Preliminary Schedule

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Preliminary Schedule

Small changes (exact presentation time and room) will occur in this schedule until mid February. Please plan travel so that you are available anytime on your scheduled presentation day.

Sun, Mar 8 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:25 AM                  
4:00 PM JAVA JAM in the Grand Atrium
4:30 PM 4.0301 Monopulse Autotrack Methods Using Software-defined Radios - Matthew Bray 8.0101 The Evolvable Mars Campaign – Study Status - Douglas Craig 10.0101 Rapid Calculation of Missile Aerodynamic Coefficients Using Artificial Neural Networks - Steven Ritz 2.0101 ICON: Where Earth’s Weather Meets Space Weather - Kodi Rider 11.0101 Robust Passive Fault Tolerant Control Applied to the Fuel Metering Valve of a Jet Engine - Yani Souami 7.0101 Bringing High-Performance Microprocessors up to Space Level Reliability - Sébastien Frasse Sombet 5.0101 Mechanical Aspects of the Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8 - David Robinson 9.0301 Improving Mode Awareness of the VNAV Function with a Multiple Hypotheses Prediction Method - Pengfei Duan 6.07 Keynote "A New Method for MTT: the Hypothesised Filter for Independent Stochastic Populations" - Dann Laneuville
4:55 PM 4.0302 MESSENGER Solar Scintillation Measurements at Superior Solar Conjunction - Nelli Mosavi 8.0102 NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission Concept Development Summary - Michele Gates 10.0102 Collision Detection of Two Fast Moving Objects - Sang Yang 2.0102 Incorporation of Secondary Payloads onto the Green Propellant Infusion Mission (GPIM) - William Deininger 11.0102 Towards a Physics Based Prognostic Model for Bearing – Spall Initiation and Propagation - Dmitri Gazizulin 7.0103 Achieving High-Speed Box-to-Box Interconnects in Space Systems - Ian Troxel 5.0102 Design and Testing of Lightweight and High Resolution X-ray Mirror Modules - Ryan Mc Clelland 9.0302 Sampling-based Collision Avoidance for Commercial Airliners with Intruder Aircraft and Terrain - William Van Den Aardweg 6.0701 Reconstructing Estimates from Noisy Transmissions with Serially-Connected Kalman Filters - Donald Brown
5:20 PM 4.0303 Telemetry Ranging Using Software Defined Radios - Joseph Hennawy 8.0103 Combining Solar Electric Propulsion and Chemical Propulsion for Crewed Missions to Mars - Thomas Percy 10.0103 Characteristics Boundary Conditions to Treat Adjoint Block Interfaces - Nidhi Sikarwar 2.0104 Europa Clipper Mission: The Habitability of an Icy Moon - Todd Bayer 11.0103 Aircraft Corrosion Monitoring and Data Visualization Techniques for Condition Based Maintenance - Jeff Demo 7.0102 Introducing Radiation Tolerant Heterogeneous Computers for Small Satellites - Fredrik Bruhn 5.0103 Large Volume, Ambient, Optical and Opto-mechanical Metrology Techniques for ISIM on JWST - Theodore Hadjimichael 9.0303 Design of Nonlinear Control Loader System for a Flight Simulator (A Dynamic Inversion Approach) - Sajad Azizi 6.0702 Space Object Tracking and Maneuver Detection via Interacting Multiple Model Cubature Kalman Filter - Bin Jia
Lindy Elkins Tanton, Arizona State University

7:05 PM Dinner in the Main Ballroom
Andrew Bocarsly, Princeton

9:00 PM 4.0401 Commercialization and Standardization Progress towards an Optical Communications Earth Relay - Bernard Edwards 8.0104 Mars Conjunction Crewed Missions with a Reusable Hybrid Architecture - Raymond Merrill 10.0104 Near Real-time Characterization of Unknown Missiles in Flight Using Computational Intelligence - Steven Ritz 2.0103 NI-SAR S/C Concept Overview: Design Challenges for a Proposed Flagship Dual-frequency SAR Mission - Peter Xaypraseuth 11.0104 A Physical Model for Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction under Constant and Variable Amplitude Loadings - Shan Jiang 7.0104 Next Generation Space Interconnect Standard (NGSIS): A Modular Open Standards Approach for Space - Patrick Collier 6.0101 Internet-To-Orbit Gateway as Online Tool for Real-Time Monitoring of Natural Disasters - Ghulam Jaffer 2.0904 The Constellation of LARES and LAGEOS Satellites for Testing General Relativity - Claudio Paris 6.0703 Modeling and Tracking Phase and Frequency Offsets in Low-Precision Clocks - Radu David
9:25 PM 4.0402 MAVEN Relay Operations - Neil Chamberlain 8.0105 Human Exploration of Phobos - Andrew Abercromby 10.0105 Coupled Analysis of Film-Cooling and Infrared Characteristics of a Vectored Axis-symmetric Nozzle - Xuyi Chen 2.0105 The Juno Mission to Jupiter: Lessons from Cruise and Plans for Orbital Operations and Science Return - Stuart Stephens 11.0105 Impact of Uncertainty on the Diagnostics and Prognostics of a Current-Pressure Transducer - Shankar Sankararaman 7.0106 On-Board Networks with Radiation-Hardened 45nm SOI Standard Components - Dale Rickard 6.0102 Remote Sensing Signatures Database – Challenges and Opportunities - Nigel Tzeng 2.0905 Moderate Accuracy Relative Navigation in Formation Flying by Filtered Radio Measurements - Giovanni Palmerini 6.0704 Single Aircraft Passive Doppler Location of Radios - Hanna Witzgall
9:50 PM 4.0403 NASA Relay Planning for the 2016 Mars Mission Opportunity - Charles Edwards 8.0106 Human-assisted Mars Sample Return - Robert Gershman 10.0106 Numerical Analysis and Optimization of Different Ventilation Systems for Commercial Aircraft Cabins - Ahmed Farag 2.0106 New Horizons Hibernation Operations: It Takes a Lot of Work to Sleep - Sarah Hamilton 11.0106 Hybrid Prognostic Approach for Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems - Haithem Skima 7.0105 SpaceFibre: A Multi-Gigabit/s Interconnect for Spacecraft Onboard Data Handling - Steve Parkes 6.0103 Enhancements to cSAM Spectral Comparison - Vignesh Ramachandran   6.0705 A Factor Graph Approach for Efficient JPDA Implementation in Multi-target Tracking - Rajbabu Velmurugan
10:15 PM Fireside Cheer & Chat in the Sunken Lounge
