrics for Manually-Guided Spacecraft Operations - Stephen Robinson 6.0602 A Dempster-Shafer Approach to Multi-Sensor Track Association - Loretta Testa 2.0207 Dual Exploration Architectures for Breaking the Decades-long Cycles of Planetary Science - Brett Streetman 11.0802 Column-Grid-array Technology Could Lead to a Highly Reliable Package Design - Ephraim Suhir
9.0211 Preliminary Design of UAV Recovery System Utilizing GSM Network - Fuad Pranoto
2.0303 Manufacturing Challenges and Benefits When Scaling the HIAD Aeroshell to a 15m-Class System - Gregory Swanson 7.1206 Attitude Determination and Control System for Nadir Pointing Using Magnetorquer and Magnetometer - Nobuo Sugimura 2.0803 Validation of Ground Infrastructure in the Framework of the ASI Q/V-band Program - Giorgia Parca  
9:45 AM 14.07 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu 8.0503 Skin Strain Fields at the Shoulder Joint for Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suit Development - Edward Obropta 6.0603 Target Track Initiation Using Probability-1 Homotopy Methods and Cubature Integration - David Crouse
2.0209 The Main-belt Asteroid and NEO Tour with Imaging and Spectroscopy (MANTIS) - Scott Murchie
11.0803 A Novel Approach for Evaluation of Material Interfaces in Electronics - Golta Khatibi 9.0212 Autonomous UAV Wildlife Tracking and Detection Using Thermal Imaging - Luis Gonzalez 2.0304 Summary of the Second, High-Altitude Supersonic Flight Dynamics Test for the LDSD Project - Ian Clark      
10:10 AM 8.0601 IN-SUIT SENSING SYSTEM: MITIGATING RISKS of INJURIES and UNDERSTANDING HUMAN-SUIT INTERACTIONS - Sabrina Reyes 6.0606 A Globally Exponentially Stable Non-linear Velocity Observer for Vision-aided UAV Dead Reckoning - Lorenzo Fusini 2.0214 Demonstration of Mars Crosslink Occultation Measurements for Future Small Spacecraft Constellations - Sami Asmar 11.0804 Modeling of Microstructure for Uncertainty Assessment of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composites - Vasyl Hafiychuk
9.0213 Numerical Study of Performance of Reverse Flow Combustor - Ching Man Yu
2.0305 Ballutes for Supersonic Deceleration at Mars - Erich Brandeau 7.1217 Interplanetary Magnetic Attitude Control in Small Sized Spacecraft - Takaya Inamori    
10:35 AM 8.0602 Optimal Space Suit Mass for Mars Extravehicular Activity - Christopher Carr 6.0608 Disaster Risk Reduction Using Image Fusion of Optical and SAR Data before and after Tsunami Disaster - Youngjoo Kwak
2.0215 Mars-Moons Exploration, Reconnaissance and Landed Investigation (MERLIN) - Scott Murchie
11.0806 Effect of Team Replacement Events on Risk Dormancy:Dynamic Probability Model - Emad Farag
9.0214 Uncertainty Based Online Planning for UAV Target Finding in Cluttered and GPS-Denied Environments - Fernando Vanegas Alvarez 2.0306 V&V on a NASA Technology Demonstration Project: Low Density Supersonic Decelerator - Michael Murry 7.1102 The Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission: Fault Protection Performance and Lessons Learned - Jessica Clark
7.1203 Backstepping Control Using Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyro with Parameter Uncertainties - Ahmed Refaee
11:00 AM 14.05 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims 8.0603 Gravity Loading Countermeasure Skinsuit during Ergometer Exercise - Ana Diaz Artiles
6.0612 Tracking Maneuvering Targets with Multiple Biased Sensors - William Blair
2.0216 Pirarucu: Mars Moons Prospector Mission with CubeSats - Bogdan Udrea 11.0807 Predicted Stresses in the Components and the Embedded Devices of Bow-free Assemblies - Ephraim Suhir
