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Time Speaker Playbill
Sun 05:50 PM Mark Molesky Seton Hall University Apocalypse in the Age of Science & Reason: The Great Lisbon Earthquake Disaster of 1755
Sun 08:05 PM Andrea Donnellan Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology Tracking Earthquake Fault Behavior using Geodetic Imaging
Mon 05:50 PM Erich Jarvis Rockefeller Universty/Howard Hughes Medical Institute A Path for Engineering Brain Circuits for Complex Traits, Spoken-language
Mon 08:05 PM Laura Shackelford University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Human Evolution: A View from the East
Wed 05:50 PM Nergis Mavalvala Massachusetts Institute of Technology Exploring the warped Universe:  the 100 year quest to detect gravitational waves
Wed 08:05 PM Heidi Hammel Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Exploring our Solar System with James Webb Space Telescope
Thu 05:50 PM Allan Lichtman American University The Keys to the White House: How Presidential Elections Really Work
Thu 08:05 PM Konstantin Batygin California Institute of Technology Planet Nine from Outer Space
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