Mon, Mar 9 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 4.0101 Architecting Space Communication Networks under Mission Demand Uncertainty - Marc Sanchez Net 8.0107 Transportation-Driven Mars Surface Operations Supporting an Evolvable Mars Campaign - Stephen Hoffman 10.0107 Aero-Thermodynamic Analysis of Space Shuttle Vehicle at Re-Entry - Swapnil Jagtap 2.0107 Ensuring Cassini’s End-of-Mission Propellant Margins - Erick Sturm 11.0301 An Integrated Framework for Distributed Diagnosis of Process and Sensor Faults - Matthew Daigle 13.0401 Leveraging Design Principles to Optimize Technology Portfolio Prioritization - Brett Depenbrock 3.0101 Thermal Analysis of Piezoelectric Actuators for Active Cooling of RF Phased Array Radars - Michael Kranz 7.0301 Quad-Core Radiation-Hardened System-on-Chip Power Architecture Processor - Richard Berger 6.0706 Fusion of Range-Only Measurements from Multistatic Configurations for Air Collision Warning - Yaakov Bar Shalom
8:55 AM 4.0102 The Role of Margin in Link Design and Optimization - Kar Ming Cheung 8.0108 NASA Evolvable Mars Campaign: Mars Surface Habitability Options - A Howe 10.0108 Simulation for Risk Assessment of Diode Single Event Burnout - Jesse Theiss 2.0108 The First Earth Venture Mission: How CYGNSS Is Using Engineering Models to Validate the Design - James Wells 11.0302 Methodology for Quantifying the Effect of Mission Profiles on Aircraft Engine’s Life - Manzar Abbas 13.0402 Lessons from the GEO Communicastions Satellite Commercial Sector on Acquisition Practices - Susan Hastings 3.0102 Beam Former Development for the NASA Hurricane Imaging Radiometer - Glenn Hopkins 7.0302 Implementing a Software Defined Radio Using the Maestro 49-tile Processor - Herschel Loomis 6.0707 Gaussian Mixture Approach to Long Range Radar Tracking with High Range Resolution - Benjamin Davis
9:20 AM 4.0601 Full-Duplex (Simultaneous Transmit and Receive) for LEO Satellites - Eugene Grayver 8.0109 Logistics Needs for Potential Deep Space Mission Scenarios Post Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission - Pedro Lopez 10.0109 Computational and Experimental Study of Deflected Nose of Missile at Low Subsonic Speed - Gagan Sharma 2.0109 The OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Return Mission - Edward Beshore 11.0303 An Efficient Way to Embed Analytics for Prognostics in an on Board System - Sreerupa Das 13.0403 New Ways to Learn from the Challenger Disaster: Almost 30 Years Later - Robin Dillon Merrill 3.0103 Analysis of a Polarization Agile Communication System - Michael Lockard 7.0303 A Method for Efficient Radiation Hardening of Multicore Processors - Jonathan Ballast 6.0708 RF Localization Solution Using Heterogeneous TDOA - Andrew Sinclair
9:45 AM 4.0602 Multi-Target Tracking via Multiple Cost-Reference Particle Filtering - Monica Bugallo 8.0110 Preparing for Mars: The Evolvable Mars Campaign Emerging "Proving Ground" Approach - Marianne Bobskill 10.0110 Reynolds Stress on SWBLI in Isolator Using Different Turbulent Models - Jinfeng Dang 2.0110 The CYGNSS Flight Segment; Mainstream Science on a Micro-Budget - Randall Rose 11.0304 Subspace-based Fault Detection – Multiplicative and Additive Fault - Young Man Kim 13.0404 Managing Technical Risk - Paul Collopy 3.0301 Transmission of Wireless Power in Two-coil and Four-coil System Using Coupled Mode Theory - Vikram Singh 7.03 Panel 6.0709 Evaluation of Algorithms for Urban Vehicle Tracking - Ross Hansen
10:10 AM 4.0603 Inflatable Antennas and Arrays for Interplanetary Communication Using CubeSats and SmallSats - Alessandra Babuscia 8.0111 Developing a Crew Time Model for Human Exploration Missions to Mars Surface - Bryan Mattfeld 10.0111 Reducing Runtime for Monte Carlo Estimates to Partial Differential Equations - Matthew Ward 2.0204 COSMIC-2 / FORMOSAT-7: The Future of Global Weather Monitoring and Prediction - Kendra Cook 11.0305 Random Forests for Industrial Device Functioning Diagnostics Using Wireless Sensor Networks - Wiem Elghazel 13.0405 Risk Aversion and Optimal Satellite Systems - Matthew Daniels 3.0302 Improved Design for Microstrip Hairpinline Bandpass Filter Using via Ground Holes and Capacitive Gap - Azhar Hasan 12.0601 The Weak Point: A Framework to Enhance Operational Ground Systems Security - Tom Leclerc
10:35 AM 4.0604 SOARX-8 Suborbital Experiments 2014 a New Paradigm for Small Spacecraft Communication - Thom Stone 8.0112 Human Outer Solar System Exploration via Q-thruster Technology - Burton Joosten 10.0701 Comparative Analysis of Current Security Algorithms and the “MIST” Algorithm in Cloud Computing - Ihssan Alkadi 2.0201 Detection and Geo-Location of Sferics Onboard Lightning Nano-Satellite (LiNSAT) - Ghulam Jaffer 11.0501 State-of-Health Analysis Applied to Spacecraft Telemetry Based on a New PLS-DA Algorithm - Bassem Nassar 13.0406 Optimizing Design for Reuse Decisions in Aerospace Systems - Richard Milford 3.0303 Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Ranging for Coherent Distributed RF Systems - Jason Hodkin 7.0401 γ Ray Radiation Effects on TiN/HfOx/Pt RRAM Devices - Fang Yuan 12.0602 Information Security Considerations for Protecting NASA Mission Operations Centers (MOCs) - Eduardo Takamura
11:00 AM 4.0801 Delay/Disruption-Tolerant Network (DTN) Network Management for Space Networking - Hui Zeng 8.0113 Human Lunar Exploration Opportunities Enabled by the Space Launch System - Ben Donahue 10.0301 Security Testing of an Aerospace Launch System - Seana Hagerman 2.0202 Monitoring Earth's Shortwave Reflectance: LEO and GEO System Architectures - Michael Mercury 11.0502 LADEE Preparations for Contingency Operations for the Lunar Orbit Insertion Maneuver - Howard Cannon 13.0407 The PRACA System as an “Incubator” for Lessons Learned - David Oberhettinger 3.0304 A G-Band Frontend for Future Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radars - Marko Vukovic 7.0402 Reliability Considerations and Radiation Testing of Memristor Devices - Erica Deionno 12.0603 Mission-level Space Situational Awareness - David La Vallee
