2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference

2021 Plenary Speakers and Abstracts Click on the Playbill thumbnail to open the PDF

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Time Speaker Playbill
Mon 08:00 AM Pacific Time Michael Dickinson The California Institute of Technology Plenary: Lessons from the cockpit of a fly: changing course is hard, but flying straight is harder.
Tue 09:00 AM Pacific Time Joe Parker California Institute of Technology Plenary: How to Deceive Society: An Insect Masterclass
Wed 08:00 AM Pacific Time Martin Millett Cambridge university Plenary: Seeing back into the past: archaeology and remote sensing
Thu 08:00 AM Pacific Time Ralph Mc Nutt Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory Interstellar Probe: Mission to Interstellar Space
Fri 08:00 AM Pacific Time James Schwartz Wichita State University Plenary: How We Talk About Space Matters: Is it Time to Rethink Space Advocacy?