9.0216 Development of an UAVS Distribution Tool for Pest’s Biological Control, “Bug Bombs !” - Rodrigo Rangel
2.0308 An Efficient Ray-Tracing Method for Determining Arbitrary Surface Intercepts in EDL Simulations - Jeremy Shidner 6.0301 The Airborne Methane Plume Spectrometer (AMPS): Quantitative Imaging of Methane Plumes in Real Time - Michael Mercury
13.0404 Modified Concurrent Design Facility for Emerging Countries - Walid Azzam
11:25 AM 8.0604 Implementation of Short-Arm Human Centrifugation with an Altered Rotational Axis Position - Charles Laing     11.0501 Moving-boundary Model of Cryogenic Operation for Fault Detection and Diagnostics - Vasyl Hafiychuk     6.0304 LiveView: A New Utility for Real-Time Calibration of Focal Plane Arrays Using Commodity Hardware - Elliott Liggett    
11:50 AM
8.0605 Development of a Countermeasure to Enhance Sensorimotor Adaptation to Altered Gravity Levels - Faisal Karmali
          6.0305 Solar-Similar Near-Infra-Red Suppressed "Blue" Calibration Source - Mark Helmlinger    
1:00 PM         Tutorial: Probabilistic Design for Reliability of Aerospace Electronics and Photonics - Ephraim Suhir          
2:40 PM           Speaker Practice Room 2-4        
4:30 PM 4.1001 An Optical Receiver for Science Measurements and Data Detection - Sami Asmar 10.0410 Energy Accounting Model for Hardware Impact Analysis - Jesse Mee 2.0701 The MAss Spectrometer for Planetary EXploration (MASPEX) - Tim Brockwell 2.0208 From Paper to Production: Status Update for the COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7 Program - Kendra Cook 10.0503 The Development of a Simulation Environment for Testing of a Multi-Tier Mission Command Architecture - Jeremy Straub 8.1401 Technology Development and Design of a Hybrid Mars Ascent Vehicle - Ashley Karp 5.0401 Comparison of the Path-averaged Cn2 Derived from Time-lapse Imagery and Weather Radar - Jack Mc Crae 9.0105 A Limited Investigation of Airplane Response to Flap Extension - Brian Kish 7.0201 Proposed Architecture for an FPGA Configuration for a Payload Module Computer - Philipp Hagel  
4:55 PM 4.1002 Implementation of Correlation in the DVB-S Standard - Francis Nguyen 10.0411 Multidisciplinary Model Transformation through Simplified Intermediate Representations - Bjorn Cole 2.0702 Aerothermodynamic and Thermal Protection System Reference Guide - Bryce Woollard 2.0218 Enceladus Life Finder: Search for Life in a Habitable Moon. - Morgan Cable 10.0506 Autonomous Navigation and Control of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the National Airspace - Michael Hlas 8.1402 Technology Development and Design of a Liquid Bi-Propellant Mars Ascent Vehicle - David Vaughan 5.0402 Double-passage Propagation of Laser Beams in non-Kolmogorov Turbulence - Italo Toselli
9.0106 V-22 Osprey Flight Test – Lessons Learned in Envelope Expansion - Tom Mc Ateer
7.0202 Data Compression for Aerospace Sensor Systems - Amir Liaghati  
5:20 PM 4.1003 Analysis and Verification of Iterative Estimation for Joint Random Access Satellite Communications - Paul Dickson 10.0412 Advanced Avionics Applications Simulation Platform (AAASP) for Accurate Aircraft Systems Simulation - Peter Wilson Plenary Setup 2.0219 Science and Payloads for the Next Decades of ESAs Cosmic Vision Program - Astrid Heske 10.0507 An Autonomous Satellite Debris Avoidance System for Earth Orbit - Michael Hlas 8.1403 Drivers, Developments and Options under Consideration for a Mars Ascent Vehicle - Robert Shotwell