11:25 AM 4.0802 Robust Low-Density-Parity-Check Decoder Design to Mitigate Pulsed Radio Frequency Interference - Jianjun (David) Ni 8.0114 Conceptual Mission Design of a Minimalistic Human Mars Flyby in the Year 2018 - Dan Fries 10.0302 Performance Analysis of Micrium RTOS in the Computer of a Nano-Satellite - Chandrasekhar Nagarajan 2.0203 The Earth Photosynthesis Imaging Constellation: Measuring Photosynthesis with a CubeSat Platform - Adam Greenbaum 10.0702 Networking Considerations for Open Source Based Clouds - Kapil Bakshi 13.0102 POWER SUPPLY SUBSYSTEM for SMALL SATELLITE APPLICATION - Noha El Gohary 3.0305 Digital Calibration System for the NI-SAR (NASA/ISRO) Mission - James Hoffman 7.0403 Overview of the Radiation Response of TaOx-based Memristive Devices - Michael Mc Lain 12.0501 Development of Science Data System for the International Space Station Cold Atom Lab - Melissa Soriano
11:50 AM 4.0803 A Fuzzy Frequency Control Phase Locked Loop (FPLL) for Radar Waveform Synthesis - Alaa El Din Hafez   10.0303 Utilizing Artificial Intelligence for Achieving a Robust Architecture for Future Robotic Spacecraft - Steffen Jaekel   10.0703 Scalable Human in the Loop Decision Support - Ramona Georgescu   7.0501 Memory-Aware Optimization of FPGA-Based Space Systems - Nicholas Wulf 7.0201 Application of an Image Processing Architecture for the Solar Orbiter SPICE Instrument - Patrick Phelan 12.0401 Information Flow Model of Human Extravehicular Activity Operations - Matthew Miller
1:00 PM 14.01 PANEL: Competition Robotics for Education and Workforce Development - Dave Lavery   Junior Conference Practice 12.07 PANEL -OSIRIS-REx Asteroid sample retrieval 2:00pm - 4:00pm - Jonathan Gal Edd          
2:40 PM 14.10 PANEL: NASA Pioneering Space              
4:00 PM JAVA JAM in the Grand Atrium
4:30 PM 4.0201 A Self-Stabilizing Hybrid-Fault Tolerant Synchronization Protocol - Mahyar Malekpour 8.02 Keynote NASA Space Technology's Game Changing Development Program - Dana Gould 10.0201 Contrasting Factors for Reuse Success and Failure in Aerospace: Semistructured Interviews - Julia Varnell Sarjeant 2.0301 Nano-ADEPT: ADEPT for Secondary Payloads and Nanosat Re-Entry - Brandon Smith 5.0501 Exo-C: A Space Mission for Direct Imaging and Spectroscopy of Extrasolar Planetary Systems - Karl Stapelfeldt 13.0301 Managing Cost, Schedule, and Technical Performance through a Sustained Change Framework - Val Lunz 6.0401 Monopulse Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Adjacent Matched Filter Samples - John Glass 12.0101 Verification of Mars Odyssey All Stellar Attitude Determination Ten Years after Launch - Dave Gingerich 4.1301 Functional Decomposition of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for CNS Capabilities in NAS Integration - Laurence Mutuel
4:55 PM 4.0202 NCSR:Multicast Transport of BGP for Satellite Network Based on Network Coding - Jinzhen Bao 8.0201 Understanding International GNC Hardware Trends - Adam Greenbaum 10.0202 Visualization of a Spacecraft Mission Software System - Kristin Wortman 2.0302 Shadow-Based Matching for Precise and Robust Absolute Self-Localization during Lunar Landings - Hannah Kaufmann 5.0502 Liquid Crystal Polymer Based Vector Vortex Waveplates with Sub-micrometer Singularity - Nelson Tabiryan 13.0302 Implementing Quantitative Schedule Performance Metrics at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Stephen Shinn 6.05 Keynote: Bayesian Search for Missing Aircraft - Lawrence Stone 12.0102 Operating LADEE: Mission Architecture, Challenges, Anomalies, and Successes - Matthew D'ortenzio 4.1302 A Study of Future Communications Concepts and Technologies for the National Airspace System–Part IV - Denise Ponchak
5:20 PM   8.0202 Pressure Characterization between the Upper Body and Space Suit during Mission-Realistic Movements - Allison Anderson Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0303 Resource Prospector Lander: Architecture and Trade Studies - Kristina Rojdev 5.0503 ATLAST: A Large Aperture UVOIR Space Observatory for the Next Decade - Mark Clampin 13.0303 Beyond Cost Tools: Spacecraft Net Present Value and the Hosted Payload Paradigm - Fan Geng 12.0103 Cassini Spacecraft’s Command & Data Subsystem: Preparations for the End-of-Mission Proximal Orbits - Paula Morgan 4.1303 Impact of Co-Site Interference on L/C-Band Spectrum for UAS Control and Non-payload Communications - Robert Kerczewski
5:50 PM Plenary: Extraordinary Speaker Pending
7:05 PM Dinner in the Main Ballroom
Tim Spahr, Harvard-Smithsonian Canter for Astrophysics

9:00 PM 9.0305 Dynamics and Control of the Hose Whipping Phenomenon in Aerial Refueling - Haitao Wang 8.0203 Technology for a Robotic Asteroid Redirect Mission and Its Extensibility to Future Space Activities - John Brophy 10.0203 Model-based Product Line Engineering - Enabling Product Families with Variants - James Hummell 2.0304 OSIRIS-REx, Returning the Asteroid Sample - Tom Ajluni 5.0504 Science with the James Webb Space Telescope - Mark Clampin 13.0304 Calculating Reserves on Schedule-to-Go (STG) Based on Historical Data - Marc Hayhurst 6.0501 Advances in Multi-Target Filtering of Evasive Targets - Stefano Coraluppi 12.0104 Successes and Challenges of Operating the Van Allen Probes Mission in the Radiation Belts. - Karen Kirby 4.1304 A Cognitive Radio System for Improving the Reliability and Security of UAS/UAV Networks - Nickolas Gellerman
9:25 PM 9.0306 Different Approaches of Actuator Placement for Active Vibration Control in the Aircraft Engine - Xiaonan Zhao 8.0204 Asteroid Redirect Crewed Mission Space Suit and EVA System Maturation - Cody Kelly 10.0204 Testing Proper Mitigation in Safet-Critical Systems: An Aerospace Launch Application - Anneliese Andrews 2.0305 Numerical Study of Heat Flux Developed on an Aero-spike Structure in Hypersonic Flow - Navaneeth Soori 5.0505 GM-APD Imaging Arrays for Direct Imaging of Exoplanets - Kimberly Kolb 13.0305 Calibrating the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) Scale Using NASA Mission Data - Richard Terrile 6.0502 Extracting Speed, Heading and Turn-Rate Measurements from Extended Objects Using the EM Algorithm - Steven Bordonaro 12.0105 Essentials for Team Based Rehearsals and the Differences between Low Earth and Deep Space Missions - Juan Cifuentes 4.1305 A Terrain Avoidance Algorithm Based on the Requirements of Terrain Awareness and Warning Systems - Nickolas Gellerman
