2022 IEEE Aerospace Conference EPH Preparation Guidelines 

NOTE: If you are not the presenting author, please forward these guidelines to the appropriate person. If you need specific help beyond these guidelines, contact Debbie Minnichelli, the EPH Chair.

Final EPH Submission Deadline: Feb 8

Selecting and Registering for the Electronic Presentation Hall (EPH)

  • You have an accepted final paper uploaded to the website. If you complete the following required actions, you will have satisfied the presentation requirements for the IEEE Xplore publication.
  • You must register for the Conference and pay the special EPH fee. You may present no more than two of your papers in this venue. EPH Registration is NOT Conference registration -- this does not purchase a Conference Badge and meal tickets. If you also want to attend the Conference, you MUST separately register for attending the Conference.
  • You prepare and test your Audio/Visual PowerPoint presentation in the English language and with the required audio track
  • You upload your PowerPoint file to the website.

Preparing your voice-narrated EPH presentation

  • Prepare your PowerPoint presentation using the 2017 version or newer.
  • Make your slides talking points, not a copy of your paper (they can read that on the CD).
  • Keep your EPH presentation to a maximum of 20 minutes in total length.
  • Format the presentation to meet the dimensions of our wide format monitors by either (a) Changing the Page Width under "Page Setup." to 14 x 8.5 inches, or (b) Using the EPH template provided in the Authors' Information page
  • Please keep photos at 72 dpi to reduce the overall file size.
  • Set slide transitions.
  • Use a GOOD QUALITY microphone. We cannot accept EPH with background noise, hissing or voice that's not clear. Use a quiet room. Stand up when you speak so your voice is more robust & clear and speak at a reasonable pace.
  • Go to "Slide Show" Menu, select "Record Narration" & follow the instructions.
  • Proceed through the slides, recording your voice. Click the left mouse button when the slide has been voice annotated & displayed for the desired length of time.
  • When you finish recording on your final slide, click the mouse & the pop-up window will ask if you want to record the timings, click YES.
  • Play your presentation - If not good, re-record until satisfactory.
  • Do not password protect or lock the file as some minor modifications may be necessary to present your file at the EPH (unlocked with full privileges).
  • Save as a PowerPoint Presentation (.ppt / .pptx) file (unlocked), and play it on another computer as a test.
  • Go to the website, and use the “EPH Upload” button to upload your (.ppt / .pptx) file. DO NOT password protect the file.
  • All uploads must be completed by the end of Feb 8.  If we do not receive your presentation, your paper does not go forward to the IEEE for publication. (no limit on file size.)

We link your PowerPoint presentation into an index page with your session, paper title and presentation synopsis on the computers for the EPH. You are done