5.0403 Simulation of Array Tilt Effects in Laser Phased Arrays - Jack Mc Crae
  7.0203 A Novel Scheme for Telemetry System Data Rate Optimization - Amir Liaghati  
Alex Zettl, UC Berkley

Dava Newman, National Aeronautics and Space Administration

9:00 PM
4.1004 Robust Recursive Filtering with Missing Measurements and Probabilistic Sensor Delays - Shuo Zhang
10.0413 Model-Based Off-Nominal State Isolation and Detection System for Autonomous Fault Management - Ksenia Kolcio Prather 2.0703 Advancing the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Genomes (SETG) - Christopher Carr 6.0405 FFT Based Algorithm to Demodulate of High Frequency Chirp Signals - Dylon Mutz
10.0508 Representation of Missile Guidance System and Subsystems Using Artificial Neural Networks - Arvind Rajagopalan
8.1404 History of Mars Ascent Vehicle Development over the Last 20 Years - Robert Shotwell 5.0404 Phase-Only Implementation of the Complex Screen Technique for Generating Schell-Model Sources - Milo Hyde 8.1001 Adaptive Control for Post-Dock Maneuvers with an Unknown Semi-Cooperative Object - Jillian James 7.0204 An Efficient Method for Lossless Compression of Bi-Level ROI Maps of Hyperspectral Images - Amir Liaghati  
9:25 PM 4.1005 Minimal-Cost-Variance Based Power Control for Differentiated Services Satellite Communications - Khanh Pham 13.0102 Simulators, Software and Small Satellites: Testing in Tight Spaces - Ronnie Killough 2.0704 Development of Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) on a Miniaturized Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer - Xiang Li 6.0406 Costas Loop and FFT Based BPSK Demodulation for Pulsed Radar Receivers - Dylon Mutz   8.1405 Simultaneous Trajectory Optimization Framework for Lunar Ascent with Terrain - Lin Ma 5.0405 The Scattering of a Partially-Coherent Electromagnetic Field from a Bianisotropic Object - Milo Hyde 8.1003 Sensor Management in Real-Time and a Camera Control Application for Air Vehicles - Joao Cabrera 7.0205 Low-Cost Radiation-Hardened Single-Board-Computer for Command and Data Handling - Robert Merl  
9:50 PM 4.1006 Networked Communications Using Multiple Directional Links - Robert Macleod 13.0103 Simulation and Modelling Tools for Quantitative Safety Assessments of Unmanned Aircraft Operations - Aaron Mcfadyen
2.0705 The Potassium-Argon Laser Experiment (KArLE) for In-Situ Geochronology - Jessica Gaskin
6.0408 Detection of Unresolved Rayleigh Targets Using Adjacent Bins - John Glass            
Thu, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.1201 Data Acquisition Performance for Deep Space Communications in Solar Probe plus Frontier Radio - Katelyn Kufahl
13.0401 Exploring the Science Trade Space with the JPL Innovation Foundry A-Team - John Ziemer
8.02 Keynote: Space Technology Mission Directorate/Game Changing Development Program Overview - Stephen Gaddis 2.1203 Asteroid Search Operations with the Space Surveillance Telescope (SST) - Greg Ushomirsky 7.0704 Robust Low Power Communication Architecture for Nano-Satellites - Nirav Annavarapu 5.0201 Phase-Retrieval Uncertainty Estimation and Algorithm Comparison for the JWST-ISIM Test Campaign - Jeffrey Smith 9.0217 Design and Flight Testing of a Bio-inspired Plume Tracking Algorithm for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Luis Gonzalez      