9:50 PM 9.0307 An Adaptive Middleware Approach for Fault-tolerant Avionic Systems - Oliver Marquardt   10.0205 Collaborative Pentesting and Analysis Toolkit (CPAT) - Darrien Rushing 2.0306 LDSD Supersonic Flight Dynamics Test 1: Post-flight Reconstruction - Eric Blood 5.0401 Silicon Photonics Platform for National Security Applications - Anthony Lentine 13.0306 Software Cost Estimation for the LADEE Mission - Karen Gundy Burlet   12.0106 Getting Back on the Road: Reformatting Flash Memory On-board the Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity - Rebekah Sosland 4.1401 A HMAC-based Approach to Secure ADS-B Networks - Thabet Kacem
10:15 PM Fireside Cheer & Chat in the Sunken Lounge
Tue, Mar 10 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 13.0501 Operation of a Concurrent Design Facility for University Projects - Anton Ivanov 8.0301 Cellular Load Responsive MLI Development - Gary Mills 7.0702 FPGA Hardware Nonlinear Control Design for Modular CubeSat Attitude Control System - Junquan Li 2.0401 Launch Systems to Support Booming Nanosatellite Industry - Kaitlyn Kelley 2.0601 Convex Programming Approach to Real-time Trajectory Optimization for Mars Aerocapture - Behcet Acikmese 9.0201 Automatic Aerial Retrieval of a Mobile Robot Using Optical Target Tracking and Localization - Maximilian Laiacker 11.14 PANEL: PHM from the Practitioner’s Perspective – a Potpourri of Requirements, Experiences, and Lessons Learned - Michael Houck , Andrew Hess , Richard Friend 5.0301 Simulation of Atmospheric Compensation for a Laser Phased Array in the Presence of Target Speckle - Jack Mc Crae 12.0201 The OSIRIS-REX ASTEROID SAMPLE RETURN –Mision Operations Trades and Design - Jonathan Gal Edd
8:55 AM 13.0502 Concurrent Engineering Methods and Models for Satellite Concept Design - Rob Stevens 8.0302 Using Smart Materials for Efficient and Safer Future Space Missions - Amanjot Singh 7.0703 Design and Development of 3-axis Reaction Wheel for STUDSAT-2 - Divyanshu Sahay 2.0402 Implementation of the First Orbital/Sub-orbital Program-3 Mission - Matthew Kanter 2.0602 Integrated System Modelling of Lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization - Samuel Schreiner 9.0202 Shared UAV Enterprise (SUAVE) Operator Pooling Fan-out Queuing Analysis - Lawrence Bush 5.0302 Wave Optics Simulation of Anisotropic Turbulence - Xifeng Xiao 12.0202 Laying down Tracks: DSN Planning for Cassini’s Final Mission Phase - Erick Sturm
9:20 AM 13.0503 Team Xc: JPL's Concurrent Design Team for CubeSat, NonSats, and SmallSats - Pezhman Zarifian 8.0303 Low-Cost, Low Mass Avionics System for a Dedicated Nano-Satellite Launch Vehicle - Austin Williams 7.0704 Update on DM CubeSat Technology Development: ISS Flight Experiments - John Samson 2.0403 ULA Rideshare Capabilities for Providing Low-Cost Access to Space - Keith Karuntzos 2.0603 Defining the Requirements for the Micro Electric Propulsion Systems for Small Spacecraft Missions - Sara Spangelo 9.0203 Dynamic Analysis of a Variable-Sweep, Variable-Span Morphing UAV - Nirmit Prabhakar 5.0303 Low Cost Digital Photography Approach to Monitoring Optical Bending and Guiding in the Atmosphere - David Voelz 12.0203 Modeling Jamming Acceptability Regions for Escorted Mission Planning Scenarios - Willis Troy
9:45 AM 13.0504 A Cubesat Catalog Design Tool for a Multi-Agent Architecture Development Framework - Monica Jacobs 8.0305 Additive Manufacturing in the Launch Vehicle Business - Gregory Schiller 4.1001 Transmission of Big Data over MANETS - Aditi Parthasarathy 2.0404 Secondary Spacecraft in 2015: Analyzing Success and Failure - Michael Swartwout 2.0604 A Simple Analytic Model for Estimating Mars Ascent Vehicle Mass and Performance - Ryan Woolley 9.0204 Sensitivity Study for Feature-Based Monocular 3D SLAM - Christopher Raabe 6.0201 Hyperspectral Microwave Atmospheric Sounder (HyMAS) - New Capability in the CoSMIR/CoSSIR Scanhead - Lawrence Hilliard 12.0204 LARES Mission Operations - Claudio Paris
10:10 AM 13.0505 Concept Selection Method in Reverse to Describe Mission That Best Use a New Technology: Ornithopter - Daigo Terutsuki 8.0306 Sounding Rocket Fin Design to Mitigate Roll Lock-In - Hien Tran 4.1002 Radio Science Measurements Using Phase Modulated Optical Links - Dariush Divsalar 2.0405 Mission Case Studies Using the Rideshare Enabling Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle - Marissa Stender 2.0605 Thumper and Shotgun: Impactors to Estimate Asteroid Strength for NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission - Kris Zacny 9.0205 Conservative Algorithms for Automated Collision Awareness for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems - Kevin Ueunten 6.0202 Monitoring Earth’s Shortwave Reflectance: GEO Instrument Concept - Emily Brageot 12.0207 Rover Traverse-Optimizing Planner for Multi-Objective Deployment Scenarios - Wolfgang Fink
10:35 AM 13.0506 Multidisciplinary System Design Optimization of On-Orbit Satellite Assembly Architectures - David Sternberg 8.0307 Launch Vehicle Tracking Enhancement through Global Positioning System Metric Tracking - Timothy Gray 4.1003 Wind Farm Performance Validation through Machine Learning - Scott Evans 2.0406 Disaggregated Space System Optimization Stochastic Analysis Techniques - Robert Thompson 2.0606 High Frequency Vibration and High Gravity Force Shock Testing for Potential Mars Sample Return - Katherine Acord 9.0206 Proving Your Safety Case - Commonalities in FAA CoA Decisions - Harrison Wolf 6.0203 Space Launch System Data Acquisition and Sensor System for Human Space Flight - Mary Highsmith 12.0206 TDRSS Demand Access System Augmentation - Haleh Safavi
11:00 AM 13.0507 Multidisciplinary Design Optimization for a High-Resolution Earth-Imaging Constellation - Michael Curry 8.0308 Similarity Study on Infrared Radiation of Solid Rocket Plume of Different Reduced-scaled Size - Xuyi Chen   2.0407 Analysis of a ‘Turn-Key’ No Hardware Space Mission Using the Orbital Services Model - Jeremy Straub 2.0607 Autonomous Exploration of Planetary Lava Tubes Using a Multi-rover Framework - Wolfgang Fink 9.0207 Quadrotor Testbed Development and Preliminary Results - Jasmine Cashbaugh 6.0204 Solar Science from Manned Suborbital Vehicles - the SwRI Solar Instrument Pointing Platform - Jedediah Diller 12.0205 SPACE OUTREACH INITIATIVES through ONLINE & REAL-TIME SPACE OPERATIONS USING VIRTUAL GROUND STATION - Nazish Rubab
