Abstract and Paper Submission Process

1.  Create an Account and/or sign in to https://aeroconf.org. Ensure that paper co-authors also establish accounts to receiver notifications related to a joint paper.

2.  Enter abstract information at https://aeroconf.org/admin/manage/my-submissions. Submit the abstract as early as possible and preferably before Jul 1 for timely review.  You will be notified by e-mail of review disposition and can also check status on your My Submissions website page.

3. Review the Authors Instructions for the IEEE Aerospace Conference.  Note that the Author's Instructions document is recommended as a template for your conference paper.

4.  On abstract approval, write your paper using the appropriate Word or Latex template.  If you have any issues downloading the templates, please e-mail erica@deionno@aeroconf.org.

If using Word, download and save:

.doc: https://aeroconf.org/cms/content_attachments/9/download
.docx: https://aeroconf.org/cms/content_attachments/10/download

If using Latex, download and save:


5. Obtain required publication release approvals.

6. Submit your complete paper no later than the Paper Submission Deadline, Oct 16, at https://aeroconf.org/admin/manage/my-submissions.  Note that draft, incomplete, or improperly formatted papers will NOT be reviewed.  There is no appeal process or secondary review.  Review comments are sent by mid-November.

7. If you expected to need a VISA support letter, see https://aeroconf.org/visa_letter/confirm and start the application process, which can take considerable time.  Noe that there are two versions, one for early application before your paper has been reviewed and another for after it has been approved.

8. Download review comments for the paper at your My Submissions page.  If the paper has been Approved, respond to suggestions, make necessary corrections, and prepare your final paper.  If a Hold has been placed on the paper, make sure that your Session Organizer agrees to remove it based upon the changes made.

9. Convert/verify your final paper via the IEEE PDF eXpress tool to ensure it conforms to IEEE requirements for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore database.  Go to https://www.pdf-express.org enter the 2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference ID #: 50100XP, and follow instructions for new or returning users.  Submit your verified paper on your My Submissions page before the Final Submission Deadline on Jan 15.

10.  Complete the IEEE Copyright Transfer via electronic means: eCF on your My Submissions page.  The copyright transfer is required by IEEE for your paper to be published in Xplore.

11. Submit your Presentation Synopsis for the Conference Digest and your Intent to Register and Means of Presentation in order to be included in the Conference Schedule.