8:55 AM 4.1202 A Unified Method for Solving the Frequency Plan of Space Borne Software-defined Radios - Erika Sanchez 13.0402 Using Timed Automata to Check Space Mission Feasibility in the Early Design Phases - Jafar Akhundov 8.0201 A Review of Four Game Changing EDL Technologies under Development - Ethiraj Venkatapathy 2.1216 LSST’s Projected Near-Earth Asteroid Discovery Performance - Steven Chesley 7.0705 Development of Fast Tracking Algorithm Using Nearest Neighbor Star Search Approach - Nobuo Sugimura
5.0202 Re-entry Platform for Studying Radiation, from Payload Design to Performances - Gilles Bailet
9.0218 Open Source Computer-Vision Based Guidance System for UAVs On-Board Decision Making - Luis Gonzalez      
9:20 AM 4.1203 Robust Airborne Image Transmission Using Joint Source-Channel Coding with UEP - Lun Li 13.0403 Operation of a Concurrent Design Facility after Design Phases. - Anton Ivanov 8.0202 NASA Technology Development of Rendezvous and Docking/Capture Sensors and Docking Mechanism - Pedro Lopez 2.1208 The Pan-STARRS Search for near Earth Objects - Richard Wainscoat 7.0707 Increasing the Capability of CubeSat-based Software-Defined Radio Applications - John Samson 5.0203 Implementation of Non-Intrusive Jet Exhaust Species Distribution Measurement within a Test Facility - Paul Wright 9.0222 Proactive Decision Support for Dynamic Assignment and Routing of Unmanned Aerial Systems - Gopi Vinod Avvari      
9:45 AM 4.1204 Dynamic Resource Allocation for Military Communications Satellites with Cognitive Users - Kyle Doty 13.0405 Validation of an Automated Spacecraft Design Model - Megan Youngs 8.0204 Mars Surface Tunnel Element Concept - Sharon Jefferies 2.1201 Physical and Infrastructure Modeling for the 2015 PDC Asteroid Threat Exercise - Mark Boslough 7.0708 A Low Complexity Kalman Filter for Improving MEMS Based Gyroscope Performance - Jiun Wei Chia 5.0206 Spectral and Wavefront Error Performance of WFIRST/AFTA Bandpass Filter Prototypes - Manuel Quijada 9.0223 Quadrotor Drones Thrust Measurement Apparatus - Kourosh Rahnamai 13.0302 Developing Forward-looking Metrics to Interpret SPI and CPI Performance Indices for GSFC Projects - Mark Seidleck    
10:10 AM 4.1205 DVB-S2 Software Defined Radio Modem on the RC64 Manycore DSP - Ran Ginosar 13.0406 The Aerospace Launch Probability Simulation - Grant Cates 8.0205 NASA’s Path to Human Planetary Protection Requirements: Update on Recent Progress - James Spry 2.1213 Global Impact Risk of Known Asteroids - Clemens Rumpf 7.0709 A Novel Simulator for Measuring the Performance of Nanosatellite’s Attitude Control System - Mihindukulasooriya Sheral Crescent Tissera 5.0701 Glint Removal for Post-Processing of Ground-Based Space-Object Characterization Using RASL - Jeremy Bos 9.0224 Vision-Based Closed-Loop Tracking Using Micro Air Vehicles - Takuma Nakamura 13.0303 A Different Kind of Organizational Silence: When Individuals Fail to Recognize a Problem Exists - Robin Dillon Merrill    
10:35 AM 4.1206 Link Adaptation for Mitigating Earth-to-Space Propagation Effects on the NASA SCaN Testbed - Deirdre Kilcoyne 13.0407 A Methodology for Estimating Radiation Reliability of SmallSat Computers - Christopher Wilson 8.0206 SEXTANT X-ray Pulsar Navigation Demonstration: Flight System and Test Results - Luke Winternitz 2.1202 ESA GNC Technologies for Asteroid Characterization, Sample-Return, and Deflection Missions - Olivier Dubois Matra 7.0710 The High Reliability Southwest LEO Explorer (SLX-6) CubeSat Bus - John Dickinson 5.0702 Fusing LWIR Data and Visible Imagery with Multi-frame Blind Deconvolution - Michael Werth 9.0227 Rapid Manufacturing of Task-specific Autonomous Paraglider Solutions Using 3D Printing - Falko Kuester 13.0304 Scientist-Engineering Interactions across the Project Life Cycle - Patti Jansma    