11:25 AM 13.0508 Subsystem Support Feasibility for Formation Flight Measuring Bi-Directional Reflectance - Sreeja Nag         9.0208 Carbon Nanotube Based Airfoil Heating System for In-Flight Anti-Icing and De-Icing of UAVs - Kim Sørensen 6.0301 A Multispectral Thermal Imaging System for Measuring Volcanic Ash Mass Loading - Russell Carroll  
12:00 PM Lunch in the Huntley Dining Room 12:00 - 1:30 PM
1:00 PM     Junior Engineering and Science Conference

Wed, Mar 11 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 14.02 PANEL: Technology Development for Science-Driven Missions - Patricia Beauchamp 3.0201 Radiation Pattern of a ULF Space-based Antenna for Controlled Removal of Energetic Trapped Protons - Maria De Soria Santacruz 8.0802 Metal Hydrides as Additives for Boron Combustion - Jianfei Xi 2.0701 Mass Analyzer for Real-time Investigation of Neutrals at Europa (MARINE) - Murray Darrach 11.0801 Aerospace Electronics Reliability: Could It Be Predicted in a Cost-Effective Fashion? - Joseph Bernstein 2.0801 The Alphasat Aldo Paraboni Experiment: Fade Mitigation Techniques in Q/V-Band Satellite Channels - Johannes Ebert 4.0901 Three Dimensional Diversity for Close Proximity MIMO Systems - Aditi Parthasarathy 9.0209 Net Recovery of UAV with Single-Frequency RTK GPS - Nadezda Sokolova  
8:55 AM 3.0202 Phased Array-Fed Reflector (PAFR) Antenna Architectures for Space-Based Sensors - Michael Cooley 8.0701 Mass Properties Analysis and Measurements of a High Altitude Supersonic Decelerator Test Vehicle - Mark Yerdon 2.0702 The Atmospheric Characterization for Exploration and Science (ACES) Instrument Suite for Mars - Scot Rafkin 11.0802 Advantagers of Using Aluminum Substrates for Aerospace Electronics - Joseph Fjelstad 2.0802 Q/V-band Satellite Communication Experiments on Channel Estimation with Alphasat Aldo Paraboni P/L - Tommaso Rossi 4.0902 Effects of Turn-around-command on SGLS Carrier, Ranging, and Telemetry Services - Jack Kreng 9.0210 Unmanned Aircraft Sense and Avoid - Leveraging ATC Infrastructure - Robert Stamm  
9:20 AM 3.0203 Design of a New Smaller Lighter Faraday Rotator for ACERAD - Vahraz Jamnejad 8.0702 Application of Synthetic Gear-Wheels to Space Mechanisms - Ralf Purschke 2.0703 Design and Demonstration of the Mars Organic Molecule Analyzer (MOMA) on the ExoMars 2018 Rover - Ricardo Arevalo 11.0803 Assessment of a Product’s Degradation Rate from the Measured Bathtub Curve Data - Ephraim Suhir 2.0803 Performance of the NASA Beacon Receiver for the Alphasat Aldo Paraboni TDP5 Propagation Experiment - James Nessel 4.0903 Implementing High Data Rate, Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) Decoders for Large Codes Using FPGAs - John Porcello 9.0211 Design and Flight Testing of an Integrated Solar Powered UAV and WSN for Remote Gas Sensing - Jairo Malaver Rojas  
9:45 AM 14.08 PANEL: Operational Uses of Consumer-Class Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Dave Lavery , Jeff Norris 3.0204 Design of a Quasi Optical Transmission Line for Cloud and Precipitation Radar System of ACE Mission - Vahraz Jamnejad 8.0703 Europa Clipper Instrument Implementation in the Proposal Phase - Matthew Horner 2.0704 Hyperdust : An Advanced In-situ Detection and Chemical Analysis of Microparticles in Space - Zoltan Sternovsky 11.0804 Improving Aerospace Electronics by Systemic Early Failure Analysis during R&D and Modification - David Verbitsky 2.0804 Optimization of ACM Algorithms over Q/V-band Satellite Channels with the Alphasat Aldo Paraboni P/L - Mauro De Sanctis 4.0904 Coded Sub Band Replacement DWT Based Space Image Compression - Vikram Singh 9.0213 Automatic Detection and Tracking of Objects at the Ocean Surface from UAVs Using a Thermal Camera - Frederik Leira  
10:10 AM 8.0601 Solar Electric Propulsion on ESPA-Class Satellite - William Deininger 8.0704 Europa Clipper Vault Shielding Optimization Approach - Matthew Spaulding 2.0705 Analysis of Aqueous Environments by Laser Desorption/ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry - Xiang Li 11.0805 Modified Dynamic Reliability Model for Damage Accumulation - Yair Shai   4.0905 De Bruijn Sequences for DS/CDMA: Efficient Generation, Statistical Analysis, Performance Evaluation - Claudio Sacchi 9.0214 Solving the UAV Localization Problem Using a Smooth Variable Strucutre Filtering - Fariz Outamazirt  
10:35 AM 8.0501 Integrating Human Performance Measures into Space Operations: Beyond Our Scheduling Capabilities? - Jessica Marquez 8.0706 System Design and Development of VELOX-I Nanosatellite - Vu Bui 2.0706 The Lunar Dust Experiment (LDEX) - Mihaly Horanyi 11.0806 Reliability Issues in Optical Emitters - Massimo Vanzi 2.1001 EDAC Events during the LADEE Mission - Karen Gundy Burlet 4.0906 Link Performance Analysis of Cooperative Transmission Techniques for LTE-A Uplink - Claudio Sacchi 9.0215 An Intuitive, Aggressive Control Architecture for an Unmanned Helicopter in Near-Hover Flight - Christopher Fourie  
11:00 AM 14.06 PANEL: Access To Space and Emerging Mission Capabilities - Eleni Sims 8.0502 Development of an Integrated Simulation Platform for Real-Time Task Performance Assessment - Kevin Duda 8.0901 Bio-inspired Engineering for the Exploration of Remote Worlds - Andrew Ketsdever 2.0707 High Resolution, Texture-specific Rock Chemistry Measurement with PIXL micro-XRF - Abigail Allwood 11.0807 Monte-Carlo Computations for Predicted Degradation of Photonic Devices in Space Environment - Laurent Bechou 2.1002 Neutron Production from 100 and 230 AMeV He Interactions in Water, PMMA and Iron - Pi En Tsai 4.0907 Green BIC-OFDM-based Cooperative Communications Using Bargaining Game Algorithm - Claudio Sacchi    
11:25 AM 8.0503 Survey and Assessment of Human Performance Evaluation Methods Applicable to Human Spacecraft Design - Christine Fanchiang 8.0902 Graph-based Terrain Relative Navigation with Optimal Landmark Database Selection - Ted Steiner 2.0708 SHERLOC: Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals - Luther Beegle 11.0808 Effect of Power Cycling Parameters on Predicted IGBT Lifetime - Zoltan Sarkany 2.1003 Improvements and Developments of Physics Models in PHITS for Space Applications - Lembit Sihver 4.0908 A High Speed Transmission System Using QAM and Direct Conversion with High Bandwidth Converters - Marc Stackler 13.07 Keynote: New federal funding to accelerate technology infusion and entrepreneurship in the aerospace industry - Andrea Belz  