11:00 AM 4.1208 Performance Evaluation of SATCOM Link in the Presence of Radio Frequency Interference - Genshe Chen   8.0207 Thermal Analysis of Astronaut Traverse in Mechanical Counter Pressure Spacesuit on Mars - Nikhil Vadhavkar   7.1002 Chiplet Based Approach for Heterogeneous Processing and Packaging Architectures - James Lyke 5.0703 A Spherical Co-ordinate Space Parameterisation for Orbit Estimation - Jose Franco Monsalve
9.0228 Development of Algorithm for Online Wind Estimation for a Quadrotor - Manvi Dhawan
13.0306 Taking the Tiger by the Tail: Leading Effective Tiger Teams and Working Groups on Flight Projects - Jordan Evans    
11:25 AM 4.1209 Low-cost Receiver Development for TDRSS DAS Sustainment and CubeSat Applications - Keith Hogie     2.1206 Near Earth Object Mitigation Studies - Bernard Seery   5.0704 Joint Estimation of Telescope Drift and Space Object Tracking - Daniel Clark
9.0406 Direct Adaptive Stability & Command Augmentation of an Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle - Ron Aditya
13.0310 Content Coding and Search for Risk Assessment: Problems and Solutions - Jane Malin    
11:50 AM       2.1214 The AIDA/DART Mission - Brian Kantsiper    
9.0410 Adaptive Tracking Control of Switched Systems with Application to Aircraft Wing Rock - Wenting Li
13.0316 Commercial Space Technology: The Impacts of Export Control Reform - Justin Cook
1:00 PM 14.04 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Robert Ambrose , Cherice Moore                  
2:40 PM 14.06 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dave Lavery , Jeff Norris , Harrison Wolf , Lyndon Bridgwater         Speaker Practice Room 2-4        
4:30 PM 4.1211 Spatial Nulling and Beamforming in Presence of Very Strong Jammers - Gennady Poberezhskiy 2.1217 Asteroid Deflection Campaign Design Integrating Epistemic Uncertainties - Sung Wook Paek
13.0501 A NASA Communication Infrastructure Compatible Software and Hardware Platform for Small Sat Missions - Daniel Selva
10.0601 Perspectives for Using Virtual Reality to Extend Visual Data Mining in Information Visualization - Ruben Garcia Hernandez 11.0701 Comparison of Measurement Techniques for Remote Diagnosis of Damage in Non-HUMS-Equipped Bearings - Brian Dykas
6.0701 The Variable Structure Multiple Model GM-PHD Filter Based on Likely-model Set Algorithm - Peng Dong
12.0301 Enhancing the Cassini Mission through FP Applications after Launch - Paula Morgan 3.0301 RF Burn-in Analysis of 100V P-band Aerospace GaN Radar Transistors - Gabriele Formicone    
4:55 PM 4.1212 Analytical Performance Estimation and Optimization of Cooperative Multi-Channel Phase Locked Loops - Gennady Poberezhskiy 2.1210 System-Level Design Considerations for Asteroid Despin via Neutral Beam Emitting Spacecraft - Anthony De Cicco 13.0502 The Architecture Design and Evaluation (AD&E) Process: Conducting & Evaluating Architecture Studies - Inki Min 10.0603 State of the Art of Virtual Reality Technologies - Christoph Anthes 11.1002 Lean Burn Combustion Monitoring Strategy Based on Data Modelling - Ruowei Fu 6.0702 Multiple Space Object Tracking via the Space Based Optical Sensor - Genshe Chen 12.0401 PLRP-3: Conducting Science-Driven Extravehicular Activity with Communications Latency - Matthew Miller      
5:20 PM 4.0601 Cubesat to Commercial Intersatellite Communications: Past, Present and Future - Christian Rodriguez 2.1212 Mission and System Design for the Manipulation of PHOs with Space-borne Lasers - Nicolas Thiry Plenary Setup 10.0606 An Intelligent Method to Select Maintenance Tools in Immersive Virtual Environment - Xinv Zhu 11.1101 Psychological Health Monitoring for Pilots and Astronauts by Tracking Sleep-Stress-Emotion Changes - Wolfgang Fink 6.0703 Comparison of Altitude Estimation Using 2D and 3D Radars over Spherical Earth - Rong Yang
12.0403 NEEMO 18-20: Analog Testing for Mitigation of Communication Latency during Human Space Exploration - Steven Chappell
3.0305 Telemetry Transmitter Frequency Stability Evaluation - Rick Voreck    
Carmen Boening, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Jeff Norris, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

9:00 PM 4.0602 Minimal-Cost-Variance Control of Clock Signals - Khanh Pham 2.1215 Optimal Control of a Space-Borne Laser System for a 100 M Asteroid Deflection under Uncertainties - Chiara Tardioli 13.0510 Aircraft Avionics Strategic Fleet Update Using Optimal Methods - Christopher Guerra 10.0611 Interaction Design Considerations for an Aircraft Carrier Deck Agent-based Simulation - Miles Aubert 11.1102 PHM for Astronauts – Elaborating and Refining the Concept - Andrew Hess 6.0705 4D Cartesian State Estimation of Sea Surface Targets with a Single Camera - Dann Laneuville
12.0402 Evolving Reliability & Maintainability Allocations for NASA Ground Systems - Gisela Munoz
3.0306 Modular Ku/Ka-Band Actively Calibrated Antenna Tile - James Hoffman    
9:25 PM 4.0604 Optimal Design of Rad-Hard Regenerative Ranging Receivers on FPGAs - Elettra Venosa 2.1218 Architecture for Mitigating Short-Term Warning Cosmic Threats: READI Project - Jessica Reinert   10.0201 Solar Probe plus Spacecraft Software Requirements Verification Test Framework - Kristin Wortman
11.1103 Developing Requirements on a PHM-based Technology to Enable Autonomous Healthcare on Space Missions - Wolfgang Fink
6.0706 Estimation of Aircraft Operations at Airports Using Nontraditional Statistical Approaches - John Mott   3.0307 Test-bed Validation of Electromagnetic Surface Wave Propagation along a Dielectric-Coated Metal Pipe - Vahraz Jamnejad    
9:50 PM 4.0605 Inflatable Antenna for CubeSats: Development of the X-band Prototype - Alessandra Babuscia     10.0202 Engineering Software Using Automation - William Lundgren   6.0710 Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Modeling for Tracking of Long Range Targets - Benjamin Davis        
Fri, Mar 11 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Dunraven Cheyenne Elbow 1 Boardroom
8:30 AM 4.1501 Mitigate Airliners’ Risk via Intervening Critical Controls by Authenticated Secret Sharing - Depeng Li 8.11 Keynote:Outlook for Super Pressure Ballooning in the Coming Decade - William Jones 2.0402 The More, the Messier: ORS-3 Lessons for Multi-Payload Mission Deployments - Barbara Braun   13.0702 How's That Change Working for You? - Patti Jansma 2.1001 The GIRE2 Model and Its Application to the Europa Mission - Maria De Soria Santacruz  
6.0501 Recent Advances in Multi-INT Track Fusion - Stefano Coraluppi
8:55 AM 4.1502 Feasibility / Applicability of Asymmetric Cryptography for Space Links Security Systems - William Halimi 8.11 Keynote: Stable Photometry of Exoplanet Transits from Balloon-Borne Telescopes - Eliot Young , Robert Woodruff 2.0403 Secondary Spacecraft in 2016: Why Some Succeed (And Too Many Do Not) - Michael Swartwout
7.1215 Contraction Based Angular Velocity Observer for Small-satellites - Rafael Chavez Moreno
13.0703 Storytelling as a Primary Leadership Tool - Robert Wright 2.1002 Radiation Environment Onboard Spacecraft at LEO and in Deep Space - Lembit Sihver  