11:50 AM   8.0903 Software Testbed for Developing and Evaluating Integrated Autonomous Subsystems - James Ong 2.0709 Demonstration of a Portable AOTF IR Spectrometer for in Situ Exploration of Planetary Surfaces - Kyle Uckert 11.0809 Predicted Stresses in an Optoelectronics Tri-component Bow-free Assembly - Ephraim Suhir 2.1004 Neutron Fluences in Lunar Habitats - Lawrence Heilbronn   13.0701 Translating Technology Taxonomies to Facilitate Cross-Industry Innovation - Alexandra Landegger  
1:00 PM 14.03 PANEL: Emerging Technologies for Mars Exploration - Charles Edwards                
2:40 PM 14.04 PANEL: Mars Sample Return: Updates and Alternatives - Lisa May       Tutorial: Model-based Systems Engineering - Sanda Mandutianu        
4:00 PM JAVA JAM in the Grand Atrium
4:30 PM 4.0909 Adaptive Physical Layer Security Using Code Bank of Sequences for CDMA - Shraddha Kharat 8.0505 Operator Evaluation of a Mobility-Augmenting Jetpack with Integrated Control-Moment Gyroscopes - Michele Carpenter   2.12 Keynote: Asteroid Impact Hazard Assessment and Planetary Defense - Paul Chodas 7.0801 High Temperature Die-attach Materials for Aerospace Power Electronics: Lifetime Tests and Modeling - Aaron Hutzler 10.0601 Virtual Hand-Button Interaction in a Generic Virtual Reality Flight Simulator - Turgay Aslandere 5.0201 ICESat-2 ATLAS Telescope Testing - Tyler Evans 6.0601 Track Registration Assignment Using Image Correlation - Stephen Stubberud  
4:55 PM 4.0910 CDMA Communications Systems with Constant Envelope Modulation for CubeSats - Dariush Divsalar 8.0506 Wearable CMG Design for the Variable Vector Countermeasure Suit - Rebecca Vasquez   2.1201 Initial Asteroid Detection Results Using the Space Surveillance Telescope - Herbert Viggh 7.0802 Improving the Efficiency of 3U CubeSat EPS by Selecting Operating Conditions for Power Converters - Jesus Gonzalez Llorente 10.0602 FORROST: Advances in On-Orbit Robotic Technologies - Roberto Lampariello 5.0202 Tests of LARES and CHAMP Cube Corner Reflectors on Simulated Space Environment - Claudio Paris 6.0602 Object Tracking Using Mobile Tracking Stations - Jasmine Cashbaugh  
5:20 PM 4.0911 MM-Wave LTE-A Small-Cell Wireless Backhauling Based onTH-IR Techniques - Cosimo Stallo 8.0507 SimSup’s Loop: A Control Theory Approach to Spacecraft Operator Training - Brandon Owens Hold for Plenary Setup 2.1202 Orbit Estimation for Late Warning Impacts: The Case of 2014 AA - Steven Chesley 7.0803 Evaluation of Gallium Nitride Transistors in Electronic Power Conditioners for TWTA - Jose Blanes 10.0603 The Neural Basis of Decision-Making during Sensemaking: Implications for Human-System Interactions - Michael Howard 5.0203 Projection and Acquisition Optical Assembly for DEEP Remote Microscopy - Keith Nowicki 6.0603 Multi-Spectral Detection and Tracking in Cluttered Urban Environments - Peter Zulch  
Jeff Iliff,

7:05 PM Dinner in the Main Ballroom
Ned Sauthoff, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

9:00 PM 4.1101 Estimation of Code Ionospheric Biases Using Kriging Method - Zhibo Wen 8.0508 Planning for Crew Exercise for Future Deep Space Mission Scenarios - Cherice Moore 2.0502 Layer-Jamming Scales with Hardening Capability - Ian Walker 2.12 Panel:Near Earth Asteroid Surveys - Paul Chodas , Steven Chesley , Grant Stokes , Tim Spahr 7.0804 On the Power System of the AMALIA Moon Rover - Michele Macellari 10.0604 A Collaborative Workspace Architecture for Strengthening Collaboration among Space Scientists - Robin Wolff 5.0204 Progress towards Non-Intrusive Optical Measurement of Gas Turbine Exhaust Species Distributions - Paul Wright 6.0604 Improved Error Estimation in Cases of Occasional Full Covariance - Mark Briski  
9:25 PM 4.1102 Advanced KF-based Methods for GNSS Carrier Tracking and Ionospheric Scintillation Mitigation - Jordi Vilà Valls 8.0509 Cardiovascular Responses to Artificial Gravity Combined with Exercise - Ana Diaz 2.0503 Development of Simulation System for Multi-pair Crawlered and Transforming Explorer - Akihiko Honda 7.1101 Adaptive Controller for a Fourier Transform Spectrometer with Space Applications - Patrick Yiu 10.0605 VR-OOS: The DLR’s Virtual Reality Simulator for Telerobotic On-Orbit Servicing with Haptic Feedback - Mikel Sagardia 5.0205 The NIRSPEC ASSEMBLY INTEGRATION and TEST STATUS - Thomas Johnson 6.0606 Air Autonomous Vehicle Benchmark - Darin Dunham  
9:50 PM 4.1103 On the Identifiability of Noise Statistics and Adaptive KF Design for Robust GNSS Carrier Tracking - Jordi Vilà Valls 8.0510 Comparing Human Skin Strain of the Elbow for Mechanical Counter Pressure Space Suit Development - Edward Obropta 2.0505 Realization of Vision-Based Navigation and Object Recognition Algorithms for the SRR Challenge - Velin Dimitrov 7.1102 Use of Formal Modeling to Automatically Generate Correct Fault Detection and Response Methods - Meredith Lecocke        
10:15 PM Fireside Cheer & Chat in the Sunken Lounge
Thu, Mar 12 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM 8.1101 A Ground-Based Facility for Nanosatellite Systems Testing in Relevant Environments - Andrew Ketsdever 8.1001 The First Balloon Flight of the Low Density Supersonic Decelerator Technology Demonstration Mission - Thomas Randolph 2.1203 Updated Population and Risk Assessment for Airbursts from Near-Earth Objects (NEOs) - Mark Boslough 2.1101 Computational Evaluation of Metal Foam Orbital Debris Shielding - Eric Fahrenthold 10.0501 Unsupervised Anomaly Detection for Aircraft Condition Monitoring System - Mohamed Cherif Dani 5.0701 Vision-Based Pose Estimation for Space Objects by Gaussian Process Regression - Haopeng Zhang 3.0501 High Efficiency LINC Transmitters for Nano-Satellite Missions. - Visweswaran Karunanithi 4.0702 X-ray Pulsar Navigation Algorithms and Testbed for SEXTANT - Luke Winternitz  