6.0504 The MHT Paradigm for MTT: Some Observations and Extensions to the Redundant-Measurement Problem - Stefano Coraluppi
9:20 AM 4.1505 TPM-Supported Key Agreement Protocols for Increased Autonomy in Constellation of Spacecrafts - Marcio Juliato 8.1101 Direct Measurement of the Acoustic Wavefield in the Stratosphere - Daniel Bowman 2.0404 Assessing the Debris Risk from the Avalanche of CubeSats - Michael Swartwout 2.0905 System Design of a Miniaturized Distributed Occulter/Telescope for Direct Imaging of Star Vicinity - Jan Kolmas 13.07 Panel:Disruptive Stories - Coupling Traditional and Radical Firms for the Betterment of Both - Patti Jansma , Robert Wright , Sreeja Nag 2.1003 Accelerator-Based Measurements Relevant for Shielding Design in Space - Natalie Mc Girl 5.0801 Resonance-based Nanophotonic Device Technology: Filters, Polarizers, and Absorbers - Robert Magnusson 6.05 Keynote:Tracking Pixels or Quanta - Darin Dunham    
9:45 AM 12.0603 Cybersecurity Methodology for a Multi-Tier Mission and Its Application to Multiple Mission Paradigms - Jeremy Straub 8.1102 CSA’s Stratos Program: Bringing a New Mid-latitude Stratospheric Balloon Base - Sebastien Lafrance 2.0406 Internet-To-Orbit Gateway as Online Tool for Real-Time Monitoring of Natural Disasters - Ghulam Jaffer 2.0906 Relative Navigation in Autonomous Spacecraft Formations - Giovanni Palmerini
4.1101 GNSS Pseudorange Smoothing: Linear vs. Non-linear Filtering Paradigm - Khurram Ali
5.0901 Power Requirements for Rayleigh Beacon Generation in Laser Beam Projection Systems - Aleksandr Sergeyev      
10:10 AM 12.0601 Lessons Learned from Applying Cyber Risk Management and Survivability Concepts to a Space Mission - Dallas Pearson 8.1105 Detection of Infrasound Disturbances from the Earth's Stratosphere - Eliot Young 3.0503 Dual-Frequency and Dual-Polarization Antenna Array for Satelite Deployment - Ramila Shrestha 11.0202 Network Predictive Analytics Enables Early Detection of Impending Fault - Rashmi Sundareswara 4.1103 Partial Ambiguity Resolution for Reliable GNSS Positioning - a Useful Tool? - Andreas Brack 5.0903 Dual-energy Wave Subtraction Imaging for Damage Detection in Ultrasonic Propagation Imaging System - Yunshil Choi      
10:35 AM
4.1210 Cost Efficient Design Approach for Receiving the NOAA Weather Satellites Data - Muhammad Tahir
8.1107 Low Cost Lighter-Than-Air Data Acquisition and Flight Control System - Barbara Anderson 3.0504 Architectural Framework and Toolflow Concepts for Rapidly Composable Wireless Spacecraft - James Lyke 11.0302 Big Data Technology Applied to Engine Development Tests - Jerome Lacaille   4.1104 GNSS-based M2M Early Warning System for the Improved Reach of Information - Akihiko Nishino 5.0904 FPGA-based Multipoint Shock Wave Measurement System Using LDVs for Aerospace Applications - Syed Haider Abbas      
11:00 AM       11.0305 Cross-Bispectral Analysis for Detection and Diagnosis of Helicopter Trail-Rotor Drive-Shaft Problems - Mohammed Hassan   4.1105 Ionospheric Monitoring in a Dual Frequency GBAS - Michael Felux        
11:25 AM       11.0309 DVER: A Tool Chain for Cross-Validation and Perfection of Discrete Model-Based Diagnostic Systems - Johann Schumann  
4.1107 RTK Positioning for Unmanned Air Vehicles - Patrick Henkel
11:50 AM     4:00 - 5:00pm Track and Session Organizers 2017 PlanningSession in The Lamar/Gibbon Room              

Upstairs in the Mountain Mall 6:30 - 11:00 PM (Buffet open 6:30 - 8:30)

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