8:55 AM 8.1102 An Autonomous Remote Ground Station for Reducing the Cost of LEO Satellites’ Operation - Ghulam Jaffer 8.1002 Stratospheric Balloon Missions for Planetary Science - Tibor Kremic 2.1204 Apophis: Complex Rotation and Hazard Assessment - Davide Farnocchia 2.1102 Glass Surface Spall Modeling for Interplanetary Dust Impacts - Kaushik Iyer 10.0502 A Risk-Aware Architecture for Resilient Spacecraft Operations - Catharine Mc Ghan 5.0702 Recent Improvements in Advanced Automated Post-Processing at the AMOS Observatories - Michael Werth 3.0502 X-Band Deep Space Cubesat Radio Microwave and Power Electronics - Fernando Aguirre 4.0703 Laboratory Testing of a Relative Navigation System for Spacecraft Docking - Zoran Milenkovic  
9:20 AM 8.1103 Lessons Learned - Deploying a 50 Kg Small Satellite from the International Space Station - Adam Wuerl 8.1003 Design and Performance of the BOPPS UVVis Fine Pointing System - Zachary Dischner 2.1205 Determining Position around an Asteroid Using Communication Relays and Trilateration - Evan Nelson 2.1103 Cooperative Multi-Satellite Mission for Active Debris Removal from Low Earth Orbit - Bogdan Udrea 10.0503 Swarm Intelligence, a Blackboard Architecture and Local Decision Making for Spacecraft Command - Jeremy Straub 5.0703 Enhanced Quality LANDSAT Image Processing Based on 4-Level Sub-Band Replacement DWT - Vikram Singh 3.0503 K-Band 26GHz Tone Generator for ISARA Cubesat - Fernando Aguirre 4.0704 Improve EKF and UKF Algorithm with RTS Smoother on Ground Base Orbit Determination - Hamed Heydarifar  
9:45 AM 8.1104 Optimal Power Operation of Low-cost MEMS-Based Attitude Determination System for Nano-Satellites - Mohammed Rashed 8.1004 A Multi-Channel Tunable Laser Spectrometer for in Situ Measurement of Planetary Atmospheres - Scot Rafkin 2.1206 Sample-Return Mission Planning for an Asteroid on an Earth Fly-By Trajectory - Kamran Turkoglu 2.1104 Electrical Threat from Hypervelocity Impacts in Space - Ashish Goel 10.0504 Planning Views to Model Planetary Pits under Transient Illumination - Heather Jones 5.0704 High-Speed Cluster Scanning Scheme for 3-Dimensional Constellated Image Processing - Aditi Parthasarathy 3.0504 Adaptive Flexible Antenna Array System for Deformable Wing Surfaces - Dimitris Anagnostou    
10:10 AM 8.1105 CubeSat Proximity Operations Demonstration (CPOD) Mission Update - John Bowen 8.1005 A Balloon-Borne Acousto-Optic Tunable Filter Imaging Camera for Planetary Science Investigations - Nancy Chanover 2.1207 Studies of Short Time Response Options for Potentially Hazardous Objects (PHOs) - Bernard Seery 2.1105 Detumbling Large Space Debris via Laser Ablation - Nicolas Thiry 10.0505 Robust Fixed Interval Satellite Range Scheduling - Antonio Jose Vazquez Alvarez 5.0705 Space Object Image Enhancement Based on Intrinsic Image Decomposition - Yuan Yao   5.0601 Simultaneous Processing of Visible and Long-Wave Infrared Satellite Imagery - Daniel Thompson  
10:35 AM   8.1006 Title: Passive Thermal Control of Balloon-Borne Telescopes - Eliot Young 2.1208 Comparative Analysis of Asteroid-Deflection Approaches - Paul Chodas 2.1106 ADReS-A: Mission Architecture for the Removal of SL-8 Rocket Bodies - Susanne Peters 10.0506 Noncooperative Satellite Range Scheduling with Perfect Information - Antonio Jose Vazquez Alvarez 5.0706 3D Reconstructions of Atmospheric Nuclear Detonations - Robert Slaughter 7.0901 Towards Standard Component Parts in Silicon Carbide CMOS - A. Francis 5.0602 Using a Constellation of CubeSats for In-Space Optical 3D Scanning - Jeremy Straub  
11:00 AM 14.07 PANEL: Public Policy Implications in Aerospace - Harrison Wolf 8.1007 A High-Resolution Pointing System for Continuously Scanning Platforms: The EBEX Example - Joy Didier 2.1209 Variation of Delivered Impulse as a Function of Asteroid Shape - Daniel Scheeres 2.1107 Mechanism,Ensuing Dynamics and Control of a Polar Low-Earth Orbit Tethered Nanosatellite - Raunaq Rakesh 10.0507 An Overview of the OpenOrbiter Autonomous Operating Software - Scott Kerlin 5.0708 Improving Star Tracker Centroiding Performance in Dynamic Imaging Conditions - Laila Kazemi 7.0902 A Family of CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits in SiC for High Temperature Electronics - Alan Mantooth 5.0901 Space Lidar Technologies Supporting Upcoming NASA Earth Science & Laser Communications Missions - Mark Storm  
11:25 AM 8.1008 Star Camera System and New Software for Autonomous and Robust Operation in Long Duration Flights - Daniel Chapman 2.1210 DE-STAR: Phased-Array Laser Technology for Planetary Defense and Exploration - Gary Hughes 3.04 Keynote: Radio Science and Small Satellites - Mark Bentum 10.0508 Nanosatellite Scheduling Using a Dictionary Module and a Useful Trick with Integers - Monilito Castro   7.0903 SiGe BiCMOS Comparator for Extreme Environment Applications - Benjamin Sissons 5.0801 Path Dependency and Angular Anisoplanatism in non-Kolmogorov Turbulence - Jeremy Bos  
11:50 AM 8.1009 The High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) as a Model Multi-Payload Balloon Platform - T. Guzik 2.1211 Small Spacecraft in Planetary Defence Related Applications – Capabilities, Constraints, Challenges - Jan Thimo Grundmann 3.0401 The Dark Ages Radio Explorer Mission: Probing the Cosmic Dawn - Dayton Jones 10.05 Panel   7.0904 An Asynchronous Cell Library for Operation in Wide-Temperature & Ionizing-Radiation Environments - A. Francis 5.0802 A Comparison of Spectral Models Used in Developing Non-Kolmogorov Wave Structure Functions - Jeremy Bos  
1:00 PM 14.05 PANEL: Mission Options and Technologies for Human Exploration - Robert Ambrose         10.08 PANEL: Software Architecture - Kristin Wortman Tutorial - Probabilistic Design for Reliability of AerospaceElectronics and Photonics: Role, Attributes, Challenges - Ephraim Suhir    
2:40 PM 14.09 PANEL: Model-based Engineering – Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual? - Sanda Mandutianu     7.14 PANEL/FORUM: Using COTS in Space - - Harald Schone          
4:00 PM JAVA JAM in the Grand Atrium
4:30 PM 4.1201 Software Defined Radio Architecture Contributions to Next Generation Space Communications - Thomas Kacpura 8.1010 First Flight Results of the X-ray Polarimeter X-Calibur - Matthias Beilicke 6.0801 Linear Analysis of Zero-Lift Pitching Moment Coefficient and Gravity Effects on Missile Autopilots - Naz Ovec 2.0901 Trajectory Design for Rendezvous in Lunar Distant Retrograde Orbit - Naomi Murakami 11.0901 Stochastic Prediction of Remaining Driving Time and Distance for a Planetary Rover - Matthew Daigle 10.0401 The Use of UML for Software Requirements Expression and Management - Alexander Murray 7.1202 Conical Scanning Approach for Sun Pointing on the CYGNSS Microsatellite - Leena Singh 9.0401 Numerical Aerodynamic Investigations on Stratospheric Airships of Different Tail Configurations - Yanxiang Cui  
4:55 PM 4.1202 Software Defined Radio for Picosats and CubeSats - Eugene Grayver 8.1011 Vision Algorithm for the Solar Aspect System of the HEROES Mission - Alexander Cramer 6.0804 A Novel Missile Autopilot with Remarkable Robustness - Ray Sells 2.0902 Attitude Coordination Strategies in Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying - Giovanni Palmerini 11.11 Keynote: PHM for Astronauts: crew requirements on autonomous healthcare, health support system (HeSS) with... 10.0402 Developing a CubeSat Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE) Reference Model – Interim Status - David Kaslow 7.1203 Attitude Determination and Control System Design for the CYGNSS MicroSatellite - Leena Singh 9.0402 Utilization of Differential Thrust for Directional Stability with a Damaged Vertical Stabilizer - Kamran Turkoglu  
5:20 PM 4.1203 A Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision-making Methodology for Satellite Communications - Genshe Chen 8.1012 SuperHERO: Design of a New Hard X-Ray Focusing Telescope - Jessica Gaskin Hold for Plenary Setup 2.0903 A Framework for Orbital Performance Evaluation in Distributed Space Missions for Earth Observation - Sreeja Nag 11.1102 Personal Health Care and Corresponding Technology with Prognostic Capability. Issues and Challenges. - Olha Kevorkova 10.0403 Multipurpose Spacecraft Simulator for LADEE - Nathaniel Benz 7.1204 Optimal Guidance Trajectories for a Nanosat Docking with a Non-Cooperative Resident Space Object - Parv Patel    
5:50 PM Plenary: Extraordinary Speaker Pending
7:05 PM Dinner in the Main Ballroom
8:05 PM Plenary: Extraordinary Speaker Pending
9:00 PM 4.1205 Software Defined Radio (SDR) Architecture to Support Multi-Satellite Communications - Mamatha Maheshwarappa 8.1013 System Identification of a Square Parachute and Payload for the LAICAnSat - Simone Battistini 4.05 PANEL: Space Communication Systems Roundtable: Networking the Solar System - Shirley Tseng , Charles Edwards 13.08 PANEL: When to Hold Steady, Evolve, and/or Revolt? - Applying "The Gambler" To Office Culture - David Scott , Lyle Long , Robert Wright   10.0404 Model Driven Language Framework to Automate Command and Data Handling Code Generation - Benjamin Weps 7.1205 Methods for Estimating Spacecraft Inertia Tensor - Yeongwei Wu 9.0404 Design and Development of an Air Supply Unit for Circulation Control Wing-Based UAVs - Konstantinos Kanistras  
9:25 PM 4.1501 Small Satellite Communications Security and a Student Ground Station - Scott Kerlin 8.1014 The Integrated Panoramic Surveillance System Based on Tethered Balloon - Weiwei Zhang   10.0405 A Model-Driven Approach for the Development of an IDE for Spacecraft On-Board Software - Luigi Pomante 7.1206 On-Orbit Star Tracker Recalibration: A Case Study - Ilija Jovanovic 9.0405 Multi-rotor with Suspended Load: System Dynamics and Control Toolbox - Luis Gonzalez  
9:50 PM   8.1015 Modifying a Scientific Flight Control System for Balloon Launched UAV Missions - Marc Schwarzbach   10.0406 Model-based Spacecraft Fault Management Design & Formal Validation - Corrina Gibson      
10:15 PM Fireside Cheer & Chat in the Sunken Lounge
Fri, Mar 13 Amphitheatre Jefferson Madison Gallatin Lake/Canyon Lamar/Gibbon Cheyenne Elbow 1 Elbow 2
8:30 AM   8.1201 On Scalability of Fractionated Satellite Network Architectures - Inigo Del Portillo 7.1207 Simulation, State Determination, and Control Design for a Small Imaging Spacecraft - David Friedman 13.0801 The Rebirth of the US Space Program: In through the Out Door - Michael Mc Grath 9.0501 Virtual Structure UAV Formations Using Wind-Compensation and Generalized Velocity Obstacles - Jeffrey Barton        
8:55 AM   8.1202 Interactive Simulation Games to Assess Federated Satellite System Concepts - Paul Grogan 7.1208 Integrated Adaptive Guidance and Control for the Entry Phase of Winged RLV - Anjaly P 13.0802 On the Need for Significant Reform to Aerospace Engineering Education - Lyle Long 9.0503 Flow Sensing, Estimation and Feedback Control for Rotorcraft Landing in Ground Effect - Chin Gian Hooi        
9:20 AM   8.1203 Value-Based Analysis of a Low-Earth Orbit Communications and Data Relay Infrastructure - Benjamin Putbrese 7.1209 The Attitude Control System of a Rendezvous and Docking Technology Demonstrator Mission Target - Anja Nicolai 13.0803 Germinating the 2050 Cis-Lunar Econosphere - David Scott          
9:45 AM   8.1204 On Autonomous Software Architectures for Distributed Spacecraft: A Local-Global Policy - Carles Araguz 7.1210 An Adaptive Geno-fuzzy Approach to Three-axis Electromagnetic Control of Microsatellite - Sajad Azizi 13.0804 Creating Robust Human –Intensive Systems: A Systems Engineering Approach - Robert Wright          
10:10 AM   8.1205 DES-based F6 Cluster Analysis Tool: Optimizing the User Experience - Steven Cornford 7.1211 Small Satellite Fine Attitude Control via Fuzzy Gain-scheduling PID - Sajad Azizi            
10:35 AM   8.1206 Simulating a Proactive Ad-Hoc Network Protocol for Federated Satellite Systems - Ignasi Lluch Cruz 7.1301 Increasing Solar Cell Power Production on Micro and Nano Satellites Using sub-Wavelength Gratings - Hugh Podmore            
11:00 AM     7.1302 Towards a Practical Cognitive Communication Network for Satellite Systems - John Dickinson            
11:25 AM     7.1303 Validation of Electroadhesion as a Docking Method for Spacecraft and Satellite Servicing - Braven Leung            
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6:30 PM Farewell Dinner Party 6:30 - 11:00